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Tod, from a once-wealthy family, inherited only a Corvette when his father died, so he and Buz (suddenly jobless because he worked for Tod's father's company) strike out across North America, especially along the iconic Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. which the Okies traveled. Tod and Buz take local jobs (such as shrimping, shipbuilding, oil rigging) to support their wanderings. The 2 socially conscious knights of the road, encourage, champion, and learn from oppressed and troubled people they encounter. (Written by David Stevens)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Route 66

S01E01 Black November 07/10/1960 Tod's father dies leaving Tod the Corvette. Buz worked for Tod's father and the two decide to start driving. The Corvette breaks down in a small Mississippi town with some very nasty residents. The boys discover that the town hosted a POW camp during WW II and that the town boss had an escaped prisoner lynched when his son was killed in action. The boss plans to lynch Tod and Buz to keep the town's secret. Filming Location: Concord, Kentucky
S01E02 A Lance of Straw 14/10/1960 Shrimp boat captain Charlotte Duval hires Tod and Buz as a crew for her boat. Suitor Jean Boussard gets very jealous of the male crew members. Buz falls in love with the captain. Filming Location: Grand Isle, Louisiana
S01E03 The Swan Bed 21/10/1960 Tod and Buz arrive in New Orleans during a parrot-fever epidemic. They meet a girl named Carrie Purcell and ask her out for a date. Carrie doesn't have money to afford nice clothes. Filming Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
S01E04 The Man on the Monkey Board 28/10/1960 Tod and Buz are working at a Louisana Gulf of Mexico off-shore oil-drilling tower. Lew Ayres plays a Nazi-hunter hunting an escaped Nazi on the drilling rig. Filming Location: Denage and Venice, Louisana
S01E05 The Strengthening Angels 04/11/1960 Tod and Buz give a lift to Lotti Montana, a migrant worker who is going to help pick the peach crop. As they approach the town of Sparrow Falls she begs them to drive through as quickly as possible. They take her to the Coronet Club and the Silver Dollar cafe. Sheriff Hingle keeps her from leaving town. The boys work with a revivalist. Filming Location: Needles, California
S01E06 Ten Drops of Water 11/11/1960 Vergil and Helen Page with their young brother Homer are owners of the family ranch. Fighting a desperate battle against drought they're too proud to accept Tod and Buz's offer to help. Filming Location: Kanab, Utah
S01E07 Three Sides 18/11/1960 The boys work on a ranch and encounter a rancher's son. Joey dances on a table. Filming Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
S01E08 Legacy for Lucia 25/11/1960 Tod and Buz are working as loggers in Oregon. They meet an Italian girl, Lucia Trapani, who has come from Sicily to buy a new Madonna for her church. She plans to do it by selling her only possessions. Filming Location: Merlin, Oregon
S01E09 Layout at Glen Canyon 02/12/1960 A group of models are sent to a construction camp at Glen Canyon to do some fashion shots for a magazine. Jeff Grady head of the crew working at the dam appoints Tod and Buz as bodyguards. Filming Location: Glen Canyon Dam and Page, Arizona
S01E10 The Beryllium Eater 09/12/1960 Jack McConkie makes a find of Beryllium, a rare ore. Mine operator Fred Durant insists that he sell his claim. The old man refuses and is found badly beaten. Filming Location: Eureka, Arizona
S01E11 A Fury Slinging Flame 30/12/1960 The boys meet scientist Mark Christopher and his friends who intend to remain in Carlsbad Caverns until a predicted nuclear war is over. Filming Location: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
S01E12 Sheba 06/01/1961 Laura Church is paroled from a Texas prison and prepares to take up a new life. Then she discovers that the man assigned as her advisor is none other than Woody Biggs, the rancher who sent her to jail in the first place. The boys work as cowboys. Filming Location: El Paso, Texas
S01E13 The Quick and the Dead 13/01/1961 Tod and Buz work at the Riverside race track for the Grand Prix stock-car races. They get involved with a family's problems, including whether the father should continue stock-car racing. Tod drives a racecar. Filming Location: Riverside Racetrack and Mission Inn, Riverside, California
