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Premiering in October 2003, Room Raiders is now in its 4th Season and more popular than ever. This reality show puts a new twist on the dating show where contestants choose a date not by looks or charm, but by what's in their bedrooms. The catch: These unsuspecting singles have no idea their rooms are going to be raided until after they're kidnapped from their house. Let the hijinks ensue! Room Raiders airs 5 days a week at 4:30 PM on MTV.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Room Raiders

S02E01 Bryan 00/00/0000 Bryan searches the rooms of Irene, Jessy, and Andrea.
S02E02 Natalie 00/00/0000 Natalie goes through the rooms of Michael, Elmar, and Billy.
S02E03 Raj 00/00/0000 Raj raids Vincenza, Natalia, and Sheryl's rooms.
S02E04 Lisa 00/00/0000 Lisa looks through Anthony's, Brian's, and Qaadir's rooms.
S02E05 Baycan 00/00/0000 Baycan cooks up some searches in the rooms of Maria, Alissa, and Jahn.
S02E06 Russ 00/00/0000 Russ raids Karen, Brainne, and Jaclyn's pads.
S02E07 Elizabeth 00/00/0000 Elizabeth invades two Steves and a Chris.
S02E08 Andrew 00/00/0000 Andrew searches the rooms of Blake (Blanche), Karen, and Jessica.
S02E09 Sharon 00/00/0000 Sharon searches through Miles', Michael, and Louis' rooms.
S02E10 Thomas 00/00/0000 Thomas takes on the rooms of Lauren, Katherine, and Anjali.
S02E11 Amanda 00/00/0000 Amanda raids the rooms of Michael, Kenny, and Alain.
S02E12 Diego 00/00/0000 *****MAY NOT HAVE AIRED***** (let me know if otherwise)
S02E13 Brianne 00/00/0000 Brianne breezes into the rooms of Dan, Sean and Jon.
S02E14 Mark 00/00/0000 Mark muscles his way into Kristina, Jen, and Mia's rooms. Turned on by her bottles but off by her Justin Timberlake obsession, Mark eliminates Mia, and then wastes no time booting Jen for her footwear. Kristina is the victor although she would rather not have been picked after Mark insulted her granny panties. They take in a movie anyway. Maybe her underwear got a senior discount.
S02E15 Jenny 00/00/0000 Jenny jumps at the chance to raid the rooms of Dimitri, Tarik, and Alexander.
S02E16 Ryan 00/00/0000 Ryan rumages through the pads of Michelle, Kristin, and Jenelle.
S02E17 Allie 00/00/0000 Allie goes through three friends' rooms: David, Jake, and Chris.
S02E18 Joseph 00/00/0000 Joseph searches through the rooms of Armina, Katie, and Nicole.
S02E19 Sharae 00/00/0000 Sharae shares her spy tactics with the viewing audience in the rooms of Justin, John, and Jeremy.
S02E20 Jake 00/00/0000 Jake looks through Shannon, Blaire, and Jolene's rooms.
S02E21 Jessica 12/03/2004 Jessica goes roaming through Roman, Dan, and Michael's rooms. She picks Michael and the two argue over her purse. She says it's real, he thinks it's fake.
S02E22 Chris 00/00/0000 Chris searches through the rooms of Carie, Andrea, and Melissa.
S02E23 Evenise 00/00/0000 Evenise takes a look at the rooms of John, Mitchell, and Bryan.
S02E24 Christian 00/00/0000 Christian peruses Paola, Angela, and Brianne's rooms.
S02E25 Harmonie 00/00/0000 Hot, blonde Harmonie hunts through the rooms of Heatrh, Brett, and Robert.
S02E26 John (teen) 00/00/0000 John raids Jamie, Stefanie, and Brittany's rooms.
S02E27 Melissa 00/00/0000 Melissa searches the rooms of Josh, Dave, and Brandon. Brandon gets hard time in the van because of his Boy Scout status, but wins in the end.
S02E28 Andrew (teen) 00/00/0000 Andrew looks through Jacklyn's, Caroline's and Danielle's rooms.
S02E29 Madelyn 00/00/0000 Madelyn raids the rooms of Joseph, Adam, and Keith.
S02E30 Bijan 00/00/0000 Bijan searches the rooms of Sheena, Lauren, and Pearl.
S02E31 Lindsay 00/00/0000 Lindsay looks at college guys': Tom, Jon, and Brendan.
S02E32 Mike 00/00/0000 Mike searches the pads of Lauren, Veronica, and Jennifer.
S02E33 Kimmy 00/00/0000 Kimmy looks at the rooms of Onsy, Mike, and Joe. Offended by dramatic Joe's naughty IMs, and outdoorsy Onsy's shower, she takes surfer Mike for the ride of his life.
