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The show revolves around the life of a fictional Gujarati family, the Sarabhais. They are portrayed as a typical family in the class of elite socialites of Mumbai.The family consists of Indravadan Sarabhai and his wife Maya, who live in an apartment with their younger son Rosesh. Their older son Sahil and his wife Monisha Sarabhai live in the apartment across the hallway. Maya considers the name Manisha middle class and renames her Monisha before their marriage. The middle-class habits of Monisha irk Maya. Monisha, on the other hand, does not appreciate Maya's snooty and snobbish behaviour. Indravadan constantly derides Roshesh for being tied to his mother's apron strings and for writing bad poetry. Maya and Roshesh consider Indravadan's attitude towards Rosesh and his gregarious nature boorish. The ensuing conflict and comedy becomes Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Much of the humour is derived from the fake, artificial and shallow interactions among the city's elite and their perceived notions of the shortcomings and failings of middle-class society.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

S01E01 Sahil in a book 01/11/2004 Sahil, feeling helpless about the ‘war’ between Maya and Monisha, leaves the house, causing concern to his family members. Enroute to Goa, he meets Nagesh Iyer, a writer, who ends up writing about Sahil. Though his family members hate the book, it becomes a huge hit.
S01E02 Dr.Acharya at the restaurant 08/11/2004 Sahil has to take Maya out for lunch after lying to Monisha. At the restaurant, there is a lot of confusion because Dr Acharya and an impersonator are also present. The presence of Monisha at the restaurant forces Sahil to speak the truth.
S01E03 The family gets cricket fever 15/11/2004 Indravadan has no qualms about stealing tickets to a cricket match from Jayant, But Maya throws a spoke in his wheel. She, however, manages to get two tickets for herself and Indravadan. Indravadan has to sit through a match with an upset stomach!
S01E04 Maya and Monisha become jealous 22/11/2004 Maya shows her philanthropic side with a fund collection drive. Monisha is struck by the green-eyed monster and is jealous of Sahil and Dr Kiran. Maya is also suspicious about a phone call that Indravadan received. What will Maya and Monisha do to address their suspicion?
S01E05 Rosesh has a hit play 29/11/2004 Indravadan causes much merriment by getting an assorted bunch of people to write dialogues for Rosesh’s play. Maya soldiers on through the reading of this play and it turns out to be a great hit. Will Indravadan ever be truly appreciative of Sahil?
S01E06 Monisha sings for Maya 06/12/2004 Popat Kaka passes away and this news is saddening for Maya. She, Sahil and Indravadan are putting together a song to mark the passing of Popat Kaka but unfortunately Maya loses her voice completely. Monisha has to step in and sing on behalf of Maya.
S01E07 Indravadan inside a cupboard 13/12/2004 Indravadan and Maya are quarrelling and Indravadan goes missing. Unknown to him, however, Maya finds out that he is hiding inside a cupboard. Maya indulges in the pretense of having an affair with a friend in order to get Indravadan out of his hiding place.
S01E08 Dance girls at the Sarabhais 20/12/2004 After Indravadan makes a request to Jayant for party organisers, two dance girls land up at the Sarabhai residence and put Indravadan in a spot. The family then ends up watching their performance except for Sahil. His eyes have been blindfolded by Monisha!
S01E09 Monisha mends her ways 27/12/2004 Maya admonishes Monisha about her lack of good qualities. And it does seem like Monisha cannot have a break because Sahil leaves home to seek some space in Indravadan’s house. Sahil employs a maid servant which leads to Monisha becoming a better home keeper. Will this last?
S01E10 Maya and Indravadan at scrabble 03/01/2005 Maya wins an interstate scrabble tournament and this leads to Sahil and Monisha planning a party in her honour. They also teach the game to Indravadan, who ironically, plays against Maya and wins! Is this one of the reasons why Maya is planning to throw him out of the house?
S01E11 Maya stays with Monisha 10/01/2005 Vidisha decides to stay with Monisha when she comes to India for her wedding shopping, which makes Maya very unhappy. She fakes illness and moves into Monisha’s house so she can start the pest control. Vidisha, however, cancels her trip to India because the wedding plans are off.
S01E12 Rosesh attempts suicide 17/01/2005 Maggi has captured Rosesh’s heart and this annoys Maya immensely but she changes her mind when she meets Maggi. Rosesh moves in with Maggi but it does not last. A sorrowful Rosesh comes back home and even attempts suicide. Will Rosesh recover after being dumped by Maggi?
