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Sadie Jenkins is the only girl in an all-boy household. Even the dog is male! Sadie is growing up. She's a young lady and she wants to be treated like one! However, Sadie's journey from tomboy to girly girl isn't going to be an easy one. From fashion faux pas to disastrous dates and makeup meltdowns, who knew growing up could be this tough?


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sadie J

S01E01 Crushamondo 14/01/2011 Sadie falls for geek-turned-hottie Joe, but how can she compete with trog-face Chloe? By proving to him that she's not a grease monkey in overalls. Cue one of Kit's makeovers.
S01E02 Robobootylicious 21/01/2011 Sadie fixes it for Dede's mum to come to the JLS concert with her, and gets Steve to help Dede with her robot wars fight night on the same night. Then Dede's mum turns out to be even less cool than Steve, so she tries to get her dad back, by sabotaging Dede's robot so he won't have to help her any more.
S01E03 Friendalicious 28/01/2011 Sadie thinks that Kit has traded her in as his BFF for Chloe. So, she invents a cooler, richer, better best friend - and then has to have him meet Kit!
S01E04 Slumberlicious 04/02/2011 Sadie is hosting a slumber party and wants all the sassy, A-list members of her school to be invited. (despite many being anything but her friends). But a typically clumsy Sadie then breaks a hi-tech teapot that Dede had slaved over Slumberlicious - Episode 4 Added by Mi28Havocmaking. Fearing Dede will force her to spend the night rebuilding the teapot - sabotaging her slumber party, Sadie first tries a cheap trick to frame Kit for the misdemeanor. It's a fail, so she hatches an elaborate plot about a "lean-mean burgluring machine" having broke into her room, and stolen the teapot! Just the teapot alone! As if! Dede isn't fooled for a single second - anyway, Roger later exposes Sadie's subterfuge to Dede! Sadie gets her party in the end - and they all even repair Dede's teapot whilst there - only for Kit to come barging in dressed as a bandit scaring them all half to death! Chaos ensues and Sadie has to choose between saving Dedes teapot or her own cherised choclate fountain. She makes the right choice in the end!
S01E05 Tidylicious 11/02/2011 Sadie becomes sick of all the mess the boys leave behind - not even giving a thought to the fact she's caused half of it. Sadie rallies them all to assault the mess - but with rather poor results. So she decides it's time for a housekeeper - against her dad's wishes. Meanwhile Dede manages to construct a rather lethal looking M261 70mm Hydra rocket - but Jake and Danny nick it and replace the HEDP submunition filled warhead with custard..... shame, the original would have definately cleared the room out for Sadie! Sadie, Kit and Dede interview a load of looney housekeepers, none of them seem any use - Sadie gives up on the idea - just as the perfect housekeeper turns up out of nowhere. At first she's amazing! The Jenkins are all astounded with her performance, and Sadie especially, as she gets treated like "a young lady". But they don't stop to ask "is this too perfect?". Not till she starts to turn out to be a Glenn Close type bunny boiler! Finally Jake and Danny use the Hydra rocket against the housekeeper (should've left the HEDP bomblets in it guys!) giving her a good showering of custard - at which point she goes pyschonaut lashing out at Jake, Danny and Sadie. Bad move! She didn't realise Steve was also witnessing it all. One fired housekeep!
S01E06 Fashiontastic 18/02/2011 Sadie discovers she has no fashion sense when Kit lets her design a costume.
S01E07 Partylicious 25/02/2011 Sadie's thinks she is too old to have a birthday organised by her dad, so she tries to help Kit and Dede organise her own surprise party.
S01E08 Pompomtastic 04/03/2011 Sadie's thinks she is too old to have a birthday organised by her dad, so she tries to help Kit and Dede organise her own surprise party.
S01E09 Cherylistic 11/03/2011 Sadie accidentally promises to get an A-list celeb for a Save-the-Y-Club concert - so she ends trying, then lying, then finally impersonating Cheryl Cole herself.
S01E10 Tiptastic 11/03/2011 Sadie needs more money, so she becomes a roller-skating waitress in the Y - only to see Chloe walk off with her hard-earned cash.
S01E11 Promalicious 18/03/2011 Desperate to shine at the Y prom, Sadie infiltrates Kit's Glee-style show-choir and steals the show
S01E12 Girltastic, Part 1 25/03/2011 A journalist from a major teen magazine comes to visit to see if Sadie is good enough to be Tweenager of the Year.
S01E13 Girltastic, Part 2 25/03/2011 When Steve and Keith discover that Sadie's main competition for Girltastic Girl of the Year is Whitney, the captain of the Cheerups, they have their work cut out to convince the journo that Sadie is better - but things go wrong when Steve and Whitney have a fight in the Y.
S02E01 Kissalicious 25/01/2012 Sadie has a crush on Taylor Bell, the new boy in town - but she quickly discovers that his girlfriend is the monstrous Ashlii.
