Affiche Sam le pompier
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A Pontypandy, armé de sa lance à incendie et de beaucoup de courage, Sam le pompier est sur tous les fronts.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sam le pompier

S02E01 Treasure Hunt 01/09/1988 Sam introduces Sarah and James to his new metal detector, and they get hooked on looking for treasure. Unfortunately, they manage to burst a water pipe in the park while searching for Bella's keys! Meanwhile, Norman's game of 'Knights Of The Round Table' backfires when his saucepan helmet gets stuck on his head. Overall, it's a busy day for Sam and the crew...
S02E02 Sam's Day Off 00/00/0000 Sam's popcorn machine is just the ticket for the cinemas, until it suffers from a touch of flumbustication!
S02E03 Thief In Pontypandy 15/09/1988 Sam's mislaid his watch, Bella's necklace has disappeared and Dilys' earrings have gone missing! Can Sam solve the mystery?
S02E04 Chemistry Set 22/09/1988 Norman's dream of making the pongiest stink bomb in the world backfires when Dilys walks into the laboratory.
S02E05 Wishing Well 29/09/1988 Trevor organises a search party when Norman doesn't come back from picking strawberries.
S02E06 Sam The Great Inventor 06/10/1988 Sam is all set to win the Best Inventor in Wales competition, until ...
S02E07 Safe With Sam 00/00/0000 There is a fireworks display being held to celebrate the anniverary of Pontypandy fire station opening. But there are many valuable lessons to be learned about safety.
S02E08 Snow Business 00/00/0000 It's Christmas Eve, and Pontypandy's got four inches of festive snow to keep the kids entertained. They're playing snowballs, and everyone around town is enjoying the cold snap, except for Dylis Price. She's not happy shovelling snow from her shop front and ducking the great hanging icicles above her head. She wonders why the Christmas tree isn't up in the park yet. Why, the Council have been a bit late this year. She suspects they couldn't afford one. Her comments give Fireman Sam a jolly idea...
S05E01 Danger Falling Sheep 00/00/0000 When naughty Norman tries to conquer Pontypandy Mountain he finds himself stranded on a ledge with a fallen lamb.
S05E02 The Big Freeze 00/00/0000 Norman raises everyone's temperature with the bed he builds for his pet lamb Woolly.
S05E03 Twist of Fate 06/04/2005 Station Officer Steele takes Norman and Mandy Flood pot-holing, but he soon ends up in a tight spot.
S05E04 A Real Live Wire 07/04/2005 Mandy thinks a squirrel will be a good pet, but its taste for electrical cables causes a fire.
S05E05 Bug Eyed Boy From Venus 08/04/2005 When Trevor Evans tells the children that there's no such thing as little green men from outer space, Norman is determined to prove him wrong.
S05E06 Bathtime for Dusty 11/04/2005 Scruffy dog Dusty is chosen to be the fire station mascot, but first he must have a bath. Dusty is not keen on the idea, though.
S05E07 Neighbourhood Watchout 12/04/2005 Mandy, Sarah and James decide to start a junior neighbourhood watch scheme, but get rather carried away.
S05E08 Twitchers in Trouble 00/00/0000 Trevor is looking forward to his date with Dilys and decides to take her birdwatching. However, a fire at Trevor's birdwatching hide ensures that the date is hotter than planned.
S05E09 Carnival of Junk 14/04/2005 A rubbish tip proves to be a trap for the unwary James, but then the recycled rubbish becomes the centrepiece in a Caribbean-style carnival.
S05E10 Mummy's Little Pumpkin 15/04/2005 Halloween is scarier than normal after Norman leaves his pumpkin lantern unattended.
S05E11 Joker Soaker 18/04/2005 To everyone's horror, Norman has a new toy - a ""Joker Soaker"" water pistol!
S05E12 Fit For Nothing 19/04/2005 The Fire-fighters are training hard to appear in the Wales Fittest Fire-fighters calendar. It's a competition to see who is the fittest.
S05E13 Deep Water 20/04/2005 Mandy and Norman get into deep water when they go hunting for treasure.
S05E14 Beast of Pontypandy 21/04/2005 A black beast has appeared in Pontypandy and Woolly has disappeared...
