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RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an original American anime-style web-series created by Rooster Teeth Productions' animation studio. The series is created and directed by animator Monty Oum. The first episode of RWBY premiered on July 5, 2013 at the 2013 Rooster Teeth Expo and was released to the Rooster Teeth site on July 18, 2013.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de RWBY

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Ruby Rose 18/07/2013 Ruby Rose finds herself in the middle of a robbery committed by famous criminal Roman Torchwick. Her efforts to stop him attract the attention of Professor Ozpin, head of Beacon Academy, who grants her special admission to his school.
S01E02 The Shining Beacon (1) 25/07/2013 Ruby makes a new friend, the bumbling swordsman Jaune Arc, during her overwhelming first day at Beacon.
S01E03 The Shining Beacon (2) 01/08/2013 Jaune makes the mistake of flirting with Weiss but finds a friend in star athlete Pyrrha Nikos, while Ruby is horrified to learn the details of Beacon's initiation ritual.
S01E04 The First Step (1) 08/08/2013 After (literally) dropping into the vast Emerald Forest, Ruby and the other initiates scramble to find their new partners and survive against the vicious creatures of Grimm. Welcome to school, kids!
S01E05 The First Step (2) 15/08/2013 To their mutual displeasure, Ruby and Weiss are paired up during the initiation. Meanwhile Pyrhha lends a hand to Jaune, who may be in over his head at Beacon.
S01E06 The Emerald Forest (1) 22/08/2013 Yang and Blake happily partner up, while tensions rise between Ruby and Weiss.
S01E07 The Emerald Forest (2) 29/08/2013 Things are going smoothly for Blake and Yang, but everything goes south when the other pairs show up with giant monsters on their tails.
S01E08 Players and Pieces 05/09/2013 Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Pyrrha, and fellow students Nora and Ren fight for their lives against the monstrous inhabitants of the Emerald Forest in their first true test as Huntsmen and Huntresses.
S01E09 The Badge and The Burden (1) 12/09/2013 The teams have been formed and classes at Beacon have begun, but Weiss can't understand why Ruby was put in charge of RWBY instead of her. Does the young prodigy really have what it takes to lead?
S01E10 The Badge and The Burden (2) 19/09/2013 While Weiss struggles with her pride, Ruby begins to really wonder if the headmaster made a mistake in making her leader of team RWBY.
S01E11 Jaunedice (1) 26/09/2013 Jaune, the least-capable of the new Hunters, suffers under a bully.
S01E12 Jaunedice (2) 03/10/2013 Pyrrha comes up with a plan to help Jaune, but things get complicated when he reveals how he came to the school.
S01E13 Forever Fall (1) 10/10/2013 Jaune is being blackmailed into one terrible situation after another, but when Pyrrha becomes the target of a mean prank, he stands up to his tormentors.
S01E14 Forever Fall (2) 17/10/2013 Resolving the "Jaune Arc", Jaune shows everyone that he truly has potential. But can he still repair his friendship with Pyrrha?
S01E15 The Stray 31/10/2013 Two new contenders come to town in anticipation of the coming tournament. Blake and Weiss clash over prejudices concerning the faunus, which leads to Blake revealing her dark past.
S01E16 Black and White 07/11/2013 Blake and a new friend attempt to find out who's behind a series of thefts, while team RWBY try to find her after she runs away.
S00E00 Jaune en mode poppin 00/00/0000
S00E01 'Red' Trailer 07/11/2012 First look at Rooster Teeth's newest project RWBY helmed by Red vs. Blue Lead Animator, Monty Oum. Coming 2013.
S00E02 'White' Trailer 14/02/2013 Weiss is performing a song in a concert hall. Her performance is overlaid with a scene of her engaged in a combat with a giant suit of armor. She struggles and is struck in the head, causing her to bleed around her eye, but ultimately defeats the armor.
S00E03 'Black' Trailer 22/03/2013 Blake sits on a stone in a red forest when she is approached by Adam. The pair head down a cliff to a train passing through the forest. Inside the train, they fight off numerous armed robots. When Adam sets explosives to blow up the train car, Blake inquires about the crew, but Adam shows no concern. Adam and Blake are then faced with a large spider-like robot and fight it on an open-air train car. Blake holds the robot off so Adam can prepare an attack, which he uses to take it out. He then notices Blake on the car ahead just as she separates the cars, leaving him behind.
