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Rude Tube on C4 presents the Top 50 of the worlds most popular, brilliant, inspired, funny and bizarre internet clips. From rare gems to mega-million-hit blockbusters, this countdown reveals the ever changing face of the YouTube revolution: a world in which you can now watch almost anybody, doing anything, whenever and wherever you want. Written and presented by self-confessed viral video addict Alex Zane, the show does all the hard work of hunting down the best clips for you. The Rude Tube team have viewed over 25,000 internet clips and selected 50 of the funniest, rudest, most bizarre and popular ones available on the World Wide Web.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Rude Tube

S01E01 Pranks And Stunts 05/11/2008 This show is about the internet's best pranks and stunts. Featuring interviews with some of the adrenaline junkies and jokers responsible for them.
S01E02 Freaky Skills And Geeky Thrills 12/11/2008 Freaky skills and geeky thrills celebrates the people around the world who can do the things you can't do, won't do or shouldn't do.
S01E03 Celebrity And Wannabe 19/11/2008 This show features the best 20 examples of internet fame and features interviews with the stars behind them.
S01E04 Naughty and Naked 03/12/2008 Rude Tube celebrates some of the most outrageous and hilarious flashes of flesh to have graced the web; featuring the exhibitionists and mischief makers responsible for them. It's a spectacular mix of the titillating, cringe worthy and shocking - with dirty ditties, moments of shame caught on camera, seductive songs, and a boob tube workout all under one roof.
S01E05 Animals and Kids 10/12/2008 Animals and Kids celebrates some of the best-loved and funniest internet videos of all time; featuring the adorable children and remarkable creatures made famous online. It's a spectacular mix of bad behaviour, prodigious talent and animal magic: swearing babies, kamikaze dogs, break dancing toddlers and motor biking monkeys.
S01E06 Drink And Drugs 17/12/2008 Drink and Drugs celebrates the simple truth of internet clips: that it's essential not to engage in any foolish drunken behaviour, unless of course there's a camera rolling. Featuring some of the most notorious videos of all time and the heavily hammered people who star in them, it's a spectacular mix of the outrageous and often disastrous - with astounding feats of drinking, celebrity spoofs, semi-naked strutting and a drunk squirrel all under one roof.
S02E01 Heroes and Villians 09/10/2009
S02E02 Weird and Wonderfull 16/10/2009
S02E03 Celebrity and Wannabe 23/10/2009
S03E01 Epic Fails 06/10/2010 This show counts down the top 50 epic fails - a moment when things don't go to plan, but with such magnitude it can no longer simply be called failure. Cruel, but funny clips include the best man at a wedding getting taken out by a windmill, the guy at a music festival who mistook the urinal for a sink, and the church pastor who regrets going for a motorbike ride inside church. Tune in and find out who will be crowned the most epic fail and achieve the prestigious number one slot.
S03E02 Animal Madness 13/10/2010 This show features all things furry, furious and just plain funny, as we countdown Rude Tube's top 50 clips of internet Animal Madness. These are the moments when man, armed with only the humble video recorder, finds himself face- to-face with the light and the dark sides of the animal kingdom. From Mischka the talking dog, to a Great White who tries to lunch on a couple of terrified cage divers, the now world-famous OMG cat, and the rasping rooster who has become a star on Germany's Thrash metal scene, Rude Tube: Animal Madness brings you the animal kingdom's video clips that were born to survive - and decides which will be crowned the most incredible of them all.
S03E03 Ultimate Champions 20/10/2010 This episode features the top 50 Ultimate Champions, individuals who have become champions of the online universe simply by being the very best, or indeed the very worst, in their chosen discipline. We all know that Usain Bolt can run pretty fast, but can he pick his nose with his own tongue? Our Ultimate champions have yet to gain olympic recognition, but after this show you'll feel they should. From the world's greatest petrol pump attendant to the world's most emotional man - blubbing uncontrollably at a rainbow - these champions come in all shapes and sizes and have expertise that's equally varied and outrageous, from head-kicking to tooth extraction. Fearless, courageous or just insanely misguided, all these acts are special in their own right. But only one will be awarded the gold medal and be crowned Rude Tube's Ultimate Champion.