S02E34 John 00/00/0000 John goes through the rooms of Rutgers sorority girls Erin, Nicole, and Adrienne. John picks cute bubbly Nicole over farm girl Adrienne and Pooh possessing Erin. John buys Nicole a zebra shirt as a first date gift. In her final interview, Erin says she still has a chance to win John over, as she and Nicole live together. Her fake dramatics are worth watching.
S02E35 Zara 00/00/0000 Zexy Zara zeachers through Jason, Ian, and David's rooms. She dumps Jason and David for being slobs and goes with sharp dressing Ian. Zara promises Ian that his fancy Louis Vuitton will get some use.
S02E36 John (Three sisters) 00/00/0000 John looks through three sisters rooms. Twins, Courtney and Danielle, and older sister Lindsay.
S02E37 Jameson 00/00/0000 Jameson looks through college football friends: Ricky, Matt, and Jeff. Jameson doesn't like Jeff's panties or Matt's porn, and goes with Ricky under the condition that he cleans his room.
S02E38 Mark 00/00/0000 Mark raids Ashley, Erin, and Kari's rooms.
S02E39 Elizabeth 00/00/0000 Cute dancer Elizabeth looks at the rooms of friends Cory, Corey, and Dennis. Broadway loving funnyman Cory gets picked.
S02E40 Kati 00/00/0000 Kati raids the rooms of Brian, Will, and Chad. Kati picks Brian the Vaseline hound over Chad and his refrigerated urine and William and his brass knuckles.
S03E01 Christy 00/00/0000 Christy goes through the rooms of Alain, Javier, and Chris. Although taken aback by Chris' male tattoo pictures on his "sister's" computer, she sees his horse and decides she wants to date him over Alain the fighter and Jesus-loving Javier.
S03E02 Sashah 00/00/0000 Exotic Sashah looks through Jared, Omar, and Agustin's rooms. Jared gets the date.
S03E03 Zac 00/00/0000 Zac investigates the rooms of Belkis, Julia, and Alison, picking Belkis, and longing for Julia.
S03E04 Robert 00/00/0000 Robert searches through the rooms of Jeanine, Soety, and Nicole. None of the girls like him, in fact, he gets Jeanine so mad she kicks over his garbage can. So, he decides to pick her.
S03E05 Shelby 00/00/0000 Shelby takes a look through Luis, Donald, and Juan's rooms.
S03E06 Nick 00/00/0000 Nick takes a gander at the rooms of Sydelle, Pia, and Jeanine. The girls are intrigued by his baby wipes in the bathroom.
S03E07 Briana 00/00/0000 Brinana, wearing a bikini top, goes through the rooms of Brian, David, and Michael.
S03E08 Rich 00/00/0000 Harvard graduate birthday boy Rich conducts searches in the rooms of Christina, Lorena, and Jessica. First to go is Lorena who had "enough beauty supplies for a whole sorority house", as Rich puts it. Next, Christina gets the ax for having a little black book. Cute Cuban Jessica is Rich's birthday present to himself.
S03E09 Sara 00/00/0000 Smoking hot Sara looks through Justin, Gary, and Robert's rooms.
S03E10 Rafael 00/00/0000 Whip-cracking Rafael decides to date doll face Barbie, instead of Jacqueline or Lindsay.
S03E11 Estefania & Valentina 00/00/0000 Supercute twins Estefania and Valentina go through the rooms of Bryan, Adriel, and Matt. Adriel doesn't get picked because the blacklight revealed a little too much.
S03E12 Miles 00/00/0000 Miles takes a peek in the rooms of Asha, Danielle, and Johanna.
S03E13 Joaquin 00/00/0000 Joaquin (pronounced Wah-keem and not Joe-a-quinn), looks through Pabella, Elisa, and Desiree's rooms. Hottie Desi lands the date.
S03E14 Leslie (Ugly Duckling) 15/10/2004 Leslie, a hot Miami girl, uglifies herself to raid the rooms of Brett, Randy, and Fab. None of the guys want to go out with her, until they see how hot she is. Then they all do. The guys decide between themselves who HAS to go on the date, with Fab losing. When she enters, Fab discovers he actually won, but Leslie says she would have picked Brett.
S03E15 Tiffany 00/00/0000 Sweet, blonde Tiffany raids Carlos, Marco, and Devin's rooms.
S03E16 Justine/Mom 00/00/0000 Justine relies on her mom to pick her a date. Mom looks through Clint, Luis, and Alex's rooms.
S03E17 Simon 00/00/0000 Simon looks through the rooms of Jimena, Melissa, and Lauren. At the end, he picks street sign stealer and model Laura, over messy room zookeeper Melissa, and trendy, petite Jimena in need of odor eaters.
