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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Saints and Sinners

S01E01 Dear George, the Siamese Cat is Missing 17/09/1962 A distraught woman arrives at the Bulletin's offices late on a Saturday afternoon wanting to insert an advertisement in the Personal column - a coded message to the kidnappers of her husband.
S01E02 All The Hard Young Men 24/09/1962 When a young student is involved in apprehending a criminal, he finds himself at the center of a media circus - which puts his life in danger.
S01E03 The Man on the Rim 01/10/1962 A veteran reporter with a drink problem is determined to nail a crooked union leader.
S01E04 Judgement in Jazz Alley 08/10/1962 A disreputable lawyer implies that a famous judge is involved in corruption, and Nick must investigate.
S01E05 Source of Information 15/10/1962 Nick becomes very impressed with a dying woman.
S01E06 Three Columns of Anger 22/10/1962 When a soldier gets attacked in the street, the story proves to be more complicated than it appears to be.
S01E07 A Servant in the House of My Party 05/11/1962 Nick, covering his first political convention, gets involved in the campaigning of a veteran senator.
S01E08 Daddy's Girl 12/11/1962 Nick is required to write a routine profile of an up-and-coming actress. It proves anything but a routine assignment.
S01E09 Luscious Lois 19/11/1962 An old World War II plane is found in the desert, with the name "Luscious Lois" inscribed on its side. But who was - or is - she?
S01E10 A Shame for the Diamond Wedding 26/11/1962 About to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary, an elderly couple announce plans for divorce.
S01E11 Judith Was a Lady 03/12/1962 A Bulletin reporter phones in a faked story to Nick, but his antics leave them facing a million-dollar libel suit.
S01E12 A Night of Horns and Bells 24/12/1962 A snowstorm keeps Mark Grainger from his duties as city editor, forcing Nick to cancel his New Year's Eve plans and take over the Bulletin.
S01E13 A Taste of Evil 31/12/1962 A cop-killer claims he was the victim of police brutality.
S01E14 The Home-Coming Bit 07/01/1963 Lizzie Hogan is assigned a series focusing on the hopes and anxieties of women parolees readjusting to life.
S01E15 Slug It, Miss Joyous 14/01/1963 Nick is stunned when a story he wrote a few years ago about a beauty contest winner rises from the ashes to haunt him. Newspaper drama, starring Nick Adams.
S01E16 The Year Joan Crawford Won the Oscar 21/01/1963 A famous entertainer accidentally shoots a waiter in his hotel penthouse, but steps are taken to ensure the incident is kept under wraps.
S01E17 New Lead Berlin 28/01/1963 Lizzie Hogan is sent to Berlin on a special press outing, in the company of foreign correspondent Bartley King, who wrote a definitive book about Hitler some years ago.