S00E04 'Yellow' Trailer 01/06/2013 Yang arrives at a club and heads to the bar inside. She forcibly interrogates a man there named Junior about the whereabouts of a woman. After Junior admits to not knowing anything, she lets him go. Yang then offers to "kiss and make up", but knocks him out when he lets his guard down. She then fights off the armed men in the club and defeats a pair of girls, Melanie and Miltia, who confront her. After coming back around, Junior attacks Yang, but is gradually overpowered. He manages to pull out some of her hair, causing Yang to fly into a rage and blast Junior out a window. Yang then exits the club and runs into Ruby.
S00E05 Spoilercast #5 15/11/2013 Join the ladies of Rooster Teeth for a special podcast devoted to RWBY Volume 1. Featuring RWBY voice actors: Lindsay Tuggey (Ruby Rose), Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang Xiao Long), and Kara Eberle (Weiss Schnee.) Recorded on November 14, 2013.
S00E06 Behind the Scenes of RWBY Cosplay! 08/08/2013
S00E07 RTX 2013 RWBY Panel Preview 09/07/2013
S00E08 RTX 2013 Panel RWBY 18/07/2013
S00E09 RWBY Pre-Show Livestream 18/07/2013
S00E10 Volume 1: Trailer 08/06/2013
S00E11 Volume 2: Trailer 05/07/2014
S00E12 RWBY Cosplay Highlights 08/08/2013 Watch the RWBY Cosplayers talk about the show, their involvement with RWBY, and the characters they enact.
S00E14 Volume 2: World of Remnant 2: Kingdoms 18/09/2014 Brief overview of human civilization on Remnant: the names and locations of the four standing kingdoms, their basic government and military organization, the purpose of huntsmen academies, and a grim portrait of life outside the kingdoms.
S00E15 Volume 2: World of Remnant 3: Grimm 16/10/2014 The third episode of a supplementary series looking at the history and lore of Remnant. This episode examines the horrific creatures of Grimm.
S00E16 Volume 1: Opening Animation 29/05/2014 Welcome to the world of Remnant! Please enjoy the original opening animation of RWBY Volume 1, now "clean," without the credit text overlays.
S00E17 Volume 2: Opening Animation 22/05/2014 Team RWBY is back to take on the evil lurking in the world of Remnant! RWBY Volume 2 will debut this July at Rooster Teeth's RTX Convention ( ), followed by its online premiere. The single of the opening title song "Time To Say Goodbye" by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams is available at iTunes and other digital music services:
S00E18 RWBY Volume 2 Production Diary 1 13/03/2014 Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this first diary, the gang catches you up on pre-production and announces the winner of the Velvet Battle Gear Design Contest.
S00E19 RWBY Volume 2 Production Diary 2 10/04/2014 Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this second diary, we follow the concept art and modeling phases, and take a peek at how Velvet's new look has evolved.
S00E20 RWBY Volume 2 Production Diary 3 15/05/2014 Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this third diary, discover how the characters of RWBY come to life through voice acting and animation.
S00E21 RWBY Volume 2 Production Diary 4 19/06/2014 Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this new journal, explore post-production on the show through render, VFX and sound!
S00E22 RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack Trailer 23/12/2014 Includes 12 score tracks by Jeff Williams, Alex Abraham, and Steve Goldshein, and 11 songs by Jeff Williams featuring vocals by Casey Lee Williams! Now available at all your favorite online music services! 2 CD set coming soon to!
S00E23 RWBY Crew Chat 24/10/2013 RWBY Crew Chat
S00E24 RWBY Livestream 21/08/2014 The producers and animators of the hit animated series RWBY discuss the first four episodes of Season 2.
S00E26 Volume 3: World of Remnant 1: Vytal Festival Tournament 08/10/2015 The episode gives a brief overview and explanation of the Vytal Festival, including its post-war origins, its locations around Remnant, along with a description of the Vytal Festival Tournament and its levitating stadium.
S00E27 Volume 3: Opening Animation 15/10/2015 This sneak peek at the opening title sequence animation for RWBY Volume 3 features new track “When It Falls,” by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams!
S00E28 Volume 3: Trailer 23/10/2015
S00E29 Volume 3: World of Remnant 2: Huntsman 21/11/2015 Ozpin explains a huntress or a huntman's duties and choices.