S03E18 Christina 00/00/0000 Christina searches through three friends' rooms, Andy, Kyle and Bruno. She hates Kyle's stuffed duck and Andy's pictures, so she ends up going boating with bearded dragon owning Bruno.
S03E19 Ilena & Diana (Best Friends) 00/00/0000 Best friends, Ileana and Diane, who do everything together, raid James, Arik, and William's rooms. The winner got both, the losers got bunk.
S03E20 Laura (Salsa Show) 00/00/0000 Salsa dancer Lauren looks through Pleas, Andy, and Dana's rooms. Lauren makes up her mind that makeup artist Pleas is not for her that Dana is too dirty. Meditating Andy gets the date, but in hindsight Lauren says she would've picked Dana because he's "soo hot."
S04E01 Monique 12/01/2005 Monique searches through Shawn, Kombo, James' rooms, eliminating slick Shawn and his waterbed and jump shot James and his perfume, giving sensitive, karing Kombo a sketch book and a lap dance at a local strip club, courtesy of James' porn paraphernalia.
S04E02 Jason 04/04/2005
S04E03 Seth 13/01/2005 Cat hater Seth looks through the rooms of Stacy, Erica, and Leslie, deciding to date cat loving, artist Erica, booting boot girl Leslie and fur fan Stacy. In keeping with the cat theme, Leslie sounds catty as she says she is happy with the choice, because she doesn't feel Seth could handle her.
S04E04 Amy 20/01/2005 Amy goes through the rooms of Larry, Kal, and Sam, opting to get all saucy with Sam, in turn ruling out Larry with the 12" TV, and bedding against Kal, who apparently has her old bedroom furniture. In the end, Kal goes down under to take a picture, perhaps returning the favor for Amy and her mountain landscape.
S04E05 William 19/01/2005 William goes through Andrew's, Scott's, and Edmund's rooms, deciding to date scarf and 'arf' loving Scott over cheery, Madonna accessorizing Andrew, and costume party drag queen shoe excuse Edmund. After, the two dog owners out to scarf some Italian food.
S04E06 Brandon 06/04/2005
S04E07 Leslie 05/04/2005
S04E08 Desiree 18/01/2005 Desiree searches the rooms of best friends: Michael, Brian, and Pedro, apparently making her decision early on by complimenting Michael on everything in his room, except for the blow up doll. She debunked Brian for having a childlike room, toys and all, and cut sword-wielding Pedro down to size after finding his closet door cluttered with magazine cut outs of half naked girls. At the end, Brian and Pedro make Desiree and winner Michael "edible underwear" sandwiches.
S04E09 Christina (Maid) 10/01/2005 Christina goes through the rooms of Rich*, Ilya, and Sebastian, choosing rah-rah Rich, over fishy but stylish Sebastian, and moldy, yet innocent Ilya. After Christina picks Rich, she makes him dress like a cheerleader and cheer for her. Then she laughs at him. *After she boots his bedmate
S04E10 Kristina 17/01/2005 Smoking Kristina takes a look through the rooms of three guys who live together: Vince, Billy, and Chris. She rejects smoking, bed staining Chris, and father-to-be-book boxer Vince, deciding to go for coffee with handy artist Billy, to find out more about his toilet paper chewing habits. The ending includes an awkward exchange where Billy reveals his distaste for coffee.
S04E11 Elly 11/01/2005 Elly raids the rooms of Matt, Ryan, and Dustin. After buying unstained underwear for all three, Elly chooses to go out with lustin' Dustin for sushi, leaving soundproof Matt deaf to any beautiful music, and gambling Ryan without a chance to poker.
S04E12 Justin 31/01/2005 Frat boy Justin goes through the rooms of Victoria, Terrin, and Abbey, making Victoria victorious, leaving Terrin with the twins, Abbey happy with a frat boy of her own.
S04E13 Sara 07/04/2005
S04E14 Ashley/Ciara 06/01/2005 Ashley teams up with Ciara to go through the rooms of Harley, Andre, and DJ, in what both girls describe as a haunted house, at least from the outside. After breaking the guys mailbox, Ashley and Ciara go through the rooms, with Ashley picking model Harley over snake saving Andre and bedless, mosquito infested DJ. Ciara leaves before Ashley makes her choice, so we don't get to go through her room to see her goodies.
S04E15 Damari/Omarion 03/01/2005 Damari and Omarion go through Alexis, Megan, and Arika's rooms. Damari picks aspiring producer Megan over big footed Arika and sure shot Alexis. Omarion toasts with all four at the end.
S04E16 Jordee/Michael Copon 04/01/2005 With the help of Michael Copon ("One Tree Hill", the blue "Power Ranger"), Jordee gets help going through four friends rooms in the same apartment. At the end, Jordee picks aspiring actress Allie over dirty Jenna, vibrating Haley, and porn lover Erica. Their date includes a hot tub experience with all the girls, and Jordee of course.
