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Join Samantha as she embarks on her most exciting and fascinating journey yet. From the intoxicating beauty of Vietnam's rice paddies, to Thailand's picturesque beaches and Hong Kong's vibrant nightlife, Sam explores the delectable food, fascinating cultures and exotic animals of the Far East, giving a rare and intimate look at what defines Asia today.


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S01E01 Thailand 12/07/2010 After close encounters with elephants in the mystical north of the country, Sam hits the busy streets of Bangkok to get a taste of her favorite dish before heading to paradise on Thailand's picturesque beaches.
S01E02 Hong Kong; Macau 19/07/2010 Sam heads to 2 of the most dynamic cities in China, Hong Kong and Macau. In Hong Kong, Sam hits the busy streets, seeing old Chinese traditions coexisting alongside remnants of the country's colonial past.
S01E03 Cambodia 26/07/2010 Samantha heads to Cambodia, a country that has only been accessible to tourists for the past 20 years after a tragic history of civil war. Samantha finds the country's current state, however, is one of optimism, peace and beauty.
S01E04 Vietnam 02/08/2010 Sam ventures to Vietnam for the trip of a lifetime in one of the most intoxicating places on earth. Here, she gears up for a trip full of adventure, compelling history, delectable cuisine and fascinating culture.
S01E05 Malaysia 09/08/2010 Samantha Brown heads to Malaysia, a country whose beauty is derived from a cultural landscape comprised of extreme contrasts.
S01E06 Singapore 16/08/2010 Sam experiences the lush green spaces of Singapore's neighboring islands and seeks out old traditions in this ultra-modern city of dramatic skylines and dynamic attractions.
S01E07 Japan 23/08/2010 Beginning in the megatropolis of Tokyo, Sam will journey to the ancient imperial capital of Kyoto, bridging Japan's traditional past and its ultra-modern present.
S01E08 Bali 30/08/2010 Sam discovers landscapes of lush rice terraces, swaying palm trees, and white sandy beaches in Bali, the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, often referred to as "The Island of the Gods."

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