S01E14 Play It Glissando 20/01/1961 Tod and Buz watch a show at a local night club where trumpeter Gabe Johnson and his group are appearing. While driving away, they witness Jana Johnson, Gabe's wife, crash her car. She tells the boys that Gabe is insanely jealous and tried to kill her. The boys watch over her. Gabe shoots Tod but Tod tells the hospital it was an accident. When Jana goes back with Gabe, the boys realize that Jana will keep returning to Gabe no matter what. Filming Location: Malibu, California
S01E15 The Clover Throne 27/01/1961 The boys work on Adam Darcey's date farm. Adam loves his ward, ""Sweet Thing"", who wants to leave the farm. Adam is also trying to stop a road from being built on his property. Filming Location: Indio, California
S01E16 Fly Away Home (1) 10/02/1961 Tod goes to work for the Windus Dusting Company as a crop duster. He meets Summers, a pilot. The company is losing money. Filming Location: Phoenix, Arizona
S01E17 Fly Away Home (2) 17/02/1961 A farmer wants his crops dusted with sulfur, which is very dangerous to the pilots. However, the risk means more money to for the crop-dusting company. Filming Location: Phoenix, Arizona
S01E18 Sleep on Four Pillows 24/02/1961 Tod and Buz meet a teenage girl who claims to be running from gangsters. The girl's wealthy mother thinks her daughter has been kidnapped and calls the police and a detective. Filming Location: Hollywood and Los Angeles, California
S01E19 An Absence of Tears 03/03/1961 A blind widow listens for the voices of her dead husband's murderers. She asks Tod and Buz to buy her a pistol for self-protection. Filming Location: Hollywood, California
S01E20 Like a Motherless Child 17/03/1961 Tod and Buz pick up a small boy who has run away from an orphanage. Tod wants to return the boy but Buz, who has bad memories of an orphanage, refuses. The boys also get involved with showgirls. Filming Location: Reno, Fallon, and Carson City, Nevada
S01E21 Effigy in Snow 24/03/1961 A psychotic killer is killing women at the Squaw Valley ski resort. He leaves a body in the snow. Filming Location: Squaw Valley, California
S01E22 Eleven, the Hard Way 07/04/1961 The gown of Broken Knee hand their money over to famous gambler Sam Keep to gamble it in Reno. Filming Location: Reno and Broken Knee, Nevada
S01E23 Most Vanquished, Most Victorious 14/04/1961 Tod's aunt Kitty asks Tod to find her daughter Carole. The boys find that she was living in a Los Angeles slum and has been killed. Filming Location: Los Angeles, California
S01E24 Dont Count Stars 28/04/1961 Tod and Buz meet a hotel owner Mike, who drinks and gambles. Mike is the guardian for his niece Linda, a little girl. Linda's executor wants to remove the child from her uncle, and she asks Tod and Buz for help. Filming Location: San Diego, Sands Hotel, California
S01E25 The Newborn 05/05/1961 Tod and Buz work on a ranch belonging to Frank Ivy. Frank's son dies leaving an Indian girl Kawna pregnant. Frank and Kawna's relatives fight over the baby. The boys arrange an ""adoption"" of the baby after the mother dies. Filming Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
S01E26 A Skill for Hunting 12/05/1961 Tod stops a poacher Hump Humphrey from killing a deer. Hump then shoots out the tires of Tod's car and later frames the boys for poaching. Filming Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
S01E27 Trap at Cordova 26/05/1961 Tod and Buz are kidnapped by New Mexican mountain townspeople who need a teacher. Tod addresses the New Mexico legislature about the culture of the people of Cordova and the need for teachers. Filming Location: Cordova, New Mexico
S01E28 The Opponent 02/06/1961 A has-been boxer Johnny Copa is now throwing fights. Johnny trains Buz in boxing. Filming Location: Youngstown, Ohio
S01E29 Welcome to Amity 09/06/1961 Joan Maslow wants to bury her mother in the cemetery outside of Amity. The entire community is determined to stop her. Filming Location: Amity, Ohio
S01E30 Incident on a Bridge 16/06/1961 Buz and Tod go to work for Volovich and live at his house. Two other boarders are courting Volovich's mute daughter. Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio
S02E01 A Month of Sundays 22/09/1961 Buz falls in love with actress Arlene Sims who has a fatal disease and has returned to her home town to die. Filming Location: Butte, Montana
S02E02 Blue Murder 29/09/1961 Tod and Buz deliver "Blue Murder", a wild rodeo stallion, to Jim Bludge's ranch. Later Bludge is found dead with the mark of a horse hoof on him. Filming Location: Butte, Montana
S02E03 Good Night, Sweet Blues 06/10/1961 Ethel Waters is a dying blues singer who asks Tod and Buz to locate her old jazz band for one last show. Filming Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