S05E15 Pizza Palaver 22/04/2005 Bella is as sick as a parrot when a bird's nest falls down the chimney and into her new oven.
S05E16 Fun Run 25/04/2005 Today in Pontypandy, a fun run has been organised for charity. Unfortunately Norman's cheating ways put James and the other competitors in danger.
S05E17 Trouble and Squeak 26/04/2005 Norman has taken the school mouse home to look after. Unsurprisingly, it escapes and causes havock when both Rosa and the mouse end up stuck in Bella's chimney.
S05E18 King of the Jungle 27/04/2005 The Tarzanesque jungle cry of naughty Norman Price raises the alarm when the twins get caught in a blazing haystack.
S05E19 Norman's Invisible Friend 28/04/2005 Norman invents a fictitious friend to get double helpings of everything.
S05E20 High Jinx 29/04/2005 Norman uses a power kite to help his with his deliveries.
S05E21 The Case of the Liquorice Shoelaces 03/05/2005 Someone has been stealing shoelaces from Dilys's shop and the prime suspect is Naughty Norman. Surprisingly he isn't to blame and he sets out to prove his innocence.
S05E22 Fiery Finale 04/05/2005
S05E23 Birthday Surprise 05/05/2005
S05E24 Firefighter of Tomorrow 06/05/2005
S05E25 Fields of Fire 09/05/2005
S05E26 Let it Snow 26/12/2005
S06E01 L'avion en papier 15/10/2012 Norman's paper airplanes really heat things up at the fire station.
S06E02 Un chien sauveteur 16/10/2012 Mike doesn't believe that Radar is a rescue dog, but he is soon proved wrong after he falls and breaks his arm in the Whole Fish Cafe cellar.
S06E03 Le feu de camp 17/10/2012 Trevor take Dilys and Norman camping, but Dilys becomes panicked after hearing Norman's exaggerated stories.
S06E04 Un chemin dangereux 18/10/2012 Norman, Mandy, and Radar go to find a golden eagle, but Norman ignores the danger signs and gets trapped on a crumbling cliff.
S06E05 Charlie arrive à la rescousse 19/10/2012 When Mandy gets a new video camera, the children decide to make an action movie.
S06E06 Préparatifs de noël 25/12/2012
S06E07 Le seau porte-bonheur 22/10/2012 Norman goes mussel collecting with Charlie, Sarah, and James. He attempts to get the most mussels, but ends up getting his foot wedged between two rocks.
S06E08 Le bébé de Sarah 23/10/2012 When Norman finds a lamb whose bleat sounds like a baby crying, Sarah pushes it around in a pram so that people will think she is looking after a real baby. When she leaves her jacket on an electric heater, a fire starts with the lamb inside the house. Meanwhile, Station Officer Steele is determined to prove his fitness to the team by jogging constantly.
S06E09 Les tâches ménagères 24/11/2012 Helen goes away on a course, leaving Mike to do all of the housework. When he leaves the iron on whilst he goes out to fix Dilys' washing machine, a fire starts.
S06E10 Le puits magique 25/10/2012 Bronwyn's cat Lion follows her, Sarah and James to the wishing well, and Bronwyn wishes he wouldn't chase birds. When they get home, they realise Lion is missing.
S06E11 Un pique-nique sur la plage 26/10/2012 Les Joineau accueillent Capteur, le chien de la sœur de Béatrice. Pour fêter son arrivée, Béatrice et Sarah l'emmènent faire un pique-nique sur la plage...
S06E12 Les règles de sécurité 06/11/2012 After finding some old fireworks in the shed, Mike sets up a fireworks display.
S06E13 Une promenade qui tourne mal 29/10/2012 Helen and Penny go on a mountain hike, until the fog rolls in and Penny twists her ankle.
S06E14 Une fête gachée 30/10/2012 Mike wants to treat Helen to a memorable wedding anniversary, however a power outage threatens to ruin his plans.
S06E15 Le concours de pêche 31/10/2012 Norman goes fishing with Charlie, Sarah and James. They discover a baby whale heading for the beach and try to stop it, but land themselves into trouble when Norman makes the boat crash into the whale.
