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The Ruff & Reddy Show was Hanna-Barbera's first cartoon series which featured a cat (Ruff) and dog (Reddy) in serialized adventures, with thirteen episodes comprising a story arc. Ruff, was voiced by Don Messick, and Reddy was voiced by Daws Butler. Hanna and Barbera opened their cartoon studio the same year MGM (the studio they worked for) closed down its cartoon studio. After much effort, they were able to sell Ruff & Reddy to NBC, but they were only able to get $2700 per half hour of cartoon show, so all the meticulous detail into making the Tom and Jerry shorts were eschewed for a production-line process. Bill and Joe, taking a cue from 1949's "Crusader Rabbit," reasoned the best way to offset the low production values was to create appealing heroes and captivating storylines. Ruff and Reddy made their way through clandestine escapades squaring off against villains like Scarey Harry Safari, Killer and Diller, and Captain Greedy and Salt Water Daffy. Assisting our heroes in several adventures was wacky scientist Professor Gizmo. The show was first aired on NBC in December 1957 as part of live action host segments. Jimmy Blaine was the host on the show's first run (1957-60), and Captain Bob Cottle replaced him in the second run (1962-64). When the show went into syndication, the opening titles, which were never shown on the NBC telecasts, were seen with the "H-B Enterprises" card. The theme song was also heard for the first time: Get set, get ready Here comes Ruff and Reddy They're tough but steady Always rough and ready They sometimes have their little spats Even fight like dogs and cats But when they need each other That's when they're Ruff and Reddy Ruff & Reddy episodes appeared on Family Channel's "Incredible Animals" cartoon show in 1992 and recently the series has aired on Cartoon Network and its sister channel Boomerang.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Ruff and Reddy

S01E01 Planet Pirates 14/12/1957 Ruff and Reddy are abducted by some space creatures in a UFO.
S01E02 Night Flight Fright 14/12/1957 On board the flying saucer, Ruff and Reddy avoid the space creatures and commandeer the control room.
S01E03 The Whamma Bamma Gamma Gun 14/12/1957 Reddy gets hold of the space creatures' gun and ejects them into space but are approaching a planet.
S01E04 The Mastermind Of Muni-Mula 21/12/1957 On planet Muni-Mula, Ruff and Reddy are taken to the Mastermind who wants them duplicated as robots. The Mastermind has a spherical metal head with two faces, one with the voice and personality of Phil Silvers's Sgt. Bilko, the other domineering.
S01E05 The Mad Monster of Muni Mula 21/12/1957 Reddy tries to stop the mass production of robots but gets brainwashed by a machine.
S01E06 Hocus Pocus Focus 21/12/1957 As Ruff tries to rescue Reddy, the Mastermind orders Reddy to capture him.
S01E07 Muni-Mula Mix-Up 28/12/1957 Reddy's brainwash wears off. The Hocus Pocus Focus takes Ruff and Reddy to the Mastermind.
S01E08 Creepy Creature Feature 28/12/1957 The Mastermind turns out to be Dr. Gizmo imprisoned by the mechanical brain, so Reddy destroys it.
S01E09 The Creepy Creature 28/12/1957 Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are chased by the Creepy Creature until Reddy deals with it.
S01E10 Surprise In The Skies 04/01/1958 With the Muni-Mula army on their tail, Ruff and Dr. Gizmo escape the planet without Reddy.
S01E11 Crowds In The Clouds 04/01/1958 As Dr. Gizmo and Ruff go back to help Reddy and cover their advance, Reddy gets hold of a flying helmet.
S01E12 Reddy's Rocket Rescue 04/01/1958 Dr. Gizmo rescues Reddy and blows up the Muni-Mula force.
S01E13 Rocket Ranger Danger 11/01/1958 Dr. Gizmo's ship is hit by a mammoth meteor and the ship crash lands on a mountain back on Earth.
S01E14 Pinky the Pint Sized Pachyderm 11/01/1958 Ruff and Reddy help an escaped baby elephant to return to Africa.
S01E15 Last Trip Of A Ghost Ship 11/01/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Pinky embark on the Voo Doo Queen ghost ship.
S01E16 The Irate Pirate 18/01/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Pinky are recruited by Captain Crossbones Jones.
S01E17 Dynamite Fright 18/01/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Pinky are stranded at sea and soon they start to sink.
S01E18 Marooned In Typhoon Lagoon 18/01/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Pinky get to an island. Ruff is capture while he's exploring.
S01E19 Scarey Harry Safari 25/01/1958 Harry Scarey is a hunter, who uses Riff as bait to trap a lion. But he couldn't foresee that Riff will befriend the lion.
S01E20 Jungle Jitters 25/01/1958 Riff saves the lion from Harry Scary.
S01E21 Bungle In The Jungle 25/01/1958 Harry Scary is after Ruff, Reddy and the lion.
