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Sasuke is a Japanese sports entertainment television special in which 100 competitors attempt to complete a four stage obstacle course. An edited version, renamed Ninja Warrior, is screened in at least 18 other countries. Shot on location at Midoriyama, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, it airs on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) between Japanese television drama seasons.


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S28E01 Sasuke 28 (RISING 1) 27/12/2012 SASUKE RISING (or SASUKE 28) was the first SASUKE tournament in over a year due to Monster9's bankruptcy and the first since Urushihara Yuuji's second kanzenseiha. It taped in October 2012 and aired on December 27, 2012. Inui Masato returned as director for his first tournament since SASUKE 14. From Inui's tenure, the black mats from SASUKE 13 to 17 were used and many old obstacles, such as the Godantobi, returned. However, many new obstacles also premiered, most notably the Backstream, SASUKE's first swimming obstacle. SASUKE RISING was notable as the final competition of the SASUKE All-Stars. Five of the six All-Stars (excluding Shiratori Bunpei who was injured) competed together for the final time, but all five failed the First Stage. In their place, a new group, Shin Sedai, was formed with Urushihara Yuuji, Matachi Ryo, Kanno Hitoshi, and Asa Kazuma. The four New Stars were the last four men standing in this tournament. Auditions were held in Osaka and Tokyo in September for this tournament. The auditions consisted of a 30 second presentation and a 100 push up contest. While potential competitors were required to attend these auditions, their results were not binding to their invitations, as many veterans of SASUKE returned regardless of their performance. The First Stage was heavily modified from SASUKE 27 and several classic obstacles were modified. The Godantobi returned for its first tournament since SASUKE 11. The Spin Bridge was moved to the third obstacle and the Jump Hang and Soritatsu Kabe were brought back in modified versions as the Jump Hang Kai and the Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe, resulting in a much shorter and quicker First Stage. In fact, the First Stage had the shortest time limit since SASUKE 17. Results were much worse than in SASUKE 27 as only five people cleared with the Rolling Escargot and Spin Bridge doing most of the damage. It look 37 competitors until someone cleared the Spin Bridge and only one person out of the firs
S29E01 Sasuke 29 (RISING 2) 27/06/2013 SASUKE 29, also known as SASUKE RISING 2013 Summer, took place in the beginning of June and aired on June 27. This competition serves as the Japanese qualifier for the 2013 SASUKE ASEAN Open Cup. This will be the second tournament aired in summer. The first one was SASUKE 15. Several competitors, who have not competed in SASUKE for many years, finally returned to SASUKE for this tournament, including fan favorite Nagasaki Shunsuke, who competed for the first time since SASUKE 19; 3-time Second Stage survivor Kobayashi Masaaki, who competed for the first time since SASUKE 16; and finally, Tatayama Masaaki, who set a new hiatus record at 25 tournaments, who competed for the first time since SASUKE 3. The field was almost all Japanese competitors with the only foreigner being Taiwan's Li En Zhi. 21 people completed the First Stage, the 5th best result in SASUKE history (SASUKE 1 had 23, SASUKE 2 had 34, SASUKE 4 had 37, SASUKE 27 had 27). In the Second Stage, the obstacles were the same as SASUKE 28, however the time limit was reduced from 135 to 90 seconds. The Backstream was modified to be harder and proved to be a challenge as more than a half of the remaining competitors failed or timed out there. SASUKE 27 finalists Urushihara Yuuji and Matachi Ryo both had over 40 seconds remaining when they attempted the obstacle but both could not clear it. Ultimately, 4 out of the 21 people to attempt the stage, cleared it. In the Third Stage, Morimoto Y?suke became the first man to clear the Crazy Cliffhanger. He went on to beat the Curtain Cling and Vertical Limit and made it all the way to the end of the Pipe Slider. However, he missed the mat and fell backwards into the water. The remaining three competitors: Takahashi Kenji, Asa Kazuma, and Kanno Hitoshi all failed the Crazy Cliffhanger.
S00E01 Sasuke 1 26/09/1997
S00E02 Sasuke 2 27/09/1998
S00E03 Sasuke 3 13/03/1999
S00E04 Sasuke 4 16/10/1999
S00E05 Sasuke 5 18/03/2000
S00E06 Sasuke 6 09/09/2000
S00E07 Sasuke 7 17/03/2001
S00E08 Sasuke 8 29/09/2001
S00E09 Sasuke 9 16/03/2002
S00E10 Sasuke 10 25/09/2002
S00E11 Sasuke 11 21/03/2003
S00E12 Sasuke 12 01/10/2003
S00E13 Sasuke 13 06/04/2004
S00E14 Sasuke 14 04/01/2005
S00E15 Sasuke 15 20/07/2005
S00E16 Sasuke 16 30/12/2005
S00E17 Sasuke 17 11/10/2006
S00E18 Sasuke 18 21/03/2007
S00E19 Sasuke 19 19/09/2007
S00E20 Sasuke 20 26/03/2008
S00E21 Sasuke 21 17/09/2008
S00E22 Sasuke 22 30/03/2009
S00E23 Sasuke 23 27/09/2009
S00E24 Sasuke 24 01/01/2010
S00E25 Sasuke 25 28/03/2010
S00E26 Sasuke 26 02/01/2011
S00E50 Women Sasuke 1 00/00/0000
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