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Sam and Max is about a dog and a rabbity thing. That's what you would think when you first see it. Then you would notice that the dog is six feet tall and dresses like a Canine Columbo. You would also take note that the rabbit is 3 feet tall and wears nothing but a manic grin. These bizarre creatures are Sam and Max, the Freelance Police. Getting their orders in the form of brief, cryptic phone calls from the Commissioner, a man who they have never met but is the duo's only contact with any real government agency, Sam and Max battle evil villains everywhere from the moon to the past to their back yard. They are assisted by The Geek, a teenage genius who lives in Sam and Max's Sub-Basement of Solitude. Throughout all of their battles and quests, Sam and Max's own style of humor, although zany and weird, allows them to make it in what they do.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sam & Max: Freelance Police

S01E01 The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It 04/10/1997 The Geek calls in Sam & Max to deal with a problem that the refrigerator repairmen cannot handle.
S01E02 The Second Show Ever 11/10/1997 It's Career day at school and Sam and Max show up to join in the fun!
S01E03 Max's Big Day 11/10/1997 A tribe believes Max to be their chosen one, and make him their king.
S01E04 Bad Day on the Moon 18/10/1997 The mayor of the Moon asks Sam & Max to investigate the disappearance of some of its local inhabitants.
S01E05 Dysfunction of the Gods 18/10/1997 Sam & Max take the role of freelance marriage counselors to the gods, but failure will result in the duo being turned into geriatrics.
S01E06 They Came from Down There 25/10/1997 Sam & Max set out to investigate the en masse disappearances from Bo-hunk Lagoon.
S01E07 Big Trouble at the Earth's Core 25/10/1997 Sam & Max travel 60 miles beneath the Earth's surface to investigate what is causing an increase in the temperature of Earth's core.
S01E08 The Friend for Life 01/11/1997 Hero worship is taken to a dangerous height when ""Lorne"", Sam and Max's greatest fan, starts getting just a little too close for comfort. Lorne's overzealousness results in chaos for the duo's crime fighting efforts, and almost in their personal demise!
S01E09 A Glitch in Time 01/11/1997 Sam and Max get a magical watch. When they use it, they get transported to different times.
S01E10 That Darn Gator 08/11/1997 Sam & Max have trouble handling an alligator.
S01E11 Christmas, Bloody Christmas 20/12/1997 While visiting Sam's Granny on Christmas Eve, Sam and Max go on an impromptu visit to her former place of employment to bring the joy of the season to some of the shut-ins. Well, actually, the ""cage-ins"", as Granny turns out to be the retired warden for the Blood Island Correctional Institute, home for society's most hardened criminals.
S01E12 We Drop at Dawn 20/12/1997 Sam and Max go on a top secret and dangerous mission to. . . . . . . . . . . . . find the commissioner's lost keys?
S01E13 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 06/02/1998 Sam & Max are entrusted with the care of a micro chip that evil minions are trying to seize.
S01E14 It's Dangly Deever Time 06/02/1998 Sam and Max fiddle with an experimental television set in The Sub-Basement of Solitude, and disaster results. This TV only receives signals of long forgotten programs, including an old childrens show from the '50s hosted by a marionette named Dangly Deever.
S01E15 Tonight We Love 13/02/1998 St. Valentine's Day has become a traditional day of celebration for Sam and Max as they rejoice in the fact that they have absolutely no romantic commitments, responsibilities, or inclinations!
S01E16 The Glazed McGuffin Affair 13/02/1998 A casual trip to the supermarket turns into a nightmare for Sam and Max when they learn that their most favoritest snack food ever, Glazed McGuffins, have been banned for sale by the government!
S01E17 The Tell Tale Tail 20/02/1998 Sam & Max tell the tale of Max's tail being reanimated.
S01E18 The Trouble with Gary 20/02/1998 Sam & Max help Gary with anger management.
S01E19 Aaiiieee, Robot 27/02/1998 Sam and Max are not happy when the Geek comes to dismantle the The MEGAMAX 3000, a giant Max-shaped robot seems to have outlived it's usefulness to the crime fighting duo. What can they do to save it from rusting in the street?
S01E20 The Invaders 27/02/1998 Two Tiny aliens bent on destroying Sam and Max show up at Sam and Max's door, and they just won't stop!
S01E21 Sam & Max vs. the Uglions 04/04/1998 Uglions have landed at Grover's Mill. What could they want?
S01E22 Fools Die on Friday 04/04/1998 A distress call from the commissioner sends Sam and Max into a perilous rescue mission of a hijacked dirigible high above New York City. The question of course is are the passengers in more danger from the Crazed Madman at the helm of the zeppelin, or from their Freelance Rescuers From Down Under.
S01E23 Little Bigfoot 04/04/1998 Sam & Max try to set free a little bigfoot and return him to his own kind.
S01E24 The Final Episode 25/04/1998 Nearly every villan from the series' short run collaborate to finally destory Sam & Max. Somehow their evil plot involves tying Sam & Max up in the cockpit of a jet, and numerous flashbacks to the TV series, comics, and some totally fake, eerily corny flashbacks that somebody made up.
S00E01 Vice Squad 00/00/0000 Short episode featuring Sam & Max showing what fun it is to put junk in your dad's vice.
S00E02 Our Bewildering Universe! "Chock Full O' Guts" 00/00/0000 Short episode, starring Sam & Max describing the human body, featuring The Pancreas!
S00E03 Sam & Max's Artsy Craftsy Bit of Time-Wasting Nonsense 00/00/0000 Short episode featuring Sam & Max showing how to make a Max paper bag puppet. The script and images are from the comics and have been reprinted several times since its original publication.
S00E04 A COMIC-CONversation with Steve Purcel 00/00/0000
S00E05 Our Bewildering Universe 00/00/0000 Animated short Alien Autopsy
S00E06 Telling the Tale of Telltale Games 00/00/0000
S00E07 Steve Purcell Chats with a Fan 00/00/0000
S00E08 Ice Station Playable Demo 00/00/0000 SamAndMax_IceStationSanta_Setup.exe
S00E09 Concept Art Gallery 00/00/0000 CONCEPT.pdf
S00E10 Original Sam & Max Series Bible 00/00/0000 SERIES_BIBLE.pdf