S04E17 Lewis/The Donnas 05/01/2005 Lewis ("Lew Dawg") goes through the rooms of Rebecca, Katie, and Jessica, while the girls watch with The Donnas on their tour bus. Lew Dawg likes knife-wielding model Katie's room best, while finding both Rebecca's spider and Jessica's compost bin unappealing. During the final round, Jessica gets heated up and breaks a Lewis' football figurine. Maybe it was to make up for having to watch him play the guitar naked.
S04E18 Cameron 24/01/2005 Cameron goes through the rooms of Michael, Fareed, and Jamon and decides to recycle Michael and free Fareed for a chance to jam on with Jamon. By the episodes end, both Cameron and Jamon realize they work together in a bar but have never spoken before. Hmmmm, I guess Jamon didn't realize he was going on an intimi-date.
S04E19 Robin 07/01/2005 Robin from "The Real World: San Diego" goes through college fraternity brothers: Tim, Ashish, and Scott's rooms. She decides to go out with Bible bearing holy boy Tim, over hole in the wall Ashish, and hole-in-one golf lover Scott. At the end, Scott says he wasn't upset that he wasn't picked, but that he is considering kicking Tim out of the house.
S04E20 Amber 26/01/2005 Amber inspects the rooms of Robby, David, and Daniel. She doesn't like what she sees through Robby's telescope or in his wall (a giant punch hole), and thinks David is a nasty boy, not in the good way, but in the moldy and grimy way. After she releases raging Robby and dumps dirty David, she deems dilettante Daniel her virginal victor and the two celibate by doing some yoga.
S04E21 Elliot 08/02/2005 Elliot goes through Sara, Deanna, and Brett's rooms. Elliot questions animal loving Sara's stolen credit card and dumps on diligent Deanna's for being a little tooooo perfect. He decides to say aloha to well-built Brett and putt in her in place on the golf course.
S04E22 Evan 25/01/2005 Football player Evan roams through Catherine, Courtney, and Tiffany's rooms finding each girl to be a huge Georgia Bulldog fan. As Evan soon finds, animal lover Catherine also enjoys rabbits, mainly ones with a warming feature. Evan doesn't find out anything about his car insurance, but does get to see Courtney's gecko, which does not have a warming feature. Princess Tiffany is the biggest football fan of all, and Evan liked her book on hand signals, which is always a good sign. By shows end, he casted out Catherine and Courtney, and tackled Tiffany. (Not really, but the shows promo said he had that option).
S04E23 Lauren 27/01/2005 Lauren goes through the rooms of John, Charles, and Austin. After finding deer legs in Austin's room, she shoots him down, and after seeing John's ironing porn, he gets burned. Lauren finally chooses Charles. Did she find the Santa hat endearing or is she going after the roommate in the shower? Either way, ho ho ho.
S04E24 Carey 03/02/2005 Carey goes through the rooms of Bobby, Bo, and Jason. Even after finding Bo's break-up email to an ex-girlfriend, she still decides to breakdance with him. Bobby's chewing tobacco is his downfall, with Carey not only chewing him up, but spitting him out. Jason's reptile causes his denial.
S04E25 Andrew 09/02/2005 Andrew inspects the rooms of Kristen, Melissa, and Lauren. He decides to date naughty nurse kandid Kristen with the edible underwear, making Melissa the Outkast and leaving artsy Lauren with her roommates, who all knew Andrew. Andrew gives Kristen some replacement edible underwear as a gift.
S04E26 Renita 01/02/2005 Renita searches the rooms of Darrell, Todd, and Taimar. After an interesting chat with Taimar's mother, where mom did all the talking, and Renita did all the hanging (up on her), she still decided to pick Taimar, even picking up a fruitcake for mom as I way of saying 'I'm sorry I didn't want the 3rd degree'. Poor Todd was left with his puke stained mattress and hip-hop hogwash, while Darrell the director was sent home shoot a movie with two cameras and one character, himself.
S04E27 Keri 02/02/2005 Keri looks through the rooms of Michael, Zeb, and Michael. After finding hair on his bed, she gets rid of molting Michael, and upon seeing Zeb's sex swing, she pushes him away, leaving Michael #2, whose drawings she found delightful, yet knives she found unnerving. In any event, she let him remove her garter and chase her around the room. The start of many a great date.
S04E28 Brad 07/02/2005 Brad looks through the rooms of Marla, Bunny, and Sara Jane. Brad picks thrifty Marla Star over fly in the water Marla and pleasure box Bunny. Maybe he just liked what he saw on Marla's computer.
S05E10 Luck of the Loser 00/00/0000

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