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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sailor Moon (English Dub)

S01E01 A Moon Star Is Born 11/09/1995 Serena, a klutzy schoolgirl meets a talking cat and learns that she has been chosen to become Sailor Moon and fight the forces of Queen Beryl of the Negaverse.
S01E02 Talk Radio 12/09/1995 Sailor Moon must discover the evil secret behind a late-night love advice radio show when Serena's friends fall victim.
S01E03 Slim City 13/09/1995 Serena wants to get in better shape, but the fitness club she joins is controlled by Jadeite.
S01E04 So You Want to Be a Superstar 14/09/1995 Jadeite's minion possesses a celebrity and attempts to steal energy from the contestants of a talent search competition.
S01E05 Computer School Blues 15/09/1995 Luna is suspicious of Serena's classmate Amy and believes she might be a Negaverse spy.
S01E06 Time Bomb 18/09/1995 Jadeite creates clocks that makes people expend energy obsessed with time management. Amy receives a computer from Luna to help analyze what's wrong.
S01E07 An Uncharmed Life 19/09/1995 Buses that travel on routes past a temple are disappearing, and Luna suspects it may have something to do with Rei, a girl who works at the temple, possibly being the Moon Princess.
S01E08 Nightmare in Dreamland 20/09/1995 Jadeite takes over a theme park. Serena and Rei investigate (and quarrel).
S01E09 Cruise Blues 21/09/1995 Rei cheats to win a lottery for cruise ship tickets and takes Amy, making Serena jealous. But the cruise staff turns out to be possessed by the Negaverse.
S01E10 Fight to the Finish 22/09/1995 Jadeite makes a final attempt to defeat the Sailor Scouts at an airport.
S01E11 Match Point for Sailor Moon 25/09/1995 Nephlite takes over as Queen Beryl's lieutenant and tries a new strategy for collecting energy. Molly's tennis-playing friend is the first target.
S01E12 An Unnatural Phenomena 26/09/1995 Rei goes on a date with Darien to a park, driving Serena up the wall. The hijinks end when Nephlite attacks the caretaker of the park.
S01E13 Wedding Day Blues 27/09/1995 Serena's teacher is getting married, but the bride-to-be is Nephlite's latest target.
S01E14 Shutter Bugged 28/09/1995 Rei's friend is such a great photographer that Rei and Serena get the idea that they could become models. But his skill with the camera also makes him a target for an attack by Nephlite.
S01E15 Dangerous Dollies 29/09/1995 A love of dolls draws Nephlite to attack the friend of Serena's little brother.
S01E16 Who Is That Masked Man? 02/10/1995 Nephlite sends love letters to Serena and her classmates to trick them.
S01E17 An Animated Mess 03/10/1995 Nephlite targets a talented animator for the studio making the new Sailor V movie.
S01E18 Worth a Princess's Ransom 04/10/1995 Princess Diamond visits the city to unveil the Imperial Crystal, which Queen Beryl believes might be the Imperium Silver Crystal, which could allow the Negaverse to defeat the Sailor Scouts. Serena receives her first kiss.
S01E19 Molly's Folly 05/10/1995 Nephlite uses Molly's love for him to turn her against Serena. He involves Molly in a plan to find the Imperium Silver Crystal.
S01E20 A Friend in Wolf's Clothing 06/10/1995 Nephlite remains convinced that Molly is somehow related to the Imperium Silver Crystal. Zoicite kidnaps her to lure Nephlite into a trap.
S01E21 Jupiter Comes Thundering In 09/10/1995 A new girl named Lita transfers to Serena's school as Queen Beryl changes plans and sends Zoicite and Kunzite in search of the seven Rainbow Crystals.
S01E22 The Power of Friendship 10/10/1995 Molly is still in grief over Nephlite, and Serena and Melvin go out with her to try and cheer her up. Their paths cross with Zoicite's attempt to obtain a second Rainbow Crystal.
S01E23 Mercury's Mental Match 11/10/1995 When Amy doesn't get the top score on a school test, she meets the boy who bested her and learns of his special power to see the future.
S01E24 An Artful Attack 12/10/1995 An artist who wants Serena and Darien to model for a romantic painting also possesses a Rainbow Crystal.
S01E25 Too Many Girlfriends 13/10/1995 Lita falls in love with Andrew, which makes her Serena's rival. Things get complicated when they discover that Andrew already has a girlfriend, one who Zoicite and Malachite discover has a Rainbow Crystal.
S01E26 Grandpa's Follies 16/10/1995 Zoicite discovers that Rei's grandfather has one of the Rainbow Crystals, and this accidentally causes him to become hyperactive. Rei also has to deal with a boy falling in love with her.
S01E27 Kitty Chaos 17/10/1995 Luna meets a very large tomcat and the Sailor Scouts trace the last of the seven Rainbow Crystals to someone in the tomcat's home.
S01E28 Tuxedo Melvin 18/10/1995 Melvin dresses up as Tuxedo Mask to impress Molly. Luna reveals some secrets she's kept about the search for the Moon Princess.