S02E04 Birdcage on My Foot 13/10/1961 Buz uses his experience as a former drug addict in an attempt to rehabilitate heroin addict Arnie. Filming Location: Boston, Massachusetts
S02E05 First Class Mouliak 20/10/1961 Tod and Buz are working in a Russian-American neighborhood for Jack and Mike in a steel mill. Mike's daughter is found dead and Jack's son Janosh was with the girl when she died. Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio
S02E06 Once to Every Man 27/10/1961 Tod and Buz are working on a fishing boat. The owner Leigh Adams is killed in an accident and his wandering daughter Prudence returns for the funeral. She takes over the boat and falls in love with Tod. Filming Location: Gloucester, Massachusetts
S02E07 The Mud Nest 10/11/1961 In the small Maryland town of Hester, Buz meets some people who physically resemble him (played by Maharis' relatives). He has been looking for his mother and thinks she may be in the town. Filming Location: Near Baltimore, Maryland
S02E08 A Bridge Across Five Days 17/11/1961 Tod and Buz are working at a shipyard. They meet Lillian Aldrich, another employee. Lillian has been released from a mental hospital. Filming Location: Baltimore, Maryland
S02E09 Mon Petit Chou 24/11/1961 Tod and Buz meet French singer Perette and her controlling tough-guy manager Glenn. Filming Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
S02E10 Some of the People, Some of the Time 01/12/1961 Maximillian Coyne is running a beauty contest. He claims to have connections with Hollywood and that the winner will get into pictures. Tod and Buz discover that Max is a fraud. Filming Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania
S02E11 The Thin White Line 08/12/1961 While at a party, Tod is accidentally given a powerful psychosis-producing drug. Buz tries to keep him from killing himself. Filming Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
S02E12 And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon 15/12/1961 Johnny quits a juvenile gang. Packy takes over and also claims Johnny's girlfriend Marva. Filming Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
S02E13 Burning for Burning 29/12/1961 Tod and Buz are working on a chicken farm. They meet Agnes Brack who doesn't like her son's widow Julie. Agnes tries to cause trouble for Julie. Filming Location: Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
S02E14 To Walk with the Serpent 05/01/1962 In Boston, Tod and Buz encounter right-wing nuts armed with plastic explosives. Filming Location: Boston, Massachusetts
S02E15 A Long Piece of Mischief 19/01/1962 Ollie Crump is a rodeo clown who is in love with Babe Hunter. Filming Location: Mesquite, Texas
S02E16 1800 Days to Justice 26/01/1962 After five years in prison, David Job and his mob return to Harcourt Junction, Texas. Their mission is to take over the town and put its leading citizen Bob Harcourt on trial for sending them to jail. Filming Location: Harcourt Junction (?), Texas
S02E17 A City of Wheels 02/02/1962 Tod and Buz work with wheel chair patients at a veteran's hospital. Nurse Lori Barton falls in love with patient Frank Madera. Filming Location: Long Beach (Veterans Hospital), California
S02E18 How Much a Pound is Albatross 09/02/1962 Tod and Buz meet Vicki Russell who is cruising around on her motorcycle. Vicki doesn't have a driver's license and the bike hasn't got plates. Filming Location: Tucson, Arizona
S02E19 Aren't You Surprised to See Me? 16/02/1962 In Dallas, Tod and Buz are delighted to be staying at a hotel hosting a secretary's convention. Then Caine, a religious serial killer armed with nerve gas kidnaps Buz. He plans to kill Buz unless the city "repents". Filming Location: Dallas, Texas
S02E20 You Never Had It So Good 23/02/1962 Tod and Buz are working in building construction. Tod's attempt to pick up Terry involves the boys in a corporate executive training program. Filming Location: Phoenix, Arizona
S02E21 Shoulder the Sky My Lad 02/03/1962 Tod and Buz befriend a Jewish boy whose family is a victim of anti-Semitism. Filming Location: Phoenix, Arizona
S02E22 Blues for the Left Foot 09/03/1962 Tod and Buz work with a former Broadway show dancer Rosemarie Brown who is trying to make a comeback in a television show. Filming Location: Hollywood, California
S02E23 Go Read the River 16/03/1962 Tod is working as a high-speed boat test driver. He gets to pilot a boat whose new engine is developed by Tod's boss Sandy Mason. Filming Location: Colorado River (?)
