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Animated comedy series for the CBBC Channel. Roy thinks he's just like any normal 11 year old... the trouble is he's animated! Roy features a living cartoon trapped in the real world. This comedy, filmed as a fly-on-the-wall documentary series, combines hand-drawn animation with real-world drama as it follows how one boy struggles to fit in. Roy thinks he's just like any normal 11 year old. Born into a real world, he is an every-day kid living in an every-day house in an every-day street in a suburb of Dublin and inside he feels just like an ordinary kid. He shares the same hopes, aspirations, friendships and fallings out. The trouble is he's animated! How do you blend in with the crowd when you can squash and stretch, involuntarily turn blue when you're sad, green when you're jealous, and produce a flock of twittering birds when you get a bump on the head?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Roy (2010)

S01E01 New Boy 05/08/2009 The opening episode follows the O'Brien family as they settle into their new community of Ballyfermot.
S01E02 Growing Pains 12/08/2009 Roy faces a dilemma when he becomes a little too attached to his new frog friends.
S01E03 Sick 19/08/2009 Roy faces a dilemma over whether to pretend to be ill.
S01E04 Charity Case 26/08/2009 Roy's enthusiasm gets the better of him when he throws himself into the annual school charity drive.
S01E05 A Matter Of Principal 02/09/2009 It is hard to stay out of trouble when you are a cartoon and this week proves no exception for Roy, as he instigates more animated antics after a run-in with the headmaster over a confiscated computer game.
S01E06 Roy Band 09/09/2009 It's hard to stay out of trouble when you are a cartoon and this week is no exception for Roy, as he tries to win the local heat of a TV talent contest in order to keep his friend in school.
S01E07 On The Run 16/09/2009 Roy faces life on the streets this week but, with few provisions and hardly any money, the cartoon boy living in the real world finds it hard to fend for himself - even with the support of his friends.
S01E08 Roy And Me 23/09/2009 Sibling rivalry comes to the fore in this week's episode of Roy.
S01E09 Roy Goes To The Movies 30/09/2009 After a trip to the cinema to see a horror movie Roy discovers that being a cartoon boy can have its drawbacks when you are frightened.
S01E10 Roy Pulls A Face 07/10/2009 Roy's superstitious grandmother warns him that if he pulls faces and the wind changes he might be stuck like that forever. Roy takes little notice until a sudden gust of wind forces the door open.
S01E11 Testing Testing 14/10/2009 Even cartoon characters have to sit exams, as the comic adventures of a cartoon boy living in the real world continue.
S01E12 Halo Goodbye 21/10/2009 Waking up with a halo above his head, Roy realises that he has even less control over his body than he had imagined. Now how to be rid of this embarrassing illumination?
S01E13 School Inspection 28/10/2009 Ballyfermot School is preparing for a visit from the school inspector.
S02E01 Foot Fat Fit 09/01/2012 Roy dreams of playing for the school football team, but fails to make the squad because he is unfit. He embarks on a crazy diet and exercise routine which has some even crazier side-effects. Will Roy succeed and join the team?
S02E02 Roy The Rover 16/01/2012 Roy desperately wants a dog but his parents refuse. An accident causes Roy to believe that he's a dog and he embarks on a doggy adventure. Will Roy's parents find him and will Roy ever become a boy again?
S02E03 Big Head 23/01/2012 An act of kindness is exaggerated to heroic status and Roy's head gets bigger as he starts to believe the hype. As team captain, does he win the quiz and take the glory, even if it means alienating his friends?
S02E04 Spot On 30/01/2012 Roy desperately wants a spot as all his mates have had one. His wish comes true but his cartoon pimple makes Roy's life a living nightmare. Conventional remedies don't work, so how can Roy get rid of his unconventional blemish?
S02E05 Death In The Family 06/02/2012 Roy is fed up of cleaning his great aunt's house every Saturday, until he discovers that the O'Briens are to set to inherit her fortune. When his aunt unexpectedly dies, Roy feels guilty about being greedy, but perhaps he is worrying unnecessarily.
S02E06 Pint Sized Roy 13/02/2012 Roy accidentally gets shrunk to just five inches tall. Home alone, he destroys the anniversary cake that Becky baked for their grandparents. How will Roy make it up to his sister, and will he return to normal size?
S02E07 A Crushing Blow 20/02/2012 It's Valentine's Day and Roy starts to have very strange feelings whenever he's near Kathy. He goes green and queasy, has butterflies and hot and cold flushes, could he really be in love with his arch nemesis?