S03E04 Total Stunts 03/11/2010 Alex Zane presents the top 50 Total Stunts - bringing the very best adrenalin-fuelled anarchy that's shaking up the internet. Forget Evel Knievel and David Blaine, the amateur stunt artists on the web are leading the way. Rude Tube brings you the people who risk life and limb for a moment of internet immortality, with hilarious results.
S03E05 Rude Tunes 10/11/2010 In this show, Alex Zane counts down the internet's 50 best Rude Tunes, featuring people who have used the planet's biggest media platform to shoot to musical stardom from nowhere. Forget the manufactured tunes spoon fed to us by the record companies - this selection offers raw musical talent at its very best. Between them they have more than 100 million internet hits, including rappers who are bad in more ways than one; George W Bush doing a cover of a U2 number; and a 75-year-old man's psychedelic video remake of Katy Perry's California Girls. There are some fantastic wannabes out there, but in this countdown, only one can be voted the best Rude Tube Rude Tune.
S03E06 Viral Ads 17/11/2010 Alex Zane presents the most sublime, bizarre and ridiculous commercials found on the internet and counts down the top 50 Viral Ads - the online commercials that make the web the most exciting, comical and risqué shop window the world has ever known. With two billion potential customers online, if you've got something, in fact anything, to sell, then the internet is the place to be, whether you're a multinational or just one man with an aching heart. From the super slick, to the home-made moments of genius this is the advertising of the future, so open your minds to The Surfing Sheep, Sandy Balls, Cute Girls on Pogo-sticks, Darth Vader Tom Tom, Shark Attack in Venice and the Running Shoes that Walk on Water.
S04E01 Mashed 'n' Mixed 12/09/2011 Alex Zane counts down 50 different internet video mash-ups, in which original footage ends up being given a comic twist.
S04E02 Total Fails 12/09/2011 Alex Zane presents the top 50 wondrous bits of Internet magic in which one persons total disaster is another's unmitigated joy.
S04E03 Epic Skills 26/09/2011
S04E04 Utter Pranks 03/10/2011
S04E05 Love Bytes 10/10/2011
S04E06 Ultimate Stunts 17/10/2011
S04E07 Rude Zoo 24/10/2011
S04E08 Extreme Rides 14/11/2011
S06E01 Web Stars 23/07/2013
S06E02 WTF 30/07/2013 Alex Zane continues his exploration of popular online videos with 50 of the internet's most extraordinary clips - the very weirdest of the world wide web. The countdown includes rodent toothbrushes, a Swedish bear dance and an unusual method of unblocking a toilet
S06E03 Rom Dot Com 06/08/2013 Alex Zane continues his exploration of popular online videos with a countdown of 50 clips on the theme of romantic comedy. Featuring some hilarious wedding disasters, the craziest marriage proposals on the internet and a strange act of adultery
S06E04 Dumb and Dangerous 13/08/2013 Alex Zane presents a selection of popular online videos on the theme of dumb and dangerous, featuring unwitting contributors to their own downfall and others who have hit the self-destruct button deliberately in the name of internet glory. The line-up includes Man v Cactus, Woman v Water and Girl v Bus Stop, plus a humorous hair tutorial
S06E05 Rude 'lympics 20/08/2013 Alex Zane continues his exploration of popular online videos with the inaugural `Rude'lympics' - 50 memorable examples of sporting success and failure. Featuring the Tenerife pool towel dash, a shopping centre Base jump and the world record for a dog licking a man's face
S06E06 Bad Trips 27/08/2013 Alex Zane concludes his exploration of popular online videos with a countdown of 50 clips on the theme of travel, featuring a man who lives on his bike, the world's most enthusiastic trainspotter and an entertaining taxi driver. Last in the series
S07E01 World of Fail 08/09/2013 Alex Zane returns with a top 50 countdown of the latest internet clips featuring comical online catastrophes. Merry mishaps include a parallel parking fail marathon, the infamous Wealdstone Raider, a scary ice-cream van and a memorable television news debut
S07E02 Kick-Ass Animals 15/09/2013 Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of the latest `kick-ass animals' of the worldwide web. The amusing clips feature a woman swimming with a great white shark, a mad Brazilian goat, a T-shirt stealing orang-utan and lots of playful cats
S07E03 Badass Stunts 22/09/2013 Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of the latest stunts on the web. The amusing clips feature base jumping from a moving lorry, hammock spinning the hottest headcam action
S07E04 Mashed Up 29/09/2013 Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown celebrating the greatest internet mishaps. There is a sizeable collection of video mayhem featuring angry actresses, Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his breakfast and an appearance from Orlando Bloom
S07E05 Super Pranks 06/10/2013 Alex Zane delivers a fresh selection of top 50 pranks from the worldwide web, featuring a band of brave jokers attempting to reach new extremes, and a scene in which actor and singer Zac Efron becomes the victim of a trick in his own limousine
S07E06 Internet Incredibles 13/10/2013 Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of `internet incredibles', in order of their online popularity. In response to Hollywood's legions of superheroes, the web is fighting back with some heroes of its own, featuring the world's loudest female belcher, a human Wikipedia and a swimming baby
S07E07 Gods of Geek 20/10/2013 Alex Zane highlights another selection of bandwidth-grabbing videos from across the internet, this time focusing on the antics of would-be mad scientists, who have uploaded clips of DIY experiments for the world's viewing pleasure. Devices exhibited include rocket-powered shopping trolleys, a treadmill on wheels and a toilet brush revolver
S07E08 Web Celebs 27/10/2013
S07E09 Christmas Cracker 2013 27/12/2013 t's Christmas done the Rude Tube way as Alex Zane presents 50 brand new Crimbo clips.