S06E16 La chasse au dinosaure 01/11/2012 Norman and Trevor discover an ammonite on the beach which inspires Norman to create the illusion of real dinosaurs for James and Sarah. James chases the sound of Norman's "dinosaur growls" into a beach cave where both boys become stranded by the rising tide. Meanwhile, Sarah is stranded on a rock. Sam & Penny comes to their rescue.
S06E17 Le kart 02/11/2012 Norman builds a go-cart with items he's collected from around Pontypandy. Some of these items are collected without permission, thus causing problems for others. He loses control of the cart on its maiden voyage and falls off the quay. Fireman Sam comes to his rescue.
S06E18 Le pot de colle 05/11/2012 The glue from one of Norman's birthday presents leaves him with sticky fingers and in danger.
S06E19 Celui qui criait au loup 07/11/2012 Norman accidentally sets off Dilys' new fire alarm, so she confiscates his football. To get it back, he sets the alarm off again, and again when a fox enters the shop.
S06E20 Danger mouton 08/11/2012 Woolly is sent to stay with Norman, who is ill, whilst Mike mends her field's gate. Unfortunately, Norman and Woolly go out, resulting in Trevor's bus swerving off the road and dangling over the edge of the cliff.
S06E21 La fête des mères 09/11/2012 It's Mother's Day and Norman wants to go skateboarding. He makes Dilys a very unsafe candle holder and when she takes it to the Whole Fish Cafe, a fire starts.
S06E22 Alerte sur la plage 12/11/2012 When James and Mandy find a crate on the beach, they try to open it, but end up trapping James' legs under the crate.
S06E23 Coup de chaud 13/11/2012 It's a very hot day in Pontypandy and Trevor refuses to accept that his old bus may not make it up the mountain. When the engine overheats, Trevor ignores Norman's advice, opens the bonnet, and starts a fire.
S06E24 La tour infernale 14/11/2012 Norman and Mandy decide to find out which of them is the best hider in Pontypandy.
S06E25 Le feu dans la forêt 15/11/2012 Les jumeaux Joineau passent leur temps à se chamailler. Alors qu'ils se promènent dans la montagne, la foudre s'abat sur un arbre qui prend feu aussitôt...
S06E26 Les pièces anciennes 17/11/2012 C'est l'anniversaire de Béatrice. Sarah et Charlie ont fabriqué un cadeau de leurs propres mains, ce qui n'est pas le cas de Matthieu, à court d'idées. Pendant ce temps, le commandant Steele arpente la plage avec un détecteur de métaux pour trouver des pièces anciennes. Matthieu souhaite emprunter son détecteur pendant l'heure du déjeuner et c'est l'accident. Il se retrouve coincé derrière de gros rochers tombés en avalanche le long de la falaise...
S06E27 Un sauvetage en mer 00/00/0000 Nicolas apprend à faire de la voile avec Julie. Il aime tellement ce sport qu'il pourrait passer ses journées en mer. Mais Julie a du travail et ne peut pas toujours l'accompagner. Persuadé d'être très doué, Nicolas réussit à convaincre sa maman de venir avec lui faire une escapade dans la baie, alors que celle-ci ne connaît rien à la voile. La promenade en mer tourne mal et Charlie vient à leur secours...
S06E28 La descente en rappel 00/00/0000 Nicolas n'a plus de skate-board depuis que celui-ci est passé sous le bus de Tristan. Il profite d'un pique-nique avec sa mère et le chauffeur de bus pour tenter de voler les pièces qui sont au fond du puits magique, mais bien évidemment, il se retrouve au fond sans pouvoir en sortir...
S06E29 Elvis chante le blues 00/00/0000 Elvis s'est cassé la jambe en glissant sur le sol mouillé de la caserne. Le commandant est secrètement enchanté, car cet incident lui donne une bonne raison d'aller en mission de sauvetage avec Sam et Julie, et de vanter ses exploits de jeunesse. Il les accompagne pour aider Max, en fâcheuse posture sur son toit, puis les quitte pour aller sauver Nicolas qui s'est coincé la tête entre des barreaux. Mais en voulant faire son intéressant, Steele réussit surtout à coincer sa tête lui aussi et Denise est obligée d'appeler Elvis en renfort...