S02E08 Magical Roy 27/02/2012 When Roy causes the theft of Bill's taxi, he decides to earn money to buy a new car. Working as sidekick to a kids' entertainer, Roy sacrifices his weekends without being paid. Will Roy realise that he is being used?
S02E09 Invisible Roy 05/03/2012 Roy makes two outstanding discoveries in one day: that he can turn himself invisible and that his mate Jack is being bullied. Roy is determined to use his invisibility powers to avenge Jack, with help from their friends.
S02E10 DIY Roy 12/03/2012 Roy and friends are building a rabbit hutch, but Roy's eagerness destroys it and the team fires him. Bill employs Roy on a decorating job which also ends badly. Can Roy repair the damage and make up with his mates?
S02E11 The Good, The Bad And The Roy 19/03/2012 Roy finds himself facing a big moral dilemma, when his consciences, Bad Roy and Good Roy, appear to help him with a decision. Their suggestions lead to Roy falling out with Tommy. Is it too late to make up with his best mate?
S02E12 Uncle Troy 26/03/2012 Rather than confess to Hammond that he scared off a substitute teacher, Roy pretends to be his uncle, teacher Troy O'Brien. He maintains the facade but Miss Sheringham is suspicious. Can she prove Roy and Troy are the same person?
S02E13 Roy's Review 27/03/2012 Clip show. A school board member pays a visit to assess Roy. Everyone fears that Roy will be kicked out of Ballyfermot because of his chequered history at the school. Can the pupils and teachers save their favourite cartoon friend?
S03E01 Roy on Film 23/01/2014 After a rocky first day at his new school, Roy decides to use a film project to show the other kids just how normal he is.
S03E02 Attack Of The 50ft Roy 30/01/2014 Roy wants to teach big bully Deco a lesson. He borrows Deco's formula for his school science project. Roy's unique version of Deco's formula turns him into a 50ft giant Roy! His friends have to work together to find an antidote before Roy hits the stratosphere.
S03E03 Roy's Bad Hair Day 06/02/2014 Roy tries to change his look and soon finds himself with cartoon hair that won't stop growing. It has a mind of its own and it won't allow anyone cut it. If Mr Lucey can't help him find a solution, Roy may be hairy forever and it's getting longer by the minute. Who will be victorious - science or fabulous hair?
S03E04 Roy's Quest 13/02/2014 Roy believes he is living inside a game called Dragon's Breath. Everyone join forces to re-enact the game to help Roy return back to normal. Will Roy be stuck in the game forever, or will his family and friends help him finish the quest?
S03E05 Snookered 20/02/2014 Bill discovers that Roy is a snooker prodigy and forces him to compete in a grudge match against Deco. Will Roy triumph at a sport he quickly grows to hate, or will he quit and dash Bill's dream that Roy will one day achieve snooker superstardom?
S03E06 Super Size Roy 27/02/2014 Roy creates havoc when he uses a class project to sell advertising space in his cartoon thought bubbles. Roy gets all the ads mixed up in his head, resulting in a toe-nail burger that chases his class and teachers through the school. How can Roy convince his class to chip in and help him get out of this pickle?
S03E07 The Roy Trap 06/03/2014 Roy hears his parents arguing and worries that they may be separating. What he doesn't realise is that they are acting in a local play, directed by Mr Hammond. Roy has to intervene when he thinks Mr Hammond is falling in love with his mother.
S03E08 Mocking Is Catching 13/03/2014 Roy must learn to acquire true forgiveness from his friends when he begins mocking them whilst playing the Jester during the school's Shakespeare Day
S03E09 Be Careful What You Wish For 20/03/2014 Mr Hammond reaches breaking point when Roy sticks a mohawk wig on his head, so he quits the Sandyford Progressive Learning forever. However, his replacement is too PC for Roy and the gang and they end up doing the unthinkable and plotting to get their old vice principal back.
S03E10 Konnichi Roy 27/03/2014 Roy becomes so immersed in Japanese culture for a school project that he ends up turning totally manga. Roy's knowledge of Japan may end up saving the day for Mr Hammond.
S03E11 I'm A Big Roy Now 03/04/2014 Deco challenges Roy to a dance-off competition in an arcade in the seaside town of Bray.
S03E12 Roy's First Kiss 10/04/2014 When Roy's class decides to do a modern theatrical version of Sleeping Beauty, Roy manages to secure the role of the Prince.
S03E13 Freaky Froyday 17/04/2014 When Roy accidentally falls into a film projector, Roy and Mr Hammond swap bodies. Both get a crash-course in what it's like to be in the other's shoes.

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