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With her husband rarely home because of work, Saitou Masako raises her kindergarten son by herself. With a strong sense of what's right, she is never afraid to confront people who violate the rules of society. While her righteousness makes her a heroine among the kindergarteners, their mothers have learned to keep their distance from all the trouble Saitou brings with her. Mano Wakaba, a soft-spoken mother who had problems with her son turning violent at his previous school, soon moves into the neighborhood. Eager to get along with the other mothers at the kindergarten, Mano does her best to please, and pushes her son Takeru to do the same, even if it puts her at odds with Saitou. When Takeru gets burned by a smoker whose cigarette brushes his face, Mano is content to let it go, but Saitou steps in to confront the man, asking for an apology. When the man stubbornly refuses, a scuffle ensues and the man runs away. When the bystanders watching begin clapping their hands, Mano is left in awe. As circumstances push her and Saitou together, Mano must choose between bending over to please the other mothers or joining Saitou and facing alienation.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de SAITOU san

S01E01 Cue the annoying heroine fighting for justice! 09/01/2008
S01E02 I don't need friends if it means I can't tell people what's wrong is wrong! 16/01/2008
S01E03 Don't worry about ruining the mood! A small victory thanks to true friendship 23/01/2008
S01E04 Don't fawn over your kid! A miraculous gift that came on Christmas Eve 30/01/2008
S01E05 Even friends scold each other! A loving slapstick comedy sketch for you 06/02/2008
S01E06 I'll never forgive dirty people in power! Mutiny by emergency communications network 13/02/2008
S01E07 I wanna be like Saitou-san! Mano-san speaks her mind to others!? 20/02/2008
S01E08 How dare you bully the teacher! A sermon to the Monster Parents 27/02/2008
S01E09 I can't tell Mano... Saitou-san is leaving!? 05/03/2008
S01E10 Wrong is wrong! A final message from Saitou-san 12/03/2008
S01E11 Goodbye, Saitou-san 19/03/2008
S02E01 ?????????! ???????? 13/07/2013
S02E02 ????????!? ??! ?????? 20/07/2013
S02E03 ???????!! ?????????? 27/07/2013
S02E04 ??????????? ??????? 03/08/2013
S02E05 ????????????…????? 10/08/2013
S02E06 ??????????????VS?? 17/08/2013
S02E07 ???????????????SOS 31/08/2013
S02E08 ???????!? ???1?????? 07/09/2013
S02E09 ????? ????? ???????? 14/09/2013
S02E10 ????????????? ????? 21/09/2013