S00E30 Volume 3: World of Remnant 3: Cross Continental Transmit System 26/12/2015 This episode covers the history and capabilities of the Cross Continental Transmit System, the vital wireless communication network that allows the Kingdoms to communicate with one another.
S00E31 Volume 3: World of Remnant 4: The Four Maidens 23/01/2016 For many years, an old wizard has lived alone in his home in the woods. One snowy day, he is surprised to see a young maiden outside his window, who introduces herself as Winter, and she was waiting for her other sisters to arrive. The old man, curious as to why she was resting under a tree, decides to rest himself as well. When the old man wakes, he sees Winter is visited by another sister named Spring, who begins planting seeds and watering a garden for the old man. Later on, they are joined by the third sister, Summer, who convinces the old man to step outside his door and embrace the world around him. As they prepare for dinner, the fourth and eldest sister, Fall, arrives to join them. The old man then asks the sisters why they decided to help him, and Fall replies it is because they are able to. In return for their kindness, the wizard musters all of the power he can, and offers it to the four sisters, granting them unique abilities. The Four Maidens are grateful to the old man and set off to share their gifts with the world, promising him that they will visit him again on a yearly basis.
S00E32 No Heroes in the End 04/05/2016 In this sneak peek at the DVD/Blu-Ray extra features, join the cast and crew as they explore the Journey of team RWBY and how the experience has affected the characters and the artist who create the show
S00E33 Let's Make a Show: The Legacy of RWBY 05/05/2016 In this sneak peek at the Blu-Ray extra features, join the cast and crew as they talk about how RWBY was first created and how it has evolved over the past three volumes.
S00E34 Volume 4: Character Short 03/10/2016 Ruby is alone and walks through the woods at night, until she comes across a cliff. In the distance, she sees a village under attack by Grimm. Ruby uses her scythe to hitch a ride on a Nevermore, slicing its wing off before landing in the village. She proceeds to slay a group of Beowolves, displaying a better use of her Semblance, with new abilities. After defeating the Beowolves, Ruby comes face-to-face with a Beringel, a gorilla-like Grimm. Initially, she struggles with the Beringel, as its hide is too tough for her to cut through. Their fight eventually reaches the top of a nearby church, and the Beringel smashes the floor below, causing Ruby to fall into the building. As the Beringel seems to celebrate its supposed victory, rose petals start blowing out from the church. Ruby smashes through the window at the top of the church tower and, with a few more moves, is able to kill the Beringel. While Ruby watches the Grimm dissipate, she receives a call on her scroll. The remaining members of Team JNPR, Jaune, Nora, and Ren, inquire about her situation. Ruby prompts them to hurry, before she approaches more Grimm. Short scenes reveal the remaining members of Team RWBY: Weiss stands at a window at her home, overlooking Atlas; Blake is seen on a pier, looking across the ocean; Yang sits outside her home on Patch, pondering her remaining arm.
S00E35 Volumes 1-3 Recap: The Story So Far 17/10/2016 Catch up with Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang and the story of their journey to become protectors of the world of Remnant.
S00E36 Volume 4: World of Remnant 1: Vale 17/10/2016 Qrow Branwen introduces the audience to the world of Remnant, while the settlements of mankind are shown on the world map. He acknowledges the rise and fall of many small towns, and mentions that the Faunus hold the island continent of Menagerie. But the four kingdoms, Vale, Vacuo, Atlas, and Mistral, are the "sweet spots" to live in - at least according to Qrow. He then talks about Vale in more detail. Vale is located on the northeastern end of the largest continent, Sanus, and protected by strong natural barriers. Steep mountains in the east and shallow waters on the northwestern coast eliminate many threats, such as Grimm, and make Vale very well guarded. The kingdom consists of the main city, which it is named after, a few neighboring cities along the northwest coastline, and the small island of Patch, right across from the capital. Qrow mentions that Patch is a nice place to raise a family, indirectly referring to Ruby and Yang growing up there. Although Vale is mostly safe, any attempts to extend the kingdom past the mountains have been colossal failures, for example the Mountain Glenn project. To Qrow, Vale is "not half bad", because a regular climate, natural barriers and serious border defence enable its citizens to live their lives, instead of fighting for survival. Qrow finishes by stating that Vale has known a relative time of peace, but that after the fall of Beacon Academy, its citizens have become worried, as they should be.
