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Short comedy films from the guys at Rooster Teeth, creators of Red vs. Blue.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rooster Teeth Shorts

S01E01 The Recording Session 28/04/2009 This is a dialog recording session from last year that was very important for Shannon. Burnie and Geoff share some unusual insights.
S01E02 Spoiler Alert 06/05/2009 Joel and Matt have a friendly discussion about movies. Then Joel punches Matt in the face. You might want to watch this short before someone ruins it for you.
S01E03 Writer's Balk 20/05/2013 Joel tries to write an awesome Rooster Teeth short, but everyone keeps messing with me! Stop being jerks and ruining my genius!
S01E04 Saving Face 27/05/2009 Burnie and Gus discuss the terrible state of the economy and try to figure out ways to save.
S01E05 Dev Cycle 05/06/2009 Geoff tries to create his own video game starring an unlikely hero.
S01E06 Random, Mandatory 12/06/2009 Burnie tries to explain to Geoff the importance of filling certain company requirements.
S01E07 Catch 18/06/2009 Matt, Joel and Nathan share a game of catch and memories of their fathers...
S01E08 Crazy Dream 26/06/2009 Geoff tells Joel about this totally crazy dream he had. I mean, like, super crazy.
S01E09 Lunch Bunch 04/07/2009 Gus and Matt have a little coffee talk in the kitchen.
S01E10 Warning / Error 11/07/2009 Gus helps Joel with an epic computer malfunction.
S01E11 Gratuities Are Appreciated 17/07/2009 Geoff and Burnie discuss a new revenue incentive program at the company.
S01E12 Hotel Buddies 28/07/2009 In San Diego, Joel and Matt share a room for the first time since college.
S01E13 Mixed Messages 02/08/2009 Geoff receives some unexpected news from Gavino. And some more. And a little more after that.
S01E14 Behind RT Shorts: Dress Rehearsal 14/08/2009 Behind the scenes of a failed RT short.
S01E15 Blur 26/08/2009 Matt explains his new technique for increasing the production value of the videos.
S01E16 Secret Door 05/09/2009 Gavino becomes very curious about a Door no one in the office wants him to open.
S01E17 Pongo 15/09/2009 Burnie introduces the rest of the group to the new, slightly controversial company intern.
S01E18 Chain of Thought 28/09/2009 Go inside the minds of Rooster Teeth and discover why nothing ever gets done around here.
S01E19 New Old Car 06/10/2009 Jason shows Gus his totally authentic, completely retro new ride.
S01E20 Conspiracy Weary 18/10/2009 Matt exposes Joel to a whole list of Conspiracy Theories that tie in all of the crazy stuff that's been happening around the office.
S02E00 Immersion (Pilot) 00/00/0000 The team tries to make their lives more like videogames.
S02E01 iPrototype 24/04/2010 Joel shares something magical and revolutionary with Gus.
S02E02 Downstairs 06/05/2010 Burnie and Joel debate an issue they are having with the restaurant downstairs.
S02E03 New Employees 14/05/2010 Burnie gives Jack and Brandon the standard initiation.
S02E04 Seconds 21/05/2010 Matt discovers that going back for seconds is not always a good idea.
S02E05 Spillover 29/05/2010 Gus does his worst for the environment.
S02E06 Bloopers 04/06/2010 A collection of bloopers from season 2 of RT Shorts.
S02E07 Complaint Box 12/06/2010 Matt walks Joel through the new complaint system.
S02E08 Coasting 27/06/2010 Joel asks for some tech support from Gus via iChat.
S02E09 The Button 03/07/2010 Joel is visited by a stranger with an unusual proposition.
S02E10 Stoppage Time 09/07/2010 Jack gets penalized when Gus takes one for the team.
S02E11 Paper Cut 27/08/2010 Matt helps Joel with a common office problem.
S02E12 Frag Dude 04/09/2010 At PAX, Joel introduces the newest member of the Frag Dolls.
S02E13 Credit Counseling 10/09/2010 Burnie discusses Geoff's recent charges to the company credit card.
S02E14 Food War 20/09/2010 Joel and Gus introduce Jack to a totally new, totally disgusting game.
S02E15 Many Years Ago... 26/09/2010 The guys check out the RT office for the first time and make some bold predictions about the future.
S02E16 Scissors 02/10/2010 Will Joel find his scissors?
S02E17 Stand Alone 09/10/2010 Brandon gets put in an awkward situation when Gus exposes his lack of depth.
S02E18 Captcha'd 16/10/2010 Brandon raises Geoff's suspicions when he can't access a website.
S02E19 Speechless 22/10/2010 Joel tries to eat his lunch in peace.
S02E20 Haunted Tales of Mystery 30/10/2010 Beware! These six chillingful tales of intriguery will suspensify you with their mysteriosity...
S02E21 DMV 00/00/0000
S02E22 Fish Wish 13/11/2010 Geoff goes fishing and makes a new friend.
S02E23 Unusual Suspects 23/11/2010 Gus goes on a joyride, and picks up a few people on the way.