S01E13 Dinesh dies, wakes up 24/01/2005 Indravadan plays a trick on Maya who wants to teach him a lesson. Dinesh, while playing a card game with Indravadan, drinks something and dies. Indravadan is shaken by this and learns only later that he has been pranked! Dinesh ‘wakes up’ and this teaches Indravadan a lesson.
S01E14 Indravadan's Fantasies, Foiled 31/01/2005 Indravadan’s attempts at romancing Maya fail and this leads to him fantasising about a film actress. But to his disappointment, however, the film actress, Cookie Sharma, sees him only as a father figure. Maya repents for having rebuffed Indravadan and changes her behaviour.
S01E15 Maya and Monisha fear of dying 07/02/2005 Sonia's prediction about the death of someone whose name starts with ‘M’ scares Maya and Monisha tremendously. This leads to some very humorous situations. This goes on until they get the news of the death of a relative whose name started with the letter ‘M’.
S01E16 Rosesh gets psychoanalysed 14/02/2005 Rosesh, his sleeplessness and his untimely violin playing disturb everybody to the point that Sahil makes him see a psychoanalyst. Rosesh disappears outside the house in the night and returns in a wheelchair. To the surprise of the Sarabhais, he is also drowsy. What could be the reason for this?
S01E17 Maya, Monisha, men and women 21/02/2005 Maya and Monisha have an interesting bet with each other to prove that a man’s mind works differently from that of a woman. They put their theories to test on Indravadan and Sahil, respectively, and Maya proves to be the winner of the challenge.
S01E18 Sahil and his car 28/02/2005 Sahil is thrilled with his new car and is determined not to allow anybody to touch it. This only spurs the family into making secret plans for driving the car first. Monisha is horrified that she has ended up breaking the car’s light and confesses only when Sahil accuses Rosesh of the misdemeanour.
S01E19 Indravadan on a health spree 07/03/2005 Indravadan struggles with his strict diet, imposed by Maya. Monisha tempts him with a chocolate cake and he eats all of it, but is later delighted to find out he has lost weight. This is enough to spur him on to convert to a healthy life. Will he stick to his diet?
S01E20 Sahil and an engagement party 14/03/2005 Maya decides that Sahil must get engaged to Priya. At the engagement party however, Monisha turns up and Sahil wants to propose to her. Before he is able to do so, she leaves the party.
S01E21 Sahil and Monisha getting married 21/03/2005 Maya is narrating the story of Sahil and Monisha getting married and how she had to be convinced by Sahil about his feelings for Monisha. It is Indravadan’s encouragement that prompts Sahil to propose to Monisha who breaks off with her fiancé.
S01E22 The Sahil and Dinky episode 28/03/2005 Monisha and Maya do not think twice about reading Sahil’s personal diary and find that he has written about a woman called Dinky. Sahil evades Monisha’s questions about Dinky, but she calls Dinky anyways. Later on, Sahil states that Dinky was a patient, needing plastic surgery.
S01E23 Séance to connect to Baa 04/04/2005 The Sarabhais are faced with the prospect of their house being demolished and are unable to find their lease papers. They resort to a séance to connect with Baa to know where the papers are. Monisha acts as a medium. Will the family be able to connect to the right spirit?
S01E24 Baa Possesses Monisha 11/04/2005 Monisha seems to be possessed by the spirit of Baa and imposes her will on quite a few family members. It turns out that this is yet another prank by Indravadan and comes to a halt only when Monisha sees Sahil’s wedding being planned!
S01E25 Khichdi with Sarabhai Part 1 19/04/2005 The celebration of the International Family Week sees a whole lot of cousins coming together. This also gives an opportunity to Indravadan to invite Jayashree to his house. He plans to invite two of Maya’s cousins as well.
S01E26 Khichdi with Sarabhai Part 2 25/04/2005 Maya's cousins, Hansa, Himanshu along with their family come over to meet her and Indravadan. Maya is taken aback by their weird behaviour. Indravadan tells her that there's more to them than meets the eye.
S01E27 Maya hosts Baldev Singh 02/05/2005 In a bid to gain some mileage, Maya invites Baldev Singh, a political adviser, and his wife for dinner. This is because Baldev Singh has spoken about electing Maya as president of the Mumbai Cultural Society. What are the hilarious incidents that ensue?