S02E24 Even Stones Have Eyes 30/03/1962 Buz is blinded in an accident. At a school for the blind he falls for a blind girl (Celia). His sight returns and he has to leave her. Filming Location: Austin and Kerrville, Texas
S02E25 Love is a Skinny Kid 06/04/1962 Tod and Buz encounter Miriam, who steps off a bus wearing a mask. Filming Location: Lewisville, Texas.
S02E26 Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn 13/04/1962 Tod and Buz meet Charles Clayton, a fugitive swindler who has returned to the US. Filming Location: Dallas, Texas
S02E27 Two on the House 20/04/1962 Several school children are touring Lake Erie aboard an excursion boat when "poor little rich boy" Ritchie McIntyre falls overboard. When Ritchie is brought back onboard the boat, he claims that he was pushed. Filming Location: Cleveland and Lake Erie, Ohio
S02E28 There I am, There I Always Am 04/05/1962 Tod and Buz visit Santa Catalina Island. A woman on the beach has caught her foot in a rock and the tide is coming in. Filming Location: Santa Catalina Island, California
S02E29 Between Hello and Goodbye 11/05/1962 Tod and Buz visit Pacific Ocean Park, a Southern California amusement park. While there they encounter a woman with two identities. Filming Location: Pacific Ocean Park, California
S02E30 A Feat of Strength 18/05/1962 A refugee Hungarian wrestling champion finds that American wrestling has it's own set of rules when he is offered a position as a "good guy" wrestler. Filming Location: Los Angeles, California
S02E31 Hell is Empty, All the Devils are Here 25/05/1962 Tod goes to work for Peter Hale, who owns a wild animal park. Peter's first wife was killed by an animal. Hale has re-married and his new wife is frightened. Filming Location: Jungleland, Thousand Oaks, California
S02E32 From an Enchantress Fleeing 01/06/1962 Tod works as a dental assistant to Dr. Anna Martin. Her husband Lawrence Martin, a famous inventor, has moved out and is living at a religious retreat. Filming Location: Southern California
S03E01 One Tiger to a Hill 21/09/1962 Buz and Tod hire out as deck hands on Anna Gustafson's salmon fishing trawler where Tod becomes involved with Anna's daughter. Filming Location: Astoria, Oregon (From a contributor) The opening scene is unforgettable. Buz and Tod are driving along a sandy beach in their classic corvette while Nelson Riddle's theme song is playing in the background. Buz and Tod land jobs as fishermen and deck hands for a widower named Anna Gustafson. While at her home they get a glimpse of her beautiful daughter, Toika, who has a ""bounce in her step"" as she walks by them. Immediately Anna takes a liking for both Buz and Tod but she notices their differences. It is evident to her that Tod is college educated and the type of guy for Toika. Meanwhile, Karno, played by David Janssen, is a veteran and also the boyfriend of Toika. He despises Tod because Tod went to college while he was drafted into the war. Furthermore, Toika, who has been rejected by Karno, is drawn to Tod. When Karno sees the
S03E02 Journey to Nineveh 28/09/1962 Tod and Buz ride into Harleyville. They meet some old comedians, including Jonah Butler, the town jinx. Filming Location: Harleyville, Missouri
S03E03 Man Out of Time 05/10/1962 In Chicago, Tod and Buz encounter Harry Wender, a frightened 1930's gangster who has outlived his time. Filming Location: Chicago, Illinois
S03E04 Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma 12/10/1962 Tod and Buz go surfing in Southern California. Buz challenges a surfing champion to a match. Filming Location: Huntington Beach, California