S02E24 Noted to Death 12/11/2010 Matt struggles to finish the final short of the season while Joel keeps trying to change the script.
S03E01 Starry Night 29/11/2010 Gus goes out on a late night errand.
S03E02 Non Compliance 30/11/2010 No Controller, No Wires, No Dignity Joel tries to avoid playing Kinect at a party.
S03E03 Mega64 Kills Themselves 02/12/2010 The guys from Mega 64 haunt the Rooster Teeth office.
S03E04 Farewell 03/12/2010 Let's do this again sometime. The Rooster Teeth and Mega 64 guys say goodbye after a week of working together.
S03E05 WikiLeaks Is At It Again 17/12/2010 WikiLeaks releases Santa's naughty list and the consequences are dire.
S03E06 Dead Birds Falling From The Sky 00/00/0000
S03E07 Homeless Man with Golden Voice 00/00/0000
S03E08 Jump! 13/01/2011 When something really awesome goes really wrong.
S03E09 8 Bit Interview 20/01/2011 The hiring process is never easy, especially when your applicants consist of Shy Guy, Link and Peppy. Do a barrel roll!
S03E10 Picture Perfect 30/01/2011 Matt has trouble when he gives Chris a photo assignment.
S03E11 Superbowl Funday 04/02/2011 Chris explains to Marshall how he can have the best Super Bowl party ever.
S03E12 Switch 11/02/2011 Joel tries to shed some light on an office problem.
S03E13 Severance Snackage 19/02/2011 Burnie has his eyes on Brandon's sandwich.
S03E14 Inside Joke 26/02/2011
S03E15 Dastardly Painter 05/03/2011
S03E16 Minor Interruption 19/03/2011
S03E17 Fight or Flight 26/03/2011
S03E18 Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour 08/04/2011
S03E19 Stalled 15/04/2011
S03E20 Silence Is Diamond 22/04/2011
S03E21 Untimely Discovery 29/04/2011
S03E22 Star Struck 06/05/2011
S03E23 Level Up 13/05/2011
S03E24 A Pirate's Life 20/05/2011
S03E25 Hunting Foul 27/05/2011
S03E26 Next Next Gen 03/06/2011 Gus picks up the new Wii console early.
S03E27 The Atari Kid 10/06/2011 A nerd is looking for love in all the wrong places until he meets a wise Dungeon Master who trains him on how to meet women.
S03E28 God Save The Brit 01/07/2011 An enlightening interview revealing the true origins of the United States of America.
S03E29 Google+ vs. Facebook 19/07/2011 Mark Zuckerberg reflects on the oncoming threat of Google+
S03E30 Captain America 22/07/2011 Steve Rogers readies for his transformation but finds out some negative side effects of the syndrome.
S03E31 Heavenly Ends 18/11/2011 Pre-Order RT Shorts Season 3 today! Geoff reaches the pearly gates.
S03E32 Danger Zone 25/11/2011 Joel is wary of a few warning signs around the office.
S03E33 Prank King 16/12/2011
S05E01 RT Shorts Reunion 01/04/2013 Gus can no longer take the pressure of work and decides to quit Rooster Teeth.
S05E02 Joel and Matt go to the Opera 02/05/2013 When Matt and Joel get dragged on a double date to the opera, they bolt and go on an adventure of their own.
S05E03 Slow Mo Love 23/05/2013 Gavin gets more than he bargained for when an innocent encounter takes an unexpected romantic turn.
S05E04 Gavin vs. Science 06/08/2013 Burnie sits Gavin down for an in-depth discussion of science.
S05E05 Max Capacity 21/08/2013 Chris, Michael and Jordan get kicked out of their offices.
S05E06 Burnie Vs. Harry Potter 14/09/2013 Burnie discuses the Harry Potter series in amazing detail.
S05E07 Girls Girls Girls 21/10/2013 Miles gets lost in his thoughts thinking about the ladies. Check out more great footage on The Best of RT Shorts DVD!
S05E08 Pokemon Vs. Gus & Burnie 24/10/2013
S05E09 Shopping Games 27/11/2013 Katniss is back and in her biggest adventure ever. Way bigger than the movie that just came out. Like 4 times bigger than that.
S05E10 Facebox - 2013 01/12/2013 Shane spends some alone time in the conference room.
S05E11 Amazon Delivery Drone vs. Rooster Teeth Catapult 13/12/2013 With the holidays right around the corner, Rooster Teeth finds effective ways to deliver your orders. Make sure to check out the Rooster Teeth Store for all of your holiday shipping needs.
S05E12 Splashdown 13/01/2014 Matt kicks off a celebration in the office he will soon regret.
S05E15 A View Too Many 27/08/2014 Gus confronts Chris about his unusual monitor fixation.
S05E16 The iPhone Cult 12/09/2014 Michael must cope with life as an outcast from The iPhone Cult; the life of a Green Person.
S05E17 Beard Meeting 19/09/2014 Burnie and Blaine search the office for a meeting place until they finally find one: The Beard Room.
S05E18 Twelve Days of Rooster Teeth 12/11/2014 Join Rooster Teeth this holiday season for caroling, eggnog and mayhem.