S06E30 La fusée de détresse 00/00/0000 On a volé une fusée de détresse appartenant à Tom et il refuse de quitter son chalet tant qu'il ne l'aura pas retrouvée. Julie part donc toute seule descendre en rappel sur la falaise, bien que cela soit très dangereux. Sa corde se bloque et elle se retrouve coincée dans le vide...
S06E31 La fête des fleurs et des légumes 00/00/0000 Max organise la fête des fleurs et des légumes cette année. Chaque participant expose la plante de son jardin et Sam choisit la plus belle...
S06E32 Coincés dans la boue 00/00/0000
S06E33 00/00/0000
S06E35 00/00/0000
S06E36 Sam est en vacances 00/00/0000
S06E37 00/00/0000
S06E38 Une peur bleue ! 00/00/0000
S06E39 00/00/0000
S06E40 Les Pirates 00/00/0000
S06E41 00/00/0000
S06E42 Le concours de chant 00/00/0000
S06E43 00/00/0000
S06E44 Le commandant devient capitaine 00/00/0000
S06E45 00/00/0000
S06E46 L'anniversaire de Denise 00/00/0000 C’est l’anniversaire de Denise et Nicolas l’a encore oublié ! Pris de remords, il suit les conseils de Marie et décide de lui organiser une super fête !
S06E47 La baie des Oursins 00/00/0000
S06E48 La maquette d'avion 00/00/0000 Pour le nouvel entraînement, Elvis apprend à combattre son vertige. Pendant ce temps, Matthieu et Nicolas jouent avec une maquette d'avion téléguidée. Mais l'avion se retrouve coincé dans un arbre et Nicolas tente de le récupérer lui-même...
S06E49 00/00/0000
S06E50 L'arche de Nicolas 00/00/0000
S06E51 La journée portes ouvertes 00/00/0000
S06E52 La fusée de Max 00/00/0000
S07E01 Pirates of Pontypandy 00/00/0000 During a pirates picnic, Norman and James fall asleep and drift away when they go out in a rowboat.
S07E02 The Pontypandy Pioneers 00/00/0000 Trevor takes the children on a nature walk to the Mountain Rescue centre. A zip wire has been set up for them, and when Trevor goes on it, he gets stuck.
S07E03 Twitching the Night Away 00/00/0000 Norman and Trevor go bird watching. Elvis is preparing to go on a TV show and says he might not be a fireman for much longer. However he decides to help when the forest catches fire.
S07E04 Double Trouble 00/00/0000
S07E05 Sailor Steele 00/00/0000 Station Officer Steele is invited to go fishing with Charlie.
S07E06 Fireman James 00/00/0000
S07E07 Norman's Ark 00/00/0000 When Pontypandy is flooded by a high tide, Norman goes out of his way to save Woolly and her lamb.
S07E08 Three Legged Race 00/00/0000 It's the annual three legged race in Pontypandy, and Sam is partnered with the less-than-confident Dilys.
S07E09 Day at the Seaside 00/00/0000
S07E10 Open Day 00/00/0000
S07E11 Mike's Rocket 00/00/0000
S07E12 Dilys's Big Surprise 00/00/0000
S07E13 Model Plane 00/00/0000
S07E29 Elvis Sings the Blues 00/00/0000 Elvis breaks his leg and wonders if he is cut out to be a fireman. Station Officer Steele is back on the job and leads the team to rescue Mike Flood who has slipped and is dangling from the roof. Unfortunately, Steele gets into trouble himself when Norman gets his head stuck in the railings and only Elvis is available to help.
S07E31 Off Duty Sam 00/00/0000 Once his shift is over, Sam can't wait to get home and do his chores. But that'll have to wait when one thing leads to another at Dilys' shop.
S07E32 Sheepdog Trials 00/00/0000
S07E45 Poorly Penny 00/00/0000 While Sam is enjoying his day off, Penny comes down with a cold, yet still tries to do her duty when the Jones family land themselves in trouble.
S07E49 Stranded 00/00/0000 Norman and Mandy discover a baby whale stranded on the beach. Sam, Penny, and Tom Thomas save the day!
S07E50 When Fools Rush In 00/00/0000 James wants to get Bronwyn something special for her birthday, so he borrows Station Officer Steele's metal detector to find ancient coins, but he ignores Steele's advice and gets trapped by rocks near the cliffs.