S01E22 Miles Of Crocodiles 01/02/1958 During the pursuit, Pinky and Ruff are surrounded by crocodiles.
S01E23 A Creep In The Deep 01/02/1958 After Reddy rescues Ruff and Pinky, he is trapped with the crocodiles.
S01E24 Hot Shot's Plot 01/02/1958 Ruff and Reddy are after Harry Scary who kidnapped Pinky. Harry Scary makes Pinky lure his mother into a trap.
S01E25 The Gloom Of Doom 08/02/1958 Ruff, Reddy, the lion, Pinky and his mother fall into the hands of Harry Scary.
S01E26 The Trapped Trap The Trapper 08/02/1958 Ruff and Reddy stowaway back home after a monkey wrench gets into Harry Scary's plans.
S01E27 Westward Ho Ho Ho! 08/02/1958 Ruff and Reddy win a free vacation to the wild west. But they enter the ghost town of Gruesome Gulch.
S01E28 A Slight Fright On A Moonlight Night 15/02/1958 Ruff and Reddy are driven out of Gruesome Gulch into the desert by a bunch of mobsters.
S01E29 Asleep While A Creep Steals Sheep 15/02/1958 Ruff and Reddy encounter Woolly sheepdog. Reddy dresses up as a sheep to catch some rustlers.
S01E30 Copped By A Copter 15/02/1958 Reddy gets taken away in a helicopter, driven by the rustlers back to their hideout in Gruesome Gulch.
S01E31 The Two Terrible Twins From Texas 22/02/1958 The Texan Twins Killer and Diller find Reddy and capture him.
S01E32 Killer & Diller In A Chiller Of A Thriller 22/02/1958 The Texan twins dump Reddy in a speeding railway mine cart.
S01E33 A Friend To The End 22/02/1958 Ruff and Woolly rescue Reddy and they all head back to Gruesome Gulch.
S01E34 Heels On Wheels 01/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Woolly chase after the Texan twins. Unfortunately they get flat tires and decide to use the helicopter.
S01E35 The Whirly Bird Captures The Worms 01/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Woolly continue to pursue the Texan twins in the helicopter.
S01E36 The Boss of Double Cross 01/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Woolly lose sight of the Texan twins. But the stolen sheep give them a sign.
S01E37 Ship Shape Sheep 08/03/1958 After the sheep rescue Ruff, Reddy and Woolly from a nasty fall, the Texan twins capture Reddy and Woolly.
S01E38 Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' 08/03/1958 Reddy is challenged to a duel with Killer, who caught Ruff.
S01E39 Hot Lead For A Hot Head 08/03/1958 Ruff and Reddy finish their vacation and they defeat the Texan twins with a trick.
S01E40 The Treasure Of Doubloon Lagoon 15/03/1958 Ruff and Reddy visit an aquarium and a seal goes home with them.
S01E41 Blunder From Down Under 15/03/1958 Ruff and Reddy are after the seal for the reward money. And they end up with a submarine.
S01E42 The Metal Monster Mystery 15/03/1958 Ruff and Reddy bump into Dr. Gizmo, who is after a treasure located in the Blue Lagoon.
S01E43 The Late, Late Pieces Of Eight 22/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo dive to look for the treasure. Meanwhile an enemy submarine approaches.
S01E44 The Goon Of Doubloon Lagoon 22/03/1958 Dr. Gizmo's sub has been caught by the enemy submarine. Now Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are prisoners.
S01E45 Two Dubs in a Sub 22/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are prisoners of Captain Greedy and Saltwater Daffy. The seal comes to the rescue.
S01E46 Big Deal With A Small Seal 29/03/1958 Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo are free thanks to the seal. Now Captain Greedy and Saltwater must be defeated.
S01E47 A Real Keen Submarine 29/03/1958 Once again the seal saves Ruff, Reddy and Dr. Gizmo from Captain Greedy and Saltwater.
S01E48 No Hope For A Dope On A Periscope 29/03/1958 Reddy is saved from drowning by the seal, but is captured by Saltwater.
S01E49 Rescue In The Deep Blue 05/04/1958 Reddy and the seal succeed into losing Saltwater, but no end up in peril of a shark.
S01E50 A Whale Of A Tale On The Tail Of A Whale 05/04/1958 Reddy and the seal ride on a whale to get away from the shark. But as soon as they get close to Doubloon Lagoon, Greedy fires.
S01E51 Welcome Guest In A Treasure Chest 05/04/1958 Reddy and the seal reunite with the others aboard Dr. Gizmo's sub.
S01E52 Pot Shot Puts Hot Shot On The Hot Spot 05/04/1958 Saltwater and Greedy load the ship with gold and they actually sink because of all the weight. And Ruff, Reddy, Dr. Gizmo and the seal are on their way home.