S01E29 Sailor V Makes the Scene 19/10/1995 Zoicite attempts to lure the Sailor Scouts into a trap by impersonating Sailor Moon. The movie star who plays Sailor V also gets involved.
S01E30 A Crystal Clear Destiny 20/10/1995 Zoicite challenges Tuxedo Mask to a duel, the victor receiving all the Rainbow Crystals.
S01E31 A Reluctant Princess 23/10/1995 Serena and Darien regain the memories of their past and Luna tells the Sailor Scouts the story of what happened between the Moon Kingdom and the Negaverse.
S01E32 Bad Hair Day 24/10/1995 When Serena is upset about Tuxedo Mask's kidnapping by the Negaverse, Mina tries to cheer her up by taking her to the hairdresser. Tuxedo Mask appears when the Negaverse attacks, but has been brainwashed into fighting for Queen Beryl.
S01E33 Little Miss Manners 25/10/1995 Serena enrolls in a charm school to learn how to be more like a princess, but it's under the control of the Negaverse.
S01E34 Ski Bunny Blues 26/10/1995 The Sailor Scouts encounter the Negaverse and the brainwashed Tuxedo Mask during a visit to a ski resort.
S01E35 Ice Princess 27/10/1995 Serena remembers that in her past life as the Moon Princess she was an excellent ice skater, but Malachite also knows this and sets a trap.
S01E36 Last Resort 30/10/1995 Serena's family goes on vacation to a hot spring resort, one with a story of a legendary monster. The brainwashed Tuxedo Mask arrives and brings the monster back to life.
S01E37 Tuxedo Unmasked 31/10/1995 Queen Beryl attempts to capture all the holders of the seven Rainbow Crystals, including Amy's friend Greg. Amy comes to Greg's aid, but must face the brainwashed Tuxedo Mask.
S01E38 Fractious Friends 01/11/1995 The other Sailor Scouts attempt to eject Sailor Moon as the leader of the Scouts, and Queen Beryl moves to take advantage of the situation.
S01E39 The Past Returns 02/11/1995 The Sailor Scouts are blasted to the Moon Kingdom when the army of the Negaverse breaks through to Earth and invades.
S01E40 Day of Destiny 03/11/1995 The Sailor Scouts travel to the Negaverse to fight the final battle with Queen Beryl but must face the brainwashed Tuxedo Mask first.
S01E41 The Return of Sailor Moon 22/11/1995 After vanquishing Queen Beryl, the Sailor Scouts return to their normal lives with no memory of their secret identities. However, a new threat appears and Luna must recall Sailor Moon to action.
S01E42 So You Want To Be In Pictures 23/11/1995 The Sailor Scouts meet up by chance at a casting call for a movie, but still have no memories of their friendships and powers. When the aliens Alan and Ann attack the auditions, will Sailor Moon be able to stop them alone?
S01E43 A Knight To Remember 24/11/1995 Lita's best friend Ken is attacked by one of Alan and Ann's Cardians and goes to the hospital. When the Cardian returns, the Scouts receive aid from someone who appears to be Prince Darian.
S01E44 VR Madness 27/11/1995 A Cardian attacks a virtual reality arcade, but Serena has problems using her powers as Sailor Moon.
S01E45 Cherry Blossom Time 28/11/1995 A Cardian attack during a cherry blossom festival leaves the Sailor Scouts helpless, and Sailor Moon's transformation locket destroyed.
S01E46 Kindergarten Chaos 29/11/1995 Mina saves a little girl on her way to Kindergarten from bullies and becomes her friend just as Alan and Ann start attacking Kindergartens across the city.
S01E47 Much Ado About Babysitting 30/11/1995 Cardian attacks against the young continue, this time a nursery. Serena and Darien have to protect the kids, even though Darien still has no memory of his power as Tuxedo Mask.
S01E48 Rei's Day In The Spotlight 01/12/1995 Rei writes a song for the school festival, but Alan and Ann have plans to attack during the festivities.
S01E49 Food Fetish 04/12/1995 Lita falls in love with the evil alien Alan's human form and attempts to win his heart by making a bento box for him.
S01E50 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall 05/12/1995 Ann works her way into the leading role in a production of Snow White starring Darien as the Prince. The idea of Darien kissing Ann leads Alan to attack the playhouse with a Cardian.
S01E51 Detention Doldrums 06/12/1995 Serena and Ann are in detention together. Alan sends a Cardian to attack the other Sailor Scouts while Ann plots to steal Serena's energy.
S01E52 Secret Garden 07/12/1995 Serena accidentally discovers Alan and Ann's portal to the Doom Tree, and Alan and Ann begin to feel strange due to the influence of their friendships with Serena and Darian.
S01E53 Treed 08/12/1995 The Doom Tree grows out of control and the Sailor Scouts must find a way to get to its trunk to save Sailor Moon and Darian.
S01E54 Serena Times Two 06/11/1995 Darian's memory is restored after the final battle with Alan and Ann, but his reunion with Serena is interrupted by a small girl falling out of the sky.
S01E55 The Cosmetic Caper 07/11/1995 Darian mysteriously tells Serena that they can't be together anymore, and a new threat emerges from the Negaverse.