S07E51 Blow Me Down 00/00/0000 Norman thinks he is a great sailor and takes Dilys out for a sail. Mandy, James, and Sarah are flying Station Officer Steele's new kite and when it's Steele's turn, the kite ends up on the roof of the Floods' house.
S07E57 Heap of Trouble 00/00/0000
S07E60 Pontypandy Extreme 00/00/0000
S07E61 Fireworks for Mandy 00/00/0000
S07E62 Norman's Ghost 00/00/0000
S07E63 Sausages vs Shrimps 00/00/0000
S07E65 Stuck in the Muck 00/00/0000
S08E01 Surprise 19/11/2012 When Sarah and James discover that the Wholefish Café is about to have its one millionth customer, they convince Bronwyn that there should be a big celebration to mark the event.
S08E02 Un camion dur à conduire 20/11/2012 When the Pontypandy Pioneers go to the fire station to complete their fire safety badge, Norman wants to prove to Derek that he can drive a fire engine.
S08E03 Un congé forcé 21/11/2012 Station Officer Steele fills in when Boyce hurts his back.
S08E04 Elvis, la rock star 22/11/2012 Pontypandy is holding a Charity Concert and Elvis is to be the star act.
S08E05 Marie, la future navigatrice 23/11/2012 Mandy wants to be a round-the-world yachtsman.
S08E06 Un petit animal très courageux 26/11/2012 Sarah and James's new pet guinea pig escapes.
S08E07 L'inauguration de la gare 27/11/2012 It’s a big day in Pontypandy, Gareth is opening the Pontypandy mountain railway line and station; he has refurbished the old engine, The Pontypandy Flyer, to take people up and down the mountain.
S08E08 Initiation à l'escalade 28/11/2012 When Mandy reads Moose Roberts’ book about his mountain climbing adventures, she decides that she wants to be a mountain climber when she grows up – and climb the highest mountain in the world!
S08E09 Un train sans conducteur 29/11/2012 When Bronwyn gives Gareth a sausage sandwich for his lunch, she has no idea the lengths Nipper the dog will go to for a bite!
S08E10 Le monstre du lac 30/11/2012 Sarah makes up a story about a monster to get more customers on her Grandad's railway.
S08E11 Denise fait des bêtises 03/12/2012 Norman isn't the only naughty member of the Price family....
S08E12 Une pêche miraculeuse 04/12/2012 Charlie takes the schoolchildren on a fishing trip and catches the biggest shoal of fish ever.
S08E13 Bessie à la rescousse 05/12/2012 Station Officer Steele discovers his old fire engine, Bessie.
S08E14 Les rois de la montagne 06/12/2012 Tom and Moose take the Pontypandy Pioneers on a mountain climbing expedition.
S08E15 Une sortie qui donne le vertige 07/12/2012 Norman spoils everyone's trip to the lighthouse by locking them all out on the balcony in a bid to avoid cleaning Mike's muddy van
S08E16 Marie La Baby-Sitter 10/12/2012 Mandy offers to babysit Lily when Helen Flood invites Mrs Chen and Penny over for a girls' night in, but things take a dangerous turn when some curling tongs start a fire
S08E17 Le feu d'artifice 11/12/2012 Charlie is so busy correcting Gareth's haphazard preparations for the firework display that he misses a Catherine wheel nailed too tightly to the door of Bessie's shed.
S08E18 Rusé comme un Renard 12/12/2012 When Tom and Moose volunteer to help Mandy and Norman spot a fox, the animal scampers off with Moose's hat
S08E19 Lily a disparu 13/12/2012 The friends go to the beach for a picnic but Lily needs help when she gets stranded on a sandbank
S08E20 Les lanternes volantes 14/12/2012 Mr Chen's class make sky lanterns for Chinese New Year, but Norman creates a disaster when he lets go of his too early
S08E21 Un froid glacial 18/12/2012 When the power goes out at the fire station, Sam has trouble lighting a fire.
S08E22 L'ours polaire 19/12/2012 Huge footprints in the snow convince Sarah that there's a polar bear in the area. But she and James get into difficulties when they try to photograph it for a local newspaper competition.
S08E23 Un sérieux coup de froid 20/12/2012 Trevor's bus gets stranded on thin ice.
