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"It's suffering. Anyway... marriage is a long-term torture". These are words uttered by Hamasaki Mitsuo, while at the dental clinic. He is a salaryman, working with a vending machine company. His career is not going smoothly, his health is failing, everything is tough-going for him. Most of all, the thing that causes him the greatest suffering, is his wife, Yuka. Married for over two years, he is not sure if he loves his wife, but one thing is for sure, they do not seem to be compatible in anything. One day, he bumps into his ex-girlfriend, Akari, with whom he had lived together for a short time and who has since married another man, Uehara Ryo... This drama explores the complex issue surrounding marriage nowadays. It especially focuses on the people from the 30's age group, which is referred to as the "confused age". Sandwiched between the "senpais" who cannot seem to get married, and the "kouhais" that are not interested in getting married, the thirty-somethings are said to represent the current state of confusion over marriage in Japan. By depicting their immatured attitude on marriage, this light-hearted drama hopes to shed light on 「What is marriage?」 and 「What is family?」. --Fuji TV


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Saikou no Rikon

S01E01 So much pain and suffering. Marriage is like being tortured for a long long time. 10/01/2013
S01E02 If only you would just drop dead. 17/01/2013
S01E03 The other couple's secret and truth. 24/01/2013
S01E04 Why don't you just admit it already!? I've already come to realize this a long time ago!? You don't love me! You only love yourself! 31/01/2013
S01E05 No, I'm not ever gonna say that you shouldn't cheat on others. Every guy feels that way one way or another. If I could, I would cheat! 05/02/2013
S01E06 Because men are childish, women end up like this. In the end, a wife has 2 choice, becoming a strict wife or a crying wife. It's so stupid. Being a husband and wife is such a joke. 14/02/2013
S01E07 Even though I was the one who decided to break this off, I can't help but feel a bit lonely. But one day if I ever wanna see you, or if I ever want to talk to you... 21/02/2013
S01E08 Episode 8 28/02/2013
S01E09 I don't think that divorce is the worst case scenario. I think that it's the worst thing to be with someone you have no love or expectation for. The next time you marry, I hope that it is for the absolute best. 07/03/2013
S01E10 Why don't you just become the child's father!? Isn't that the best way to get around the problem? It's not so much about the responsibility per se but shouldn't you look after them? 14/03/2013
S01E11 To be honest, it's so hard. I thought that marriage was a torture, but I was wrong. Marriage is like a food chain. I just shut up and wait to be eaten. Oh so much pain and suffering. It's 4 times harder. 21/03/2013
S00E01 Special 08/02/2014

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Par BenBzh Le 03/12/2011

Ce film est plutôt bien réalisé, malgré une histoire assez classique de Pandémie. Fait novateur, pour une fois ils tentent de retracer le parcours du patient Zéro.