S00E37 Volume 4: World of Remnant 1: Mistral 18/10/2016 Qrow continues his lesson by talking about the kingdom of Mistral. He explains that the landmass to the east of Sanus is the second largest continent of Remnant, Anima, on which Mistral is located. Mistral has the most controlled territory of any kingdom, thus also a wide variety of ecosystems and lifesyles. The kingdom's high society is known for fashion, architecture, and theater. The lower class "has a fame of its own": the biggest black market in Remnant is found in Mistral, a place where one can also hire thieves, assassins, and thugs. However, all inhabitants of Mistral have one thing in common: their respect for nature, especially the sea and sky. Qrow states that natural resources and geography have had an impact on Mistral's culture and technology: the first settlers found shelter in the wind-carved cliffs, from where they expanded out into the land, utilizing it to its full potential. A huge problem for the government of Mistral is the kingdom's sheer size, and a lot of traitors and thieves hide here. While the capital is mostly under control, other cities like Windpath and Kuchinashi are harder to govern because they are farther away. Qrow concludes that there are a lot of places to hide, and that one has to know where to look to find certain people.
S00E38 Volume 4: World of Remnant 1: Atlas 19/10/2016 Qrow turns his attention to the "fine people at the top of the world", indicating that he has no high opinion of them. The kingdom of Atlas is the youngest and arguably most successful of the four. Before the "Great War", the kingdom was known as Mantle. It was founded by settlers who, for unknown reasons, "were crazy enough" to travel to the cold northernmost continent, Solitas. The harsh and cold climate, along with the large mountains, protected the people from the Grimm, but also prevented their cities from flourishing. The settlers had to adapt to survive, and did exactly that by developing more advanced technology faster than the rest of the world. However, according to Qrow, it was the "Great War" that helped the kingdom really flourish. New forms of Dust application and weaponry allowed Mantle to expand, which meant more territory for Dust mining and research. The territory besides the kingdom's combat school, Alsius, was the most opportune to construct a new R&D facility. After the War, the school's name was changed to Atlas, and it began to house many warriors now seeking guidance. New Dust techniques and technologies were used to beef up the campus, the school grounds expanded fast, and Atlas also helped secure the surrounding areas. In time, the military, labs, research facilities, and even residential areas also moved to Atlas. The new city began to outgrow Mantle, and the decision was made to move the kingdom's capital, thus creating the kingdom of Atlas. Qrow ironically states that some people call this "a golden age of prosperity", before pointing out that to the people left in Mantle, it was "the coldest winter they ever knew."
S00E40 Volume 4: World of Remnant 2: Between Kingdoms 11/11/2016 Qrow explains that the areas between the "large cities" of the kingdoms are mostly populated by Grimm. However, trained Huntsmen and Huntresses should be fine on the road, as long as they don't encounter large packs. In addition to Grimm, there are also small villages and towns throughout the land, inhabited by people who have a problem with the kingdoms. Qrow muses that these people either don't want to deal with life in the kingdoms, are upset with how the kingdoms are governed, or simply prefer this lifestyle. If a town is founded by "smart" people, it can survive the same way the kingdoms do: natural barriers and strong defenses. Because of frequent Grimm attacks, most towns without proper defense are eradicated after about a year. Another problem for these settlements are wandering bandits - groups of usually skilled fighters, who often prey on convoys sending goods between kingdoms. These tribes also have a tendency to attack, raid and burn down a town when it is at its weakest. Qrow shows his disdain for the bandits, before continuing to explain that bandit and Grimm attacks often occur directly after each other. If townsfolk are still alive after a bandit attack, the strong negative emotions caused by the fight and destruction attract Grimm. The other way around, raiders might appear directly after a town survived a Grimm attack. Grimm are also the reason why bandits never stay in a raided town for long, as the creatures would be interested in them as well. Qrow states that besides these small towns, the areas between kingdoms depend on the continent. In the present day, almost every area of Remnant has been mapped, but there are some areas from where nobody has returned alive. Qrow concludes by mentioning that "she" is also somewhere out there.