S03E05 Voice at the End of the Line 19/10/1962 Tod and Buz encounter a downtrodden stock clerk who is involved in a telephone romance. Filming Location: Chicago, Illinois
S03E06 Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing 26/10/1962 Tod and Buz are excited to be working at a Chicago hotel which is hosting a women's convention. Also staying at the hotel are the famous horror film actors. The actors are debating whether their traditional horror film characters can still scare modern audiences. The actors test their ideas on the conventioneers. Filming Location: Chicago and O'Hare Inn, Illinois
S03E07 Across Walnuts and Wine 02/11/1962 In Oregon City Tod and Buz get a real deal on rooms at an old house - $6.50 per week. Living in the house is Maggie a psychic reader, Van her unemployed husband, Michael, her nephew. Maggie's sister Autumn arrives after being fired from her teaching job and moves in. Michael is the house's sarcastic unpleasant owner and threatens to evict his relatives when he turns 21 in a few months. Michael is also trying to avoid some young men who want to beat him up. Filming Location: Oregon City, Oregon
S03E08 Welcome to the Wedding 09/11/1962 While waiting for his date in a Cleveland railroad station Tod encounters convict Justin Lezama who is being moved to another prison. Lezama wants to call his brother and when the guard refuses Tod agrees to make the contact. Lezama takes Tod as a hostage. Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio
S03E09 Every Father's Daughter 16/11/1962 Tod and Buz work for John Rados' road building-business. John has a strange daughter and John offers Buz money and a business if he will date her. Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio
S03E10 Poor Little Kangaroo Rat 23/11/1962 Tod and Buz work with a Doc Duncan, a shark fisherman. Doc is catching sharks for scientific experiments. Filming Location: California
S03E11 Hey Moth, Come Eat The Flame 30/11/1962 Tod and Buz encounter Muddy Mullins, a piano playing ex-con and his son Arnie. Filming Location: St. Louis, Missouri
S03E12 Only by Cunning Glimpses 07/12/1962 Mentalist Brycie Koseloff makes dire predictions about Tod's future including predicting that finally Tod will kill Buz. Her predictions start coming true. Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio
S03E13 Where is Chick Lorrimer? Where Has She Gone? 14/12/1962 Tod becomes involved in a kidnapping. Ellen Barnes claims that a mental patient is kidnapping her. Filming Location: St. Charles, Missouri
S03E14 Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse 21/12/1962 Tod meets Vicki Russell again (from "How Much a Pound is Albatross"). She is again riding her motorcycle and this time has a boyfriend Frank pursuing her. Filming Location: Memphis, Tennessee
S03E15 A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis 04/01/1963 Tod becomes an assistant to novelist Warren Barr. Warren's daughter Beth shoots her husband. Filming Location: Hernando, Mississippi
S03E16 You Can't Pick Cotton in Tahiti 11/01/1963 Tod meets music composer Julian Roebuck who is recording local folk musicians in Tennessee. Filming Location: Lake Chisholm, Tennessee
S03E17 A Gift for a Warrior 18/01/1963 Tod and Buz meet Lars, a German sailor in Tijuana who is looking for his father Ralph and is carrying a gun. Filming Location: Chula Vista and San Diego, California
