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Sarah Beeny helps homeowners battling it out to sell their properties by giving them the unique chance to look around each other's homes for inspiration. They then have a week and £1000 to make any changes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses

S01E01 Brighton 16/10/2012 In the first edition, Sarah assists three people from Brighton who are struggling to sell their homes. A cottage with a neglected garden, a cluttered family home and a modernised Victorian terrace with a dated bathroom are in the running to catch the eye of potential buyer Adele.
S01E02 Clapham 23/10/2012 In this episode Sarah helps three homeowners in Clapham, south London, improve the saleability of their houses and tempt a first-time buyer. A designer tries to make sure her artistically-styled home is also practical, a single man realises he must not alienate female buyers with his bachelor pad, and a woman decides to transform her period property into a more homely space.
S01E03 Chelmsford 30/10/2012 In Chelmsford, Essex, Paul must make his sleek, contemporary house feel more like a home
S01E04 Guildford 06/11/2012 Sarah Beeny gives three homeowners in Guildford the opportunity to look around each other's houses to see what sort of competition they're up against
S01E05 Beckenham 13/11/2012 Sarah Beeny offers her expert advice to three homeowners competing to sell in Beckenham, Kent
S01E06 Hove 21/11/2012 Sarah Beeny's in Hove helping three sellers in competition with each other to improve their homes before bringing round potential buyer James to pick his favourite
S01E07 Luton 05/12/2012 With just a week to make changes and a £1000 budget, three households compete to appeal to entrepreneur Mike, who's looking for a family buy-to-let
S01E08 St Albans 12/12/2012 Three couples, including Mark and Julie, whose Swiss chalet-style wood-panelled house isn't to everyone's taste, try and sell their St Albans homes, but which will appeal to potential buyer Laura?
S01E09 Oxford 00/00/0000 Three homeowners in Oxford have the chance to look round each other's homes, with a week and £1000 to make any changes before Sarah brings round potential buyer Robin
S01E10 Wandsworth 00/00/0000 Sarah Beeny helps three rival homeowners in Wandsworth, south London, to improve the saleability of their flats. They each have one week and £1000 to do up their homes.

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