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Based on Steve Purcell's enormously popular underground comic, the adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police is an edgy and often irreverent, impudent, insolent, impious and silly series about a pair of likeable law enforcement types who don't take crap (oops! we mean guff) from anybody.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sam and Max

S01E01 The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It 04/10/1997 A strange monster living inside The Geek's fridge is attacking people. Sam & Max must find a way to stop it!
S01E02 The Second Show Ever 11/10/1997 Sam & Max show up at a school's Career Day and take the class to space, where they meet an alien who is plotting to destroy the Earth. They try to stop him and look good for the kids.
S01E03 Max's Big Day 11/10/1997 Sam & Max are dropped on an island and the New Guinea Pigs think Max is their 'chosen one'. But Max must say goodbye to Sam... can he really do it?
S01E04 Bad Day On The Moon 18/10/1997 Taken from the comic, Sam and Max travel to the moon to help rat people handle their roach problem.
S01E05 They Came From Down There 25/10/1997 The population of a town has now become a mass of fish-like zombies, thanks to Mack Salmon's plan of Sea Chimp food products.
S01E06 The Friend For Life 01/11/1997 Lorne, The Friend for Life, accidentally lets 'The Mad Thespian' get away. So, Lorne takes him hostage to try to force Sam & Max to hang out with him at his twisted fun house.
S01E07 The Dysfunction Of The Gods 18/10/1997 Zeus & Hera are angry and fighting, and if the Freelance Police don't rekindle their love for each other, Sam & Max will age rapidly.
S01E08 Big Trouble At The Earth's Core 25/10/1997 Sam & Max go to the center of the Earth to stop the mole-men from blowing up the Earth by lowering the core temperature - and help them find dates!
S01E09 A Glitch In Time 01/11/1997 Max obtains a time traveling watch which he and Sam use to alter their own history (back when they were children), causing Sam to have never become a member of the Freelance Police.
S01E10 That Darn Gator 08/11/1997 Sam & Max try and raise a baby alligator in their deranged life style.
S01E11 We Drop At Dawn 20/12/1997 Sam & Max drop into the jungle (Central Park) to look for the Commissioner's keys.
S01E12 Christmas Bloody Christmas 20/12/1997 Sam & Max spend Christmas with Sam's grandma at her maximum security prison on Blood Island. But the criminals attempt a jailbreak and the Freelance Police must round them up.
S01E13 It's Dangly Deever Time 06/02/1998 After their TV goes out, they try to watch a show on the Geek's antique TV and bring a Howdy Doody-like character to life. But while they are gone, Dangly Deever's evil twin attempts to take over the city.
S01E14 Aaiiieee Robot 27/02/1998 After stopping a meteor from hitting Earth with the Mega Max 3000 robot, it sits and rusts away. So, they send it to Japan, where it battles a giant baby.
S01E15 The Glazed McGuffin Affair 13/02/1998 Sam & Max try to get Kent Standit, who has banned the Freelance Police's favorite snack 'Glazed McGuffins', to change his mind, by forcing him to at least try one.
S01E16 The Tell Tale Tail 20/02/1998 A Sam & Max version of Frankenstein. (Max's tail is severed in an accident, and they reanimate it while the doctor also creates a monster! (the tail, that is))
S01E17 The Trouble With Gary 20/02/1998 Sam & Max help babysit the child who changes things with his mind, who helps the Freelance Police with stopping crime and learns how to have fun (Sam & Max style).
S01E18 Tonight We Love 13/02/1998 Sam & Max must deliver an artificial heart to the President on Valentine's Day; but the DeSoto is stolen by a loving couple.
S01E19 The Invaders 27/02/1998 Two tiny aliens are constantly trying to eliminate Sam & Max (and no matter what they do, the Freelance Police can not stop the Invaders)
S01E20 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 06/02/1998 Sam & Max must play 007 to stop T.R.U.S.S. leader 'Larvo' and her fast-food minions from releasing an obnoxious tourist virus.
S01E21 Little Bigfoot 04/04/1998 The Freelance Police save a kid sasquatch from being a bus boy and try to send it into the wild with its own kind.
S01E22 Fools Die On Friday 04/04/1998 Sam & Max attempt to foil a blimp hijacking aimed to crash into The Statue of Liberty, only to find the demented terrorist is Lorne, the Friend for Life.
S01E23 Sam And Max Vs The Uglions 11/04/1998 Aliens open a new restaurant, "The Frying Saucer", that serves people (no really, it's people!). Sam & Max must stop the aliens before the US government start a nuclear holocaust to try to stop the aliens.
S01E24 The Final Episode 25/04/1998 A group of villains from past episodes, led by Mack Salmon try to kill Sam & Max by strapping them to a bomb and dropping them into a volcano. They attempt to get free and subdue the bad guys, all while reliving flashbacks of their early life.

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