S00E41 Volume 4: World of Remnant 3: Faunus 23/11/2016 Qrow turns his attention to the third important species in Remnant besides humans and Grimm, the Faunus. Faunus are humanoid, but each of them has a single animalistic trait, for example cat ears or a lizard tail. Existing at least as long as mankind, the Faunus are genetically compatible with humans. If two Faunus with the same animal trait breed, they will have a Faunus child that shares this trait. If a Faunus breeds with a human, the child will be a Faunus with the same trait as the Faunus parent. If two Faunus of different species breed, then the animalistic trait of the child will be random. Human scientists don't know too much about Faunus, but, as Qrow puts it, "getting along" is more important anyways. In ancient times, humans were afraid of the Faunus, either avoiding them, pushing them out of settlements, or even brutally hunting them down. Men began to outnumber the Faunus at some point, and the other species saw humanity as hostile. Fighting over land was common, but at the some point, in a village in Sanus, the two races united to defend their home against Grimm, their shared enemies. This event changed relationships between humans and Faunus, but many humans still exploited and alienated the Faunus, for example using them as labor force. The treatment differed throughout Remnant. A milestone, at least according to Qrow, was the "Great War", which was contested between the kingdoms of Vale and Vacuo on one side, and Mantle and Mistral on the other. After the war, the world was desparate to find compromises, and one of them involved the Faunus. They were awarded equal rights as citizens of Remnant, and were given the island continent of Menagerie. Qrow states that some people saw this as just, but in his opinion, it was "a slap in the face from a nation of sore losers". Faunus still live all over Remnant, but the promised fair treatment still varies in quality from place to place, with Menagerie acting as a safe haven.
S00E42 Volume 4: World of Remnant 4: Schnee Dust Company 17/12/2016 Qrow starts off his lecture about the Schnee Dust Company with his own, very negative opinion. He then begins to explain how the Schnee Dust Company came to be, starting with a reminder that the world of Remnant almost entirely depends on Dust, making the crystallized substance extremely valuable. The SDC has a monopol on Dust products in the present day Remnant, but this wasn't always the case. Nicholas Schnee, son of a Dust miner, was born after the end of the "Great War". The kingdom of Mantle, later Atlas, was in a transformative period, and after using its own resources to advance in technology, became more dependent on other kingdoms for Dust supplies. Nicholas worked hard: he went to combat school, worked alongside his father in the Dust mines, and studied. After his father's death, Nicholas used his small inheritance to set out with an expedition, hoping to find a Dust deposit that could vitalize his kingdom. Nicholas was successful, and years later, the Schnee name meant something: quality, affordability, and trust. Nicholas expanded and personally oversaw every expedition, gaining the trust of his men, and earning the business of every kingdom in Remnant. However, Nicholas was forced into early retirement, as the family he had started missed him, and the years of working in Dust mines took a toll on his health. At this point, a man named Jacques Gelé married Nicholas's daughter, took on the Schnee name, and convinced Nicholas that he would be the right successor. Qrow's personal opinion about Jacques is very low, but he admits that he is a "cunning businessman". Under his leadership, the SDC became more profitable than ever and is dominating the industry, but only at the cost of the company's soul. Qrow mentions cheap labor, dangerous working conditions, destroying the competition, and company propaganda. Jacques Schnee, in Qrow's opinion, only cares about winning. He concludes that the name Schnee still me
S00E43 Volume 4: World of Remnant 5: The Great War 14/01/2017 The Great War was a terrible time in Remnant... but it's a time that should never be forgotten.
S00E44 Volume 4: Intro 22/10/2016 Beacon has fallen and Team RWBY is divided. As greater catastrophe draws near, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang each face their own separate journey in search of answers.
S00E46 Volume 5: Blake Character Short 04/09/2017 The White Fang was once a peaceful organization fighting for true equality for the Faunus. Over the years, however, many members began to favor violent and extreme tactics in order to demand respect from the humans of Remnant. Though Blake Belladonna eventually decided to leave the White Fang and its growing acts of terror, not all of her friends made the same decision.
S00E47 Volume 5: Trailer 09/10/2017 Grab your fellow Huntsmen and Huntresses and mark your calendars, because RWBY is back October 14th! Be sure to sign up for your free FIRST 30-day trial to gain access to Volume 5 the second it’s released. Follow Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang as they battle their way through their own unique journeys on their way to Haven Academy. What new adventures will they encounter next? Tune in October 14th with your FIRST membership to find out!
S00E48 Volume 5: Yang Character Short 14/10/2017 You know that Ruby is unstoppable with her scythe, but Yang knows the true power of hand-to-hand combat. In the midst of a weapon-free training session, can Yang convince her sister of the importance of fighting without a weapon?
S00E49 Volume 5: Intro 17/10/2017 Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it's the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it's clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant has been chosen. The question is, with so many players in this game, who's going to come out on top?