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S01E01 Viking Pastries 19/03/2014 Viking Pastries of Ardmore, Pa., was the most successful game in town, but that all changed when the owners were struck by a family tragedy. Since then, the bakery has lost its heart and soul and the family has been relying on aging clientele and old school recipes to keep in business. On the brink of closing, Kerry Vincent swoops in to give Viking Pastries' products a facelift that will appeal to the local college community, glittery sprinkles and all.
S01E02 Phatso's Bakery 26/03/2014 Kerry Vincent takes her talents to Phatso's Bakery in Chester, Pa., where after 12 years in business, owner Richard is in danger of losing the shop. Phatso's is known for its donuts, but that's not enough to keep the lights on. Making matters worse, Richard refuses to believe that his sons aren't passionate about keeping the Phatso's legacy alive. Kerry takes Phatso's donuts to the next level and helps Richard set the bakery up for future success.
S01E03 Battered Dreams 02/04/2014 Kerry Vincent has her work cut out for her when she travels to Nazareth, Pa., to help revive Schubert's bakery. Owner Steve left a lucrative job to fulfill his baking ambitions, but long hours and declining sales have left him unmotivated and grumpy ... and boy does it show! Kerry has to makeover a stubborn boss, a bickering staff and lackluster too-sweet product. Saving this one won't be an easy task, but Kerry is ready to lay down the law!
S01E04 Losing Dough 09/04/2014 Flourtown Bakery in Flourtown, Pa., is facing extreme money problems — owners Frank and Denise have tapped into their pensions, borrowed from family, maxed out credit cards and put off vacations — just to keep the doors open. But all the money in the world hasn't revamped the bakery's menu, nor made cake designs any more exciting. Kerry gives their cookies a kick and teaches them some cake tricks of the trade so the bakery can get back on its feet.
S01E05 Waste Not, Want Not 16/04/2014 Steve and Christine have owned Schenk's Family Bakery in Philadelphia for 26 years, and with such deep ties to baking, the Schenks don't want to see this place crumble. Some weeks the bakery makes so little dough that the staff doesn't get paid. Kerry quickly discovers that wasteful use of product and resources are to blame for the bakery's decline: She puts a stop to old ways and invigorates the staff with new treats and brings their decorations into the 21st century.
S01E06 Out of the Mix 23/04/2014 It's old versus new when Kerry Vincent tries to tackle the problems facing Holmesburg Bakery, Philadelphia's oldest family-run bakery. Owner George is adamant on keeping old traditions alive while his son Buddy wants to see high-tech bakery innovations prevail. Kerry breathes new life into their sweets and demands that Buddy and George make improvements on their own, because if this father and son duo can't work together, this 114-year-old family institution is going under.
S01E07 Baking Excuses 30/04/2014 Ann's Bakery is the oldest and most famous cake shop in Tulsa, but its been downhill for the shop since a fire ravaged the kitchen and forced the bakery to close for over a year. In the face of slashed cake sales and debt, owner Sharon has handed the reins to her daughter Shannon, who has struggled to keep up with her workload and keep staff happy and paid. Kerry Vincent needs to bring this 75-year-old institution out of the past and into the future with fresh cake ideas and a renovation of epic proportions.
S01E08 Confection Disconnection 07/05/2014 Lori's Sweet Sinsations Tea Room and Bakery in Sapulpa, Okla., is the dream of stay-at-home mom Lori, who has put her savings on the line just to keep the place alive. Lori's heart is in baking, but her business skills are lacking — she cannot manage staff and she will often give out product for free! Kerry knows that this is not a recipe for success, so she gives Lori and her husband, Bobby, a crash course in pricing, staff training and amping up the flavor of this home baker's creations.
S01E09 Cakes Will Roll 14/05/2014 Cake Crazy in Stillwater, Okla., was Tyann's dream, but without a business plan or marketing strategy in place the shop will shut its doors for good. Kerry Vincent puts together a game plan that will help Tyann and her mother, Susan, resurrect their bakery and mend their relationship.

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