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Save Our History is an Emmy® Award-winning outreach initiative launched by HISTORY in 1998 to further historic preservation and history education. The program supplements the teaching of history in America's classrooms, educates the public on the importance of historical preservation, and motivates communities across the country to help save endangered local historic treasures.


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S01E02 The Underground Railroad 20/02/1999 Alfre Woodard hosts a comprehensive study of the secret passage that helped thousands of slaves to freedom prior to emancipation. Included: important "conductors," such as William Still and John Rankin; strategies for escaping and the threat of capture.
S01E03 The Declaration of Independence 03/07/1999 Recalling the history behind “one of the most revered documents of the country,” as well as efforts by historians to preserve it. Included: how Thomas Jefferson culled portions of the text from other sources.
S01E04 Dear Home: Letters from WWII 11/11/1999 Special that features letters sent home by the soldiers of World War II. Includes interviews with the men who wrote the correspondence.
S01E05 The World War II Memorial 15/02/2000 A survey of efforts to establish the National World War II Memorial profiles men and women who served abroad and at home. Included: Bob Dole and former Presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford. Narrator: Edward Hermann.
S01E06 S.O.S.: Save Our Ships 22/05/2000 Liberty ship the John W. Brown; schooner Coronet; schooner C.A. Thayer; Chesapeake Bay Oyster Fleet; cruiser USS Olympia.
S01E07 The Making of the National D-Day Museum 04/06/2000 Historian Stephen Ambrose leads an exclusive tour of the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Included: oral histories from WWII veterans and detailed descriptions of the artifacts on display.
S01E08 America's Most Endangered 2000 17/06/1999 The year 2000 list of the nation's 11 most endangered sites, including the history and troubled future of each site.
S01E09 The White House: 200th Anniversary 27/11/2000 A chronicle of the 200-year history of the White House features tours of many of its famous rooms and reminiscences from former Presidents and First Ladies, including Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, George and Barbara Bush and Gerald Ford. Also: a look at events from the building's construction and John Adams' occupancy in 1800 to the Clinton years and future renovations. Host: Josh Binswanger.
S01E10 Frontier Homes 09/02/2001 A survey of early American homes, from the post and beam timber frame, the log house, sod house and the adobe home.
S01E12 America's Most Endangered 2001 07/07/2001 A profile of the nation's 11 most endangered sites, including each site's history and troubled future. Baltimore's "The Senator" Theater; Ford Island, Hawaii; North Dakota Prairie Churches; Purdue Barn, Indiana; Stevens Creek Settlements, Nebraska; Los Caminos Del Rio Heritage Corridor, Texas; Bok Kai Temple, Marysville, California; Carter G. Woodson Home, Washington, DC; Jackson Ward Landmark District, Richmond, Virginia; Cigna Campus, Bloomfield, Connecticut; Telluride Valley Floor, Colorado.
S01E13 The Missouri 31/08/2001 A look at the struggle to preserve the Missouri River includes conservation efforts by historian Stephen Ambrose and environmentalists.
S01E15 USS Arizona 07/12/2001 Oil inside the sunken hull of the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor threatens to spill into the water and create an environmental disaster.
S01E17 American Lighthouses 06/04/2002 Many historic lighthouses are close to being lost forever.
S01E18 America's Most Endangered 2002 06/07/2002 A visit to the 11 most endangered historic places of 2002, as selected by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Included: St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C.; The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Host: Josh Binswanger.
S01E19 Save Our Sounds 26/12/2002 Chronicling the combined efforts of archivists at the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress to preserve America's recorded legacy of music and the spoken word. Included: archival recordings by Woody Guthrie and bluesman Leadbelly; and comments by Pete Seeger, B.B. King and David Crosby. Edward Herrmann narrates.
S01E20 Presidential Yacht: The USS Sequoia 21/02/2003 A yacht serves as a floating White House for eight presidents.
S01E22 Yellowstone National Park 03/05/2003 Pollution, urban encroachment and tourists threaten Yellowstone National Park.
S01E23 America's Most Endangered 2003 12/07/2003 Eleven historic sites become part of those on the endangered list in the annual alarm.