S01E56 Sailor Mercury Moving On? 08/11/1995 Amy receives an offer to study abroad in Germany. Will she leave the Sailor Scouts behind to face the Negaverse without her?
S01E57 Gramps In A Pickle 09/11/1995 Rei's grandpa opens a martial arts school for girls in the shrine, but Catzi shows up to try and take control as part of the Negamoon Families plan to obtain the Silver Crystal.
S01E58 Trouble Comes Thundering Down 10/11/1995 An attack by a Negamoon droid threatens Rini.
S01E59 A Charmed Life 13/11/1995 Lita and Mina are fighting, but they must work together to stop Avery and Prizma, two sisters from the Negamoon.
S01E60 A Curried Favor 14/11/1995 Serena wants to make a meal for Rini and Darien, but Avery and Prizma attack while she's shopping for ingredients.
S01E61 Naughty 'N' Nice 15/11/1995 Rini feels like she doesn't belong in the past and attempts to go back to her own time, leaving her vulnerable to an attack by Catzi and Bertie of the Negamoon.
S01E62 Prediction Of Doom 16/11/1995 Darien tries to keep Serena away from him by finding another girlfriend, but a Negamoon attack leaves Sailor Moon in a deep sleep and Tuxedo Mask must rescue her.
S01E63 Enemies No More 17/11/1995 Catzi has a plan to capture Rini at Rei's temple and win the love of her master Rubeus.
S01E64 Checkmate 20/11/1995 Bertie from the Negamoon attempts to take over the Chess Tower by winning a chess tournament, and only Amy has the ability to stop her.
S01E65 Sibling Rivalry 30/11/1995 Rubeus pits the two remaining Negamoon sisters against Catzi, Bertie, and Rini and the Sailor Scouts.
S01E66 Rubeus Evens The Score 30/11/1998 Rini, having discovered that Serena is Sailor Moon, steals Serena's locket to try and take the Silver Crystal back to her time, while Rubeus makes a direct attack on the other Scouts.
S01E67 Rubeus Strikes Out 01/12/1998 Serena must convince Rini to give her back her locket so she can fight Rubeus aboard his ship, where he has taken the other Sailor Scouts.
S01E68 The Secret Of The Luna Sphere 02/12/1998 Rini becomes very sick, which activates her Luna Sphere, revealing Sailor Pluto, who tells the Scouts how to save her.
S01E69 Emerald Takes Over 03/12/1998 Emerald is now in charge of the Negamoon's attack on Earth, and she begins by attacking the grand opening of a new pastry shop.
S01E70 Promises Fulfilled 04/12/1998 Serena joins a crafting class hoping to make something for Darien that will win him back, but the class is a front for the Negamoon.
S01E71 No Thanks, Nurse Venus 07/12/1998 Mina is the only one of the Sailor Scouts who doesn't get sick when Emerald infects them with a virus, so she tries to nurse them back to health.
S01E72 Dog Day For Artemis 08/12/1998 Artemis has a fight with Luna and runs away, ending up in an animal shelter that's controlled by the Negamoon.
S01E73 Smart Payoff 09/12/1998 Emerald sends a droid who uses Amy's feelings of alienation from being accused of cheating to try and drive a wedge between her and the other Sailor Scouts.
S01E74 Child's Play 10/12/1998 Emerald's droids Gloom and Doom attack Rini by turning a friend from school against her.
S01E75 Future Shocked 11/12/1998 Rini brings the Sailor Scouts into the future to help rescue her mother. Sailor Pluto shows them the way to get to Crystal Tokyo in the future, but Prince Diamond sends Emerald to block their way.
S01E76 Legend Of The Negamoon 14/12/1998 The Sailor Scouts arrive in Rini's time and find that Crystal Tokyo is mostly destroyed. The King of the Earth presents himself to them to explain the goals of the Negamoon.
S01E77 Jealousy's Just Reward 15/12/1998 The Wiseman captures Rini while the Sailor Scouts battle Emerald, who's been transformed into a giant dragon.
S01E78 Birth Of Wicked Lady 16/12/1998 The Wiseman corrupts Rini, transforming her into the Wicked Lady, sending her back into the past to attack Tokyo.
S01E79 Brotherly Love 17/12/1998 Sapphire overhears The Wiseman talking to himself about his true allegiance to the Doom Phantom, not Sapphire's brother Prince Diamond. Sapphire escapes into the past to warn Diamond.
S01E80 Diamond In The Rough 18/12/1998 The Sailor Scouts enter the Dark Crystal in the middle of Tokyo to stop The Wiseman and rescue Tuxedo Mask and Rini, but Prince Diamond is there to stop them.
S01E81 Final Battle 21/12/1998 Inside the Dark Crystal, The Wiseman and Wicked Lady are ready to open the Dark Gate. The Sailor Scouts battle to turn Wicked Lady back into Rini and save the Earth.
S01E82 Follow The Leader 22/12/1998 After destroying the Dark Crystal, the Sailor Scouts relax and think about everything they've been through, including the battles against Queen Beryl, the aliens Alan and Ann, and the Negamoon Family. There's also some hints of some new storylines in future episodes.