S01E28 Rosesh and Indravadan fight 09/05/2005 Rosesh and Indravadan never seem to have a steady relationship, as it is shaken once again. Indravadan upsets Rosesh greatly when he starts flirting with his girlfriend, Shamita, to the extent that Rosesh and Indravadan start fighting again.
S01E29 Sarabhais and Sunehri 16/05/2005 The Sarabhais are taken for a ride by a woman called Sunehri who says she is a child bride. Unfortunately, this woman escapes with a lot of money and jewellery. It is only much later that the real Sunehri emerges.
S01E30 Dushyant Is Unhelpful 23/05/2005 Monisha damages Maya’s phone but her plan to get Dushyant to repair it is met with resistance. Everyone recalls Dushyant causing a blackout. Inadvertently, Indravadan reveals to Dushyant that Maya’s phone is not working and he promptly prepares to meet her.
S01E31 Nilima and Sahil 30/05/2005 Maya and Monisha are irritated with Indravadan and Sahil, respectively, for going to bed without talking to them. Meanwhile, Sahil tells the family about being hassled by his patient, Nilima Verma. Nilima has even lodged a complaint against Sahil. However, she withdraws the complaint later.
S01E32 Maya and her maids 06/06/2005 Maya has many adventures after she fires her servants. While one maid steals Rosesh’s watch, another turns out to be the child of Maya’s former servant. After such incidents, Maya is resigned to re-hiring her former servants.
S01E33 Sudanshu Paints Maya 13/06/2005 Sudanshu, a painter, is besotted by Maya, much to Indravadan’s irritation. Sudanshu even makes a painting of Maya and confesses his love for her. He invites Maya to his island, a gesture which finds a lot of support from Sahil.
S01E34 Maya and Sudanshu 20/06/2005 Indravadan does his best to keep Maya from going to Sudanshu’s island. It is only when he takes care of her that she relents. Unfortunately, Indravadan chooses this time to play a prank on her and this irritates her. Sudanshu wishes them good luck for the future.
S01E35 Maya and rationalism 27/06/2005 Maya dupes Indravadan into drinking milk and this leads her to play a game of checking out rational behaviour with Maya. It involves getting Sahil to refrain from eating sweets. Thanks to Indravadan disclosing the policy of rationalism, Maya ends up winning this challenge.
S01E36 Monisha's speech 04/07/2005 Maya is worried about Monisha’s speech at an event organised by Baldev Singh. Rosesh goes to the extent of saying that Maya must bribe Monisha so that she does not deliver her speech. Earlier, Monisha was pulled up by Maya for her behaviour and later, she corrects herself.
S01E37 Maya fakes cancer 11/07/2005 Maya goes to the extent of faking cancer to make Sahil cancel his trip to Delhi with Monisha. Maya wants to gift them a house but is made aware that things are not in order as far as ownership is concerned. Indravadan refuses to attend his college reunion.
S01E38 Rosesh in the movies 18/07/2005 Rosesh makes it through to a movie audition, causing Sahil to talk about the dangers of being in the movie business. Monisha tells him, bluntly, that he is saying this because he is jealous of Rosesh. Unfortunately, Rosesh is dropped from the movie.
S01E39 Monisha's unromantic life 25/07/2005 Monisha bemoans the lack of romance in her life and goes to the extent of talking to an editor of a gossip magazine. Dushyant and Maya step in to try and resolve Sahil’s problem and Maya succeeds in doing so.
S01E40 Indravadan Offends Dr. Siddharth 08/08/2005 A hypnotist is the guest of honour at the Sarabhais’ party. However, Indravadan’s scepticism annoys the doctor. So, he takes ‘revenge’ by putting Indravadan under his spell and causing Indravadan to think he is Maya. Will Indravadan come out from the spell soon?
S01E41 Indravadan in a Hypnotised State 15/08/2005 Maya and Sahil try to stop a sari-clad Indravadan from going out. Maya speaks to Siddharth to get Indravadan out of the hypnotised state. He obliges, but Indravadan is hypnotised again, when he refuses to believe that Siddharth had hypnotised him.
S01E42 Maya, Monisha and Antakshari 22/08/2005 Maya and Monisha criticise each other and Maya challenges Monisha to a game of ‘antakshari’. Indravadan urges Monisha to accept the challenge. Despite throwing down the gauntlet, Maya is anxious about losing the game to Monisha.
