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One summer night, sixth-year medical student Natsume Toru is propositioned by Shinozaki Aki. He coldly brushes her off and tells her to look for someone with money. Several days later, while on duty at Keiyu University Hospital, Toru comes across Aki once more. It turns out that she is the sister of Shinozaki Jun, Toru's first official patient. Jun is waiting for a costly operation and in order to pay for it, Aki has been forced to sell herself on the streets. Toru falls in love with Aki, but will he be able to take her off the streets and more importantly, convince her that she deserves his love? -- KIKU TV


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Saigo no Koi

S01E01 Buying Sex 11/07/1997
S01E02 I'll protect you 18/07/1997
S01E03 I want to see you... 25/07/1997
S01E04 First kiss 01/08/1997
S01E05 A night together 08/08/1997
S01E06 Heaven's tears 15/08/1997
S01E07 The encroaching past 22/08/1997
S01E08 Love falls apart 29/08/1997
S01E09 Parting 05/09/1997
S01E10 New love 12/09/1997
S01E11 Prayer 19/09/1997

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