S03E18 Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain 08/02/1963 Tod is carrying his new credit card around Los Angeles, and is being followed around Los Angeles by Diane. She asks him for a date and then steals the credit card. Filming Location: Los Angeles, California
S03E19 Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow 15/02/1963 Tod meets Joby, who steals his wallet. Corelli is a social worker who helps out. Filming Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
S03E20 Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King 22/02/1963 Tod witnesses a double murder and joins a posse hunting for the killers. Filming Location: Apache Junction, Arizona
S03E21 In the Closing of a Trunk 08/03/1963 Alma Hawkes returns to a Gulf Coast fishing town after spending time in prison for killing her father. She is looking for her son and mistakes Tod for the son. Filming Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
S03E22 The Cage Around Maria 15/03/1963 Tod is working for the Houston zoo. Maria, the troubled daughter of a Mexican family, throws herself into the bear pit. Filming Location: Houston, Texas
S03E23 Fifty Miles From Home 22/03/1963 Tod meets Lincoln Case who has just completed a six-year Army enlistment including two years in Vietnam as an Army ranger. Linc decides not to re-enlist but to join Tod on the cross-country odyssey. Filming Location: Houston, Texas
S03E24 Narcissus on an Old Red Fire Engine 29/03/1963 Linc meets a girl named Janie in a tavern and she gives him a knockout drink. Filming Location: Galveston, Texas
S03E25 The Cruelest Sea of All 05/04/1963 The boys get jobs at the Weeki Wachee theme park in Florida. The park show features girls dressed as mermaids performing underwater. A shy girl Elissa emerges from the water and after demonstrating amazing underwater swimming talent is hired for the show. She talks about ""coming from the sea"" and implies that she is a real mermaid. Skeptical Tod falls for her but assumes that she just wants publicity to launch a movie career. Linc has a more open mind and believes her. Tod discovers too late that she was telling the truth. Filming Location: Weeki-Wachee and Crystal River, Florida. Hotel credited: Port Paradise Hotel in Crystal River.
S03E26 Peace, Pity, Pardon 12/04/1963 Tod and Linc meet Jai-Alai players who involve the boys in Cuban politics. Quiepo wants to smuggle his niece out of Cuba. Filming Location: Tampa, Florida
S03E27 What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant 26/04/1963 Linc meets Lt. School, a former officer he served under in Vietnam. The officer now has the mentality of an eight-year old child and is living with his mother. Filming Location: Tampa, Florida
S03E28 But What Do You Do in March 03/05/1963 Tod and Linc meet two rich playgirls after one of them runs down his boat with her speedboat. Filming Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
S03E29 Who Will Cheer My Bonnie Bride 10/05/1963 Tod and Linc's car breaks down. Linc hitches a ride with Alva and Charlie, two robbers who force him to drive their getaway car. Filming Location: Cape Coral, Florida
S03E30 Shadows of an Afternoon 17/05/1963 Tod and Linc are working in a Florida town. Linc is accused of stabbing an unfriendly dog and is arrested. Filming Location: Cape Coral, Florida
S03E31 Soda Pop and Paper Flags 24/05/1963 Tod and Linc are working with Emmett McNeill, a tramp. A strange disease breaks out which turns out to be spread by ticks. Filming Location: Unknown (Florida?)