S01E43 Baldev and Sarupa's problems 29/08/2005 Food seems to be the bone of contention between Maya, Indravadan and Monisha at different times. Baldev and his wife Sarupa have marital problems and only Maya supports their decision to go ahead with a divorce. The rest of the family members try and mend things between the couple.
S01E44 Rosesh gets kidnapped 05/09/2005 Rosesh is kidnapped but even after being presented with the chance to come home, he elects to stay with the kidnappers saying he finds more value there. The family pays the ransom of Rs 25 lakh and Rosesh says he has gifted this amount to the kidnappers.
S01E45 Monisha the Millionaire 12/09/2005 Monisha is a millionaire suddenly after her rich uncle bequeaths all his possessions to her. A jealous Maya asks Monisha to give it all away to charity. Indravadan, however, says that Maya should make a charitable donation as well and both end up doing so.
S01E46 Indravadan writes a play 19/09/2005 An impromptu play gives Indravadan the opportunity to win a lot of appreciation because he has refused Sahil’s help. One of the characters in the play is a dead body and this is enacted by Madhusudan, who is deaf!
S01E47 Indravadan's 55th birthday 26/09/2005 Indravadan wants to enjoy the status of bachelor for his 55th birthday and is joined by Sahil and Rosesh. This leaves Maya and Monisha free to enjoy the day as spinsters! But the day does not go as planned. What is the source of the problem?
S01E48 Sharman gets bail 03/10/2005 Monisha, true to her form, makes fun of the game of scrabble when the rest of the family is playing. The Sarabhais have to deal with Sharman who is facing imminent arrest. Somehow, Sahil and Indravadan manage to appease the police and get him out on bail.
S01E49 Rosesh's fake marriage 10/10/2005 Rosesh pretends to be married and says that he has a child, producing Rita in front of Maya. Maya learns the truth but plans on a big wedding for Rosesh. She tells the family the truth only when they are trying to chase Rita and the boy out.
S01E50 Indravadan, Maya and married life 17/10/2005 It is nostalgia time for Indravadan and Maya as someone is writing a book on their marriage. Maya recounts how she loved Indravadan’s poems, prompting Sahil to tell Indravadan that he should not be scolding Rosesh for his poetry. Will Indravadan stop doing so?
S01E51 Rosesh's ode to a goldfish 24/10/2005 Sahil is torn between Maya and Monisha during the local elections but finally has to vote Maya’s way, thus allowing her to win. The sensitive poet, Sahil, astounds Maya when he writes an ode to her pet goldfish.
S01E52 Rosesh tries to get adopted 31/10/2005 Rosesh comes upon a letter written from Maya to her husband talking about her disinterest in having a child. Rosesh, saddened by the feeling that he was unwanted, puts himself up for adoption. But he is not wanted by anybody. How will the family resolve this issue?
S01E53 Monisha's Date With Actor Karan 07/11/2005 Monisha wins the contest and gets to spend time with Karan, an actor. This annoys Sahil, especially when he comes to know that Monisha has accepted an overnight cruise with Karan. He calms down only after coming to know that the tickets are meant for him and Monisha.
S01E54 Poetry competition between Indravadan and Roshesh 14/11/2005 Maya complains to Sahil about Indravadan pouring milk over Roshesh’s head for reading out a romantic poem on cauliflower. Indravan pokes fun on Roshesh’s poetry, when Maya and Sahil defend him. Maya challenges Indravadan that Roshesh will win the poetry contest at the Art and Poetry Club Annual function. The participants recite their handwritten poems. Anirudh who is the judge becomes emotional after listening to Indravadan’s poem. Later, he appreciates Roshesh’s poem too. Anirudh feels Indravadan and Roshesh are ecstatic and suggests them to combine and write poems. However, Sahil is more upset after the suggestion.
S01E55 Monisha Dreams of Maya 21/11/2005 Monisha dreams about Maya having temporary amnesia. What makes the dream even more pleasant is her apparent cordial relationship with Maya. When she is awoken from this dream, she also comes to know from Rosesh that Maya is unconscious. Does Maya have amnesia?