S02E02 Tofutastic 01/02/2012 When Sadie discovers that her new crush, Taylor, is a committed vegetarian, she starts a campaign to get a veggie menu at the Y - but will Ashlii expose her as a fully-fledged meat eater? Meanwhile, Danny is stunned when he gets a good school report. Is this the end for him and Jake?
S02E03 Gagalicious 08/02/2012 When Kit's cousin comes to stay, Sadie and Dede think he's trying to turn Kit into someone different - but could it be Kit who feels he's got something to hide? Meanwhile, Danny and Jake try their hands at DJ-ing - but how far can they get with only Steve's old vinyl collection to work with?
S02E04 Cocolocolistic 15/02/2012 Sadie auditions to get into a new girl band, but when she upsets Kit once too often, he goes all out to get Whitney the gig in Sadie's place.
S02E05 Blackmailamundo 22/02/2012 Ashlii tries to blackmail Sadie, but Sadie has the last laugh when a certain boyband comes to call! Meanwhile, Keith kidnaps a dog for a good cause and Dede tries to teach the boys all about her favourite sci-fi show.
S02E06 Bieberlicious 29/02/2012 Sadie meddles with Ms V's love life just so she can be in a Justin Bieber video. But when her plans start to unravel, Sadie has to work extra hard to earn everyone's forgiveness.
S02E07 Megatronic 07/03/2012 Sadie uses bribery and corruption to beat Dede in the race to be deputy head girl, even though she really doesn't want the job.
S02E08 Bridesmaidamundo 14/03/2012 When Sadie interferes in her aunt's wedding, she discovers an uncomfortable truth from the past.
S02E09 Moviemashupamundo 15/03/2012 Sadie accidentally agrees to host a 'frightnight' movie night for Ashlii and Kalisha; unfortunately she's also supposed to be sharing a film night with Danny and Jake. Can she keep all the balls in the air? Or will the frightnight turn her home into a house of horror?
S02E10 Jazperilliant 21/03/2012 Danny loses Roger, while Steve and Keith lose their sense of proportion when they get sucked into the latest video game. Back at the Y club Dede offends Ms V's nephew when she uses him as a way to complete the '10 things to do before you're 14' list.
S02E11 Bardalicious 22/03/2012 When Kit stages a Shakespearian extravaganza, Sadie is desperate to play opposite Taylor - but will she be able to finally outsmart Ashlii? And when Imogen goes looking for a ballroom dancing partner, Danny and Jake discover that Steve's new apprentice is an expert; but how does Keith feel about the new arrival?
S02E12 Pixiepoplistic (Part 1) 28/03/2012 Dede has to pretend to be Sadie so that Pixie Lott will come and make a TV show in Sadie's living room. But can Dede overcome Ashlii's plotting and Keith's boisterous mates to win the event? And can she keep up the pretence that she isn't really Sadie?
S02E13 Pixiepoplistic (Part 2) 29/03/2012 When Dede is exposed as a fraud, she has to do all she can to convince the TV company that Pixie Lott should still come to Sadie's house. But will she and her friends get the chance to party with Pixie?
S03E01 Beaudelicious 00/00/0000
S03E02 Mamalicious 00/00/0000 Sadie is really excited - it's Mother's Day, and she always does something exciting with her Dad on Mother's Day. However, Steve has gone off with his old mate Gary - leaving Sadie to spend the day with Bev.
S03E03 Braziliant 00/00/0000 Sadie is desperate to get some tickets to see One Direction at the local arena - but when her card is declined, she can't believe anyone else could have less luck than her - until Kit turns up.
S03E04 Ricolatino 00/00/0000 Ms V announces that she is holding a Bollywood theme night sponsored by her new squeeze Ajay. However Dede and Theresa turn detective and prove that Ajay is only dating Ms V so he can get building space for his new car park.
S03E05 Little Mixamondo 00/00/0000 Rico and Dede both enter the same website's competition to prove who is Sadie's best BFF, the prize being a trip for two to meet their favourite girl band, Little Mix.
S03E06 Dederama 00/00/0000 Dede has fallen in love with local hunk, Callum. At the same time she wins the 'Young Geneticist of the Year' award - which will be presented by world-famous scientist, Dr Vanda Viazanni.
S03E07 Dinnerlicious 00/00/0000 When Sadie thinks Taylor is about to dump her, she decides to go 'retro' and cook dinner for him - but when Sadie's Aunt and Uncle drop by, on their way to the local UFO support group, the evening gets weird.
S03E08 Seasonalicious 00/00/0000 Sadie's family have booked to go to 'Middlesummerfest' - the local music festival; she even manages to get Rico on board, once he realises that Bebe Bueno (his favourite Latin star of all time) is singing.
S03E09 Bobsleigh Bonkerlicious 00/00/0000 Dede is entering a bobsleigh race to raise money for a whale-tracking satellite system; but Sadie, who was supposed to find the 3rd racer, has completely forgotten to recruit someone.
S03E10 Bye Bye Babylicious 00/00/0000 In the final episode, there are big changes afoot for Sadie and the gang; and when it looks like she's going to lose her home and her favourite hangout, Sadie goes into protest mode; but really lies behind all the changes?