S07E10 Welcome to 2014 03/01/2014 Alex Zane welcomes in the New Year with 100 cracking internet clips. It's a mix of brand new alongside the very best from the past year. Featuring Vine sensation Bat Dad, the massive viral hit LED baby, and Granny Grand Theft Auto.
S00E01 Rude Tube: Pilot 00/00/0000
S00E02 Rude Tube: 2009 02/01/2009
S00E03 Rude Tube: 2010 02/01/2010
S00E04 Rude Tube: 2011 07/01/2011 Alex Zane kicks off the New Year with a top 100 Rude Tube countdown, combining the very best clips from Rude Tube 2010 with a special gift of 50 brand new, never-before-seen clips. What a year 2010 was for internet videos - there were Fails, Stunts and Animal Madness galore. After sifting through tens of thousands of internet clips, this show compiles the best in order of online popularity. Among the featured clips are: Rick from Hedonism 2; The Tortoise Dancing with a Toothbrush; The Incomparable Urinal Fail; and Geordie Pants Man. And look out for some new clips destined to become classics, including The Ultimate Wedgie and The Cheeseburger Fight; as well as a few festive numbers such as a girl playing Jingle Bells with her cleavage. Only one act can be crowned Rude Tube 's top 2010 clip, but with over one hundred million internet hits between them, this is guaranteed to be the most outrageous and entertaining end-of-year show around.
S00E05 Epic Christmas 25/12/2011 A countdown of 50 Christmas themed clips.
S00E06 Christmas Cracker 25/12/2012 Alex Zane introduces 50 of the finest festive clips from the winternet featuring the very best moments of yuletide hilarity and insanity. Featuring the world's worst and sexiest Santas, some very alternative carols and the best Christmas surprise ever
S00E07 Welcome to 2013 11/01/2013 In this New Year special, Alex Zane introduces 100 of the web's very best clips from Rude Tube past, present and yet to come, as cats with boobs and hamsters pretending to be shot rub shoulders with President Obama's rapping MC Hammer.
S00E08 Web Stars 23/07/2013 Alex Zane presents a countdown of internet A-listers - people who have achieved celebrity or infamy just by appearing on the web. The show features the so-called Simon Cowell of online songs, a man who threw a house party in a furniture shop and the Jesus lookalike who was removed from a darts tournament
S00E09 Badass Stunts 22/09/2013 Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of the latest stunts on the web. The amusing clips feature base jumping from a moving lorry, hammock spinning the hottest headcam action
S00E10 Christmas Cracker 2015 24/12/2015 Alex Zane and Tiny Tom present special Christmas clips including the best way to undecorate the Christmas tree, the guide to what not to buy your girlfriend, and a turkey with a boob job
S00E11 Christmas Cracker 2016 24/12/2016 Alex Zane and his little doggie helper Bah Hum-Pug provide a selection box of 50 seasonal clips including festival fails galore, a rocket-powered reindeer and Christmas dinner in a tin
S00E12 Welcome to 2017 30/12/2016 Alex Zane welcomes in the new year by celebrating the best 100 clips of the year. Featuring a zombie apocalypse, the boxer dog mannequin challenge and a classic with wine and a treadmill.

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