S04E01 Two Strangers and an Old Enemy 27/09/1963 While in a Florida swamp, Tod and Linc meet Major Barben, an American World War II ace and Takasuka, a Japanese officer who are still fighting the war. Filming Location: Everglades and Cape Coral, Florida
S04E02 Same Picture, Different Frame 04/10/1963 Tod and Linc encounter Morgan Harper who is back to reopen an estate. Her psycho husband Eric is back to kill her. Filming Location: Poland Springs, Maine
S04E03 Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are 11/10/1963 In Maine, Tod and Linc work at a sawmill and board with a French Canadian one-armed former logger Poppa and his beautiful daughter Marie. Marie tries to be what ever a man wants her to be. Marie and Link are having a romance and Marie tells Tod ""I'm going to hurt your friend"". Sailor Jack arrives in town between ships and has a fling with Marie. Marie decides to leave home to ""find herself"" but Tod and Linc talk her out of it. Filming Location: Poland Springs, Maine
S04E04 Where Are the Sounds of Celli Brahms 18/10/1963 Tod and Linc work at a beauty contest with Celli who is an acoustical engineer. Filming Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
S04E05 Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea 25/10/1963 Tod and Linc go fishing for lobsters with Thayer Faxon. Thayer's problem son Mamomsha returns to cause more trouble. Filming Location: Maine coast
S04E06 And Make Thunder His Tribute 01/11/1963 Tod and Linc meet Mike Donato, an eccentric raspberry farmer. Filming Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
S04E07 The Stone Guest 08/11/1963 Spinster Hazel comes to Colorado. She meets Ben Beldon, who was in the Army with Linc. Ben is now a miner amd a trouble-maker. Ben and Hazel get trapped in a mine. Filming Location: Central City, Colorado
S04E08 I Wouldn't Start From Here 15/11/1963 Tod and Linc work for a Vermont farmer and get involved in a pulling horse race. Filming Location: Vermont
S04E09 A Cage in Search of a Bird 29/11/1963 Tod and Linc meet Stephanie. Filming Location: Denver, Colorado.
S04E10 A Long Way From St. Louie 06/12/1963 Tod and Linc encounter five lady instrumentalists in Toronto. Filming Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
S04E11 Come Home Greta Inger Gruenschaffen 13/12/1963 Tod and Linc meet physical culturist Greta. Filming Location: Mt. Snow, Vermont and Buffalo, New York (?)
S04E12 93 Percent in Smiling 20/12/1963 Two children leave their little brother on a doorstep. Filming Location: Erie Canal
S04E13 Child of a Night 03/01/1964 Tod and Linc witness a plane crash and a dying passenger asks Linc to deliver money to a child in Savannah. Filming Location: Savannah, Georgia
S04E14 Is it True There Are Poxies at the Bottom of Landfair Lake? 10/01/1964 Tod and Linc work on a neon sign in a small Georgia town. Simon rips the sign down. Filming Location: Savannah, Georgia
S04E15 Like This It Means Father, Like This Bitter, Like This Tiger 17/01/1964 Linc beats up a man (Cam) in a Georgia bar. The man was in Linc's unit in Vietnam and his cowardice in battle caused the death of a Vietnamese girl. Filming Location: Savannah, Georgia
S04E16 Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep 24/01/1964 Link stops Nola Nielsen from committing suicide and romances her. Her possessive brother Hamar dissaproves. Filming Location: Minneapolis, MN
S04E17 Cries of Persons Close to One 31/01/1964 Tod and Linc meet Tank, a boxer who likes rum, and Tank's girlfriend Gaybee. Filming Location: Unknown
S04E18 Who in His Right Mind Needs a Nice Girl 07/02/1964 Tod and Linc encounter a Daytona Florida librarian and a murderer. Filming Location: Daytona Beach, Florida
S04E19 This is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You 14/02/1964 Tod and Linc meet Harlan Livingston III, a naive millionaire who is surrounded by women who are pretending to be hurt. Filming Location: St. Augustine, Florida
S04E20 Follow the White Dove With the Broken Wing 21/02/1964 A disturbed teenager kills his friend. Filming Location: Unknown
S04E21 I'm Here to Kill a King 20/03/1964 Tod is vacationing by himself in Canada near Niagara Falls. He meets a professional assassin who looks exactly like him. Middle-Eastern plotters have hired the assassin to kill their king and he plans to do so with a high-powered sniper rifle. The assassin complains to Tod that his deprived childhood has caused him to become what he is. Filming Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
S04E22 Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1) 06/03/1964 In Florida, Tod and Linc meet the Tiffins, a family of con men and criminals who are squabbling over a will. Tod becomes involved romantically with family member Margo who stands to inherit the money if she marries. Tod is thrown off a bridge. Filming Location: Tampa, Florida
S04E23 Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2) 13/03/1964 Believing that Tod has been killed, Linc and Margo set out to catch his murderer. Tod turns up alive and marries Margo. Linc leaves the Corvette with Tod. Filming Location: Tampa, Florida