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Aruma Tandoji, lycéen de 17 ans en seconde année à la Shin Minato High School de Yokohama, est évité par les élèves de l'établissement. Son apparence froide et taciturne cache en effet un lourd secret : 3 ans auparavant, mû par une puissance incontrôlable, il a expédié 18 lycéens aux urgences et a, de ce fait, écopé de 6 mois de suspension scolaire pour blessures graves. Alors qu'il fait tout pour oublier sa malédiction, Aruma est contacté par Aiba Ruri, héritière de la Fondation Aiba, et Kagami, son majordome, pour les aider à mettre fin aux méfaits d'une entité connue sous le nom de "Pierre Obscure": celle-ci cherche à assimiler d'autres pierres afin d'augmenter son propre pouvoir et sa nouvelle cible est à Yokohama. D'abord réticent à l'idée d'utiliser la sombre force tapie en lui, Aruma la libère lorsqu'il s'aperçoit que Wakana, la seule lycéenne qui ose lui parler, a été blessée par une explosion causée par le monstre. Incapable de dominer la violence de ses pulsions destructrices, il est stoppé in extremis par Ruri qui lui permet, au moyen d'une forme de pacte, de réveiller son véritable pouvoir : le Sacred Seven...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sacred Seven

S01E01 The Stone's Awakening 03/07/2011 Tandouji Aruma, a 17 year old student who prefers to live away from others due to an incident in the past, is contacted by the mysterious Aiba Ruri to use the power of the Sacred Seven inside him to defeat a monster called 'Ashi' that has started to run amok near his home. Due to Aruma's fear of hurting others again, he refuses to help. When a fellow classmate Itoh Wakana gets caught up in the chaos, Aruma is forced to rescue her using the powers he vehemently hates.
S01E02 A Bond in the Color of Ruri 10/07/2011 Even after using the power of the Sacred Seven to defeat the Medusa Ashi, Aruma still has doubts about whether that power can be used for good. Even though Ruri explains to him how the Sacred Seven came to be, Aruma is not convinced he can help until he learns the true reason for Ruri's fight against the Ashi. Using this conviction, Aruma sets out to fight a new Ashi that has appeared as a massive typhoon off the coast of Japan, but he never thought that he would have to learn to skydive...
S01E03 The Crazy Knight 17/07/2011 Ruri returns from London after buying a fine grade gemstone for Alma to use. During trip a routine trip home, she and her convoy is attacked by Knight, the one who caused the Darkstone incidents. Kenmi reveals his reasons of his research on the Sacred Seven and information on his history on Knight.
S01E04 School Fair of Hell 24/07/2011 Ruri and Alma participate for the school fair. However, things turn worse when a few of Knight's Darkstone snakes cause problems. Wakana converses with Ruri to know her a little more.
S01E05 The Heart's Mirror 01/08/2011 Tandoji and the Geology Club went to a camp. There, Kagami and Tandoji found a darkstone and informed Ruri about it. They managed to defeat it without the geology club members knowing.
S01E06 One More Night 07/08/2011 Ruri invites Alma to eat lunch with her. Alma feels very annoyed by Ruri. Knight kidnapped Ruri to get a serum that will help him control the darkstone in him.
S01E07 The True Lightstone and Darkstone 14/08/2011 Alma and Ruri hears the dark truth of Kenmi's so called research from Knight.
S01E08 Show Me Your Devotion 21/08/2011 Confused as to whose side tells the truth, Ruri and Alma relfects on how they've become ignorant with what's really happening. Kagami vists an old aquaintance to look for further evidence concerning Kenmi's research facility, he was advised about the danger of trying to investigate Kenmi as he can eliminate them. Ruri visits Alma in his house and asked him to form a contract but Alma rejects it, Seeing the relationship between the two in turmoil, A partially fixed Hellbrick asked the two to go to kamakura to retrive a stone needed to completely fix him or he will die within 3 days but for the stone to glow Ruri and Alma must join hands. Ruri finally managed to tell Alma her worries which helped in developing their relationship further in hopes that the stone will glow. Alma proceeds to take Ruri to his hometown where he used to live with his mother and has told her the pain he endured as a result of having his powers, Ruri told him that they actually met when they were young after Alma saved her from a falling construction material on their school which he didn't remember. with the stone still not glowing, The two spent their time on the beach and went to Ruri's Mansion only to find out that hellbrick has been fixed and the date was just a setup to further improve their relationship.
S01E09 Will Like a Rolling Stone 29/08/2011
S01E10 Aoi's Memory 03/09/2011
S01E11 Blade Sharpened 10/09/2011 Ruri was taken in to custody by Kenmi. Alma, Kagami and the entire Aiba Foundation declared war against Kenmi Group and rescued Ruri. Knight and Fei plans to use the vaccine on Zero to retain his mind and control over his Darkstone powers.
S01E12 Sacred Seven 17/09/2011
S00E01 Shirogane no Tsubasa 07/01/2012
S00E02 Picture Drama 00/00/0000