S08E24 La boule de neige géante 21/12/2012 Mike gets hit by a runaway snowball.
S08E25 Une guirlande de trop 24/12/2012 Christmas is coming and there is to be a competition for the best Christmas lights in Pontypandy.
S00E00 24/05/2010
S00E01 Fireman Sam In Action (1): Fire Station Flood Alert 00/00/0000 Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 1: Fire Station Flood Alert Station Officer Steele (Ian Sinclair) fires Elvis (Mark Frederick) as the station cook. It gives Fireman Sam (Gary Lucas) an idea. He invents Pancake Prototype One and a robot called Bentley (Sarah Dyall) to be Elvis’ replacement, ("Gently, Bentley"). Whilst spring-cleaning, Elvis, exasperated with Bentley's constant whistling, decides to put his Elvis Presley cassette in the robot. He goes crazy and ends up breaking the stopcock causing a flood in the whole fire station. When it’s all sorted, they start to have what Bentley’s cooked, bangers and mash. It turns out that Bentley isn’t a good cook after all and everyone decides Elvis should be reinstated, ("Elvis Cooks The Lunch").
S00E02 Fireman Sam In Action (2): Dilys’ Attic Fire 00/00/0000 Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 2: Dilys’ Attic Fire A few weeks later, the fire station crew start making a training film with Norman Price (Karen Briffett) as Trevor (Joe Vera)’s gopher. Production of the training film begins. Norman gets bored of being a gopher, so Penny suggests he play the victim in their staged rescue, along with Sam's niece and nephew Sarah (Emma Watt) and James (Kelly East). Later Dilys (Sarah Carleton) looks for treasure in the attic, after reading a magazine article, but the candle that is her torch sets fire in the house. When she’s getting rescued, she argues about not letting go of a valuable vase that she found and could be in danger of breaking and it ends up in Trevor’s hands. Dilys lavishly praises the fire brigade, but they say it's all in a day's work, ("By Jupiter, By Jupiter").
S00E03 Fireman Sam In Action (3): Pontypandy Fireworks Party 00/00/0000 Fireman Sam In Action is a 1996 live-action stage play and a 62-minute film featuring three stories. The opening sequence of this film was filmed on location at Aldenham Country Park, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England and features children from Parkside School learning fire safety with Fireman Sam played by Gary Lucas. The show toured worldwide with Writer and Director, Charles Savage for 7 years along with a Postman Pat Musical. Episode 3: Pontypandy Fireworks Party On 5 November, the crew are preparing a bonfire for Bonfire Night, under the command of Station Officer Steele, ("The Person In Charge Is Station Officer Steel"). Norman is dressed as a tree and pinches Bella (Sarah Dyall) and Dilys’ bottoms. His plan is foiled by some railings which he ends up getting stuck in. After the crew rescue him from the railings, the whole village chastises him, ("Naughty Norman Price"). Norman introduces his pet hedgehog which he calls Brian. Brian scampers into the bonfire and Norman panics to get him out. The crew set up the guy and light the bonfire but Norman who is searching for Brian is in danger of being killed. After he’s rescued, it’s revealed that Brian was a girl hedgehog and has just had babies. Sam re-christens the hedgehog Bronwyn, but advises Norman to let the hedgehogs go back into their natural habitat. Trevor and Elvis light the bonfire, and the celebrations get underway, ("Remember, Remember The Fifth of November").
S00E04 Fireman Sam: On Stage 00/00/0000 Live stage show featuring the popular Welsh fireman. It's Fun Day in Pontypandy and there is so much to do. All seems to be going well until Fireman Sam is called out to a flood at Dilys' shop. Sam has to rescue Norman, help catch Woolly AND THEN extinguish a fire that threatens to ruin the Fun Day completely! Will the Fun Day ever happen?
S00E05 Le grand incendie de Pontypandy 24/05/2010 Sam, pompier à Pontypandy, est préoccupé par le risque d'incendie dû à la sécheresse. Malgré ses recommandations, des enfants partent camper en forêt. Ils provoquent un feu. C'est le drame : toute la forêt s'embrase. Ensemble, pompiers et civils combattent le brasier qui se rapproche dangereusement des habitations...
