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Russian Dolls follows colorful women and men who live, love and work in Brooklyn, New York. In the midst of the Russian-American community. The multi-generational families have drama that matches that of the other reality stars with drama and dreams to contend with their Russian heritage. Together they are going to be living in the same household to have fun and party as the Russians like to.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Russian Dolls

S01E01 Mama Dearest 11/08/2011 Marina's mother-in-law enters a pageant for grandmothers and threatens to embarrass the entire family.
S01E02 From Ukraine With Love 19/08/2011 Anna puts together her first fashion show and alienates her friends in the process.
S01E03 Tough Russian Love 25/08/2011 Anastasia clashes with her mom over a new life direction. Renata and Boris rehearse to perform at a new restaurant opening.
S01E04 Ruski Business 01/09/2011 Marina hosts Sveta's Jewelry Show with disastrous results while Anastasia debates giving her ex-boyfriend another chance.
S01E05 Calendar Girls 08/09/2011
S01E06 New Year, Old Grievances 15/09/2011
S01E07 Cold Wars 22/09/2011
S01E08 It Takes DVA To Tango 07/10/2011
S01E09 Single Russian Female 07/10/2011
S01E10 Eastern Promises 07/10/2011
S01E11 Perestroika 07/10/2011
S01E12 Russian Dolls 07/10/2011

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