S01E56 Rosesh causes an accident 28/11/2005 Monisha tells Pratibha about Rosesh causing an accident and this invokes Maya's wrath. Maya, meanwhile, plans to offer compensation to save Rosesh from negative publicity. The presence of social activist, Manisha, scares the Sarabhais.
S01E57 Indravadan apologises to Sahil 05/12/2005 Sahil is angry after his father insults him in front of guests. Maya says Indravadan must apologise, and he does. Meanwhile, Monisha strives to resolve the rift between father and son, but fails. Later, however, all differences are resolved and the family celebrates.
S01E58 Indravadan ousted from his home 12/12/2005 Indravadan is thrown out from the home because of his sarcasm and can go back only when he meets Maya’s conditions. Monisha tells him that he should either submit to Maya or confront her. In the end, Indravadan comes home dressed as a groom to start life with Maya anew!
S01E59 Nayesha and Jugal's Wedding 23/12/2005 Nayesha decides to marry Jugal Kishore and also urges Maya to learn Punjabi. Maya, as is the norm, criticises Monisha for her lack of sophistication. Meanwhile, Indravadan tries to reason out Jugal Kishore’s love for Nayesha.
S01E60 Indravadan wins a bet 30/12/2005 Indravadan and Rosesh have an interesting bet about the former’s ability to make Maya jealous of Indravadan and a girl. Even though Rosesh spills the beans to Maya, Indravadan manages to win the bet of Rs 3 lakh.
S01E61 Rosesh in love with Youyou 06/01/2006 Rosesh falls in love with a girl called Youyou at Monisha’s cousin’s wedding. Youyou’s mother turns out to be even more sophisticated than Maya and informs Maya that she accepted Rosesh’s wedding proposal to her daughter because he will be staying in her house. Will Maya be unhappy about this?
S01E62 Rosesh's wedding plans 13/01/2006 Maya is terribly upset about Rosesh’s wedding plans. Meanwhile, Rosesh is given lot of information on married life by Sahil and Indravadan. And even though Payal, a doctor, comes to the Sarabhai residence to talk about marrying Rosesh, she is rejected.
S01E63 Kissme at the Sarabhais 20/01/2006 Madhusudan foists Kissme on the Sarabhais. Maya does not want to allow her to stay at home, but Indravadan intervenes. Maya, determined to find Kissme a job, goes out with her but Kissme disappears, leaving everybody worried. Much later, she turns up with gifts for everyone.
S01E64 Yamraj for Indravadan 27/01/2006 Indravadan dreams of Yamraj, the god of death, and is convinced that he is about to die and it seems even Maya cannot comfort him. Yamraj does appear and does not listen to Maya’s pleas of sparing Indravadan. It turns out to be a ruse!
S01E65 Treasure hunt time 03/02/2006 Maya and Monisha want to go with Sahil to a party hosted by a famous cricketer and Sahil is forced to conduct a treasure hunt so that he can select the winner. Maya cheats on the game but Sahil does not fall for her antics. The party, ironically, is cancelled.
S01E66 Monisha, the Sophisticated 10/02/2006 Maya does not take kindly to Monisha’s food stall at the Mumbai Marathon and goes to the extent of telling Sahil that he should either divorce Monisha or make her sophisticated. This transforms Monisha into a refined woman, much to the discomfort of Maya. Will she stay this way?
S01E67 Monisha threatens suicide 17/02/2006 A fight between Monisha and Sahil fills Monisha with ideas of suicide and she goes to the extent of telling Rosesh about her final wishes. Rosesh, typically, writes a poem for Monisha. Sahil is worried about Monisha missing from the house. Will all end well?
S01E68 The Midas Chant's magic 24/02/2006 It is a magical time for the Sarabhais because of The Midas Chant which makes whatever Sahil say come true. It is much later that Sonya gives him another chant which counters the effect of the earlier one. Rosesh is inspired to write a story about this.
S01E69 Brides for Rosesh 03/03/2006 An astrologer foresees either Rosesh getting married within the next month or waiting for 51 years. This prompts Maya to place a matrimonial advertisement, leading to a barrage of girls visiting the Sarabhais. However, none of them is found suitable.
S01E70 Crystal ball time 16/04/2006 Upset about the prediction, Rosesh declares that the astrologer is a fraud. Monisha gets the family to meet another astrologer whose crystal ball makes some interesting revelations such as Rosesh having a 70-year old girlfriend. There is also an unclear prediction of someone dying in the household.