S00E06 Santa Overboard 18/11/2008 Meanwhile Norman Price convinces his mum to place an inflatable Santa Claus on the roof, but it's a windy day & the Santa flies off with Norman Price & Dilys Price chasing after it. An overloaded plug catches fire in their shop. Meanwhile Fireman Sam comes to the rescue.
S00E07 Un Halloween sans bonbon 03/11/2012 Norman Price causes his usual havoc, this time at Halloween. Meanwhile Fireman Sam & Firefighter Penny Morris comes to the rescue.
S00E08 Holiday Heroes DVD 00/00/0000 It's the holiday season and Fireman Sam's adventures are heating up! With jingle bells and fire alarms, Fireman Sam is well prepared for the season's best saves!
S00E11 Rescue on the Water DVD 00/00/0000 Sound the alarm! Fireman Sam and his heroic team are always prepared for rescues. Whether it's a flood in Pontypandy, dangerous shifting tides or trouble at sea for Norman and James there's no challenge too big for Fireman Sam! Join the squad and save the day with this collection of daring seaworthy rescues. Featuring 6 stories!
S00E13 La mascotte 00/00/0000 1. La mascotte 2.Le petit homme vert 3. Champs de feu 4. La photo 5. Le pompier de demain 6. Coup de froid 7. Feu de broussailles 8. Jour de carnaval 9. Le trésor de la grotte
S00E14 La chasse au trésor 00/00/0000 1. La chasse au trésor 2. Un alpiniste en herbe 3. L'affaire du vol de réglisse 4. Le mouton noir 5. Incendie au restaurant 6. La tempête de neige 7. Un compagnon turbulent 8. Norman, le livreur 9. Que le meilleur gagne!
S00E15 Apprentis sauveteurs 05/09/2011 1. Apprentis sauveteurs 2. Anniversaire surprise 3. Le spectacle 4. La citrouille et le Vampire 5. Une souris en fuite 6. L'ami invisible 7. Le pistolet à eau
S00E16 Fireman Sam: Help Is Here 01/08/2009 See Fireman Sam in action in this collection of firefighting adventures! Join your pals, Fireman Sam, Norman, Mandy, and Radar as they make courageous rescues throughout the town of Pontypandy. Fireman Sam saves the supermarket on Fire Prevention Day, helps the rescue dogs find missing people, shares important safety tips, and makes a daring helicopter rescue in the midst of a forest fire.
S00E17 Fireman Sam: Brave New Rescues 01/07/2011 Fireman Sam and his friends work together to save the day when Mike's kitchen catches fire, Dilys gets stuck out at sea and Norman cries wolf.
S00E22 Snow Business 22/12/1988 It's Christmas Eve, and Pontypandy's got four inches of festive snow to keep the kids entertained. They're playing snowballs, and everyone around town is enjoying the cold snap, except for Dylis Price. She's not happy shovelling snow from her shop front and ducking the great hanging icicles above her head. She wonders why the Christmas tree isn't up in the park yet. Why, the Council have been a bit late this year. She suspects they couldn't afford one. Her comments give Fireman Sam a jolly idea...
S00E23 Fun Run 00/00/0000
S00E24 Les héros en action 13/09/2015 Sam le pompier et son équipe doivent sauver Pontypandy ! Alors que la nouvelle caserne vient d'ouvrir et que deux nouvelles recrues viennent renforcer l'équipe, un ouragan menace la ville. Toute l'équipe part en action !
S00E25 00/00/0000
S00E26 00/00/0000
S00E27 00/00/0000
S00E28 Alien Alert 03/09/2016 Pontypandy is hit by a raft of UFO sightings and Fireman Sam is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. When Norman Price thinks he sees a flying saucer, not only does it kick off an exciting rescue for Fireman Sam but also brings the Buck Douglas Alien Quest TV show to Pontypandy. Soon everyone has gone Space Spotting mad and Alien hunting related emergencies are happening all over the place. Things don’t appear as they seem though but there’s one thing you can count on, that Fireman Sam is there to save the day!
S00E30 Alerte Extraterrestre! - Le Film 05/10/2016 Des OVNIs ont survolé Pontypandy et provoqué la panique des habitants de la ville. Sam est déterminé à résoudre cette énigme : les extraterrestres existent-ils vraiment ? Il mène l'enquête avec l'aide de ses amis...