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Pritchard and Dainton - the better half of the Dirty Sanchez boys are back and are crazier than ever! These two are pushing the limits when it comes to humour, adventure and frankly downright stupidity. The series follows them looking for the ultimate 'highs' around the world. They did painful stunts in order to get a buzz, went naked skydiving, had painful tattoos to fit in with Filipino tribes, and tasted old remedies and substances such as ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms which are used in foreign countries to experience different feelings including hallucinations and euphoria.


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S01E01 Brazil 26/09/2008 Pritchard and Dainton track down two of Brazil's most potent tribal highs, Kampo a frog poison administered straight into the blood stream and Ayahuasca the Amazon's strongest natural hallucinogen.
S01E02 Mexico 06/10/2008 The boys head north to Mexico. They start their journey performing as clowns in one of Mexico's famous rodeos. A little bruised and sore Pritchard attempts to get high from the sting of the Mexican Paper Wasp, which is delivered straight to the cock.
S01E03 Philippines 12/10/2008 After Landing in the notorious capital Manila, the boys hit a local market, sampling two of the Philippines most famous aphrodisiacs crocodile penis and an 18 day old duck foetus. Pritchard and Dainton then track down the ancient brotherhood of Haring Bakal whose brethren are impervious to pain from all metals. The boys then head for the hills where they are welcomed by the Banaue tribe who share with them their ancient and traditional 'party drug' Betel Nut.
S01E04 Cambodia 19/10/2008 After Landing in Cambodia the boys try out some local remedies in the form of coin scraping and suction cupping before swallowing a beating snakes heart said to increase their strength and aggression. They then turn their attention to Kratom, a traditional natural sedative before trying to cure Pritchard’s S.T.D’s with a dose of cock leeching before hitting the country to see if Buffalo semen really is an energy drink and trying out the ancient ‘hallucinogenic’ cactus Phkar Rom Tuk Rom.
S01E05 Africa 26/10/2008 The boys arrive in South Africa and head straight for the Zulu tribe to get naturally high on the Muti Enema, said to give you strength and aggression. Little did they know it is administered anally and 2 Litres later the boys paint the town brown! To test whether the enema has worked they’re thrown into the ring with the young Zulu stick fighters. Thinking that the pain was over for another day the boys are then suspended by African meat hooks in an ancient African tradition meant to summon the dead!
S01E06 Australia 02/11/2008 Fed up of tribes, jungles and eating tree bark the boys head to Australia to try out Adrenalin highs, but where do these rate in their search for the perfect trip? With a Sanchez style twist here and there they might just find the Ultimate Natural High Down Under!
S01E07 India 09/11/2008 India is about getting spiritually high but however hard they try, however many spiritual gurus they speak to, it all ends in a wank! Two in a bed?
S01E08 Japan 11/11/2008 Having explored every corner of the globe for natural highs Japan is the final destination on the boys trip, offering up endurance, gambling and sex highs. They've done pretty much every other natural high on offer around the world but will a prostate massage and Japscat (a lady pooping on one's face) triumph over all the others?

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