S01E24 Defining Documents 20/12/2003 Experts choose 100 documents that represent milestones in U.S. history.
S01E25 George Washington's Workshop 13/02/2004 A history of the preservation efforts at George Washington's Mount Vernon home serves as the backdrop for a study of his accomplishments outside of politics and the military. Included: his success as a businessman, farmer and inventor. Host: Steve Thomas.
S01E26 National World War II Memorial 30/05/2004 The history of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., from its conception to the dedication on May 29, 2004. Included: Interviews with those responsible for its proposal; fund-raising efforts.
S01E27 The President Slept Here 03/09/2004 James Madison's Montpelier; the Soldier's Home cottage, presidential retreat of Abraham Lincoln; Longfellow House, George Washington's headquarters. The Longfellow House, Cambridge, Massachusetts (George Washington); Montpelier, Orange, Virginia (James Madison); Soldiers Home Cottage, Washington, DC (Abraham Lincoln).
S01E28 Secrets of Jamestown 27/11/2004 A chronicle of excavation and preservation efforts at the Jamestown Colony site in Virginia includes a history of this first permanent English settlement in North America, established in 1607. Also: a survey of artifacts and human skeletons found at the site; comments by historians and archaeologists.
S01E29 Voices of Civil Rights 12/02/2005 People from 35 U.S. cities recall their experiences during the civil-rights movement. The memories are the result of a 2004 project in which journalists and photographers recorded the stories for the Library of Congress.
S01E30 Gold Rush Ghost Towns 28/05/2005 Steve Thomas visits ghost towns from the American gold-rush era in Montana and California to examine preservation efforts, and innovative technology and methods used by miners. Towns include Garnet and Bannock in Montana; and Bodie, Cal. Also: A tour of the Knight Foundry in Sutter Creek, Cal.
S01E31 Apollo: The Race Against Time 27/08/2005 Examining efforts to preserve the hardware of NASA's Apollo space missions, including a Saturn 5 rocket that deteriorated while on display in Houston; the original Mission Control room; a command module; and space suits worn on missions. Among those commenting are former astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Eugene Cernan.
S01E32 FBI Stings: Recovering Stolen History 10/12/2005 Chronicling the efforts of FBI agents who risk their lives in sting operations to recover stolen historical and cultural objects. Among those commenting is Robert Wittman of the FBI's Art Crime Team. Three of his major cases are recalled using dramatic reenactments.
S01E33 Alaska's Bloodiest Battle 25/03/2006 Recounting the Japanese invasion of Attu Island in the Aleutians. Chronicling efforts to preserve structures in Alaska that were part of the World War II Battle for the Aleutian Islands. Included: an account of the 1943 Battle of Attu. Host: Steve Thomas.
S01E34 Jefferson's Other Revolution 17/06/2006 An examination of Thomas Jefferson's architectural achievements focuses on Poplar Forest, his retreat in Bedford County, Va. Also: the Virginia State Capitol; and the University of Virginia. Host: Steve Thomas.
S01E36 Victorian Reborn 23/09/2006 Following the step-by-step restoration of the McCubbins-McCanless House in Salisbury, N.C., a Queen Anne-style Victorian home built in 1891. Host: Steve Thomas.
S01E37 Godspeed to Jamestown 02/12/2006 Chronicling the construction of a replica of the ship Godspeed, which was one of three vessels that carried colonists to the Jamestown colony in Virginia in 1607. The 18-month building process is followed, as is the first run on Penobscot Bay.
S01E38 The Search for George Washington 17/02/2007 Examining forensic anthropologist Jeffrey Schwartz's re-creation of George Washington's physical appearance at three different ages in his life. Schwartz analyzed Washington artifacts and used 3-D technology and foam molds to reconstruct how the first president looked at ages 19, 45 and 57.
S01E39 Sherman's Total War Tactics 25/05/2007 A look back at the path of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's 1864 Civil War “March to the Sea,” from Atlanta to Savannah; and at the the tactics he used to break the South's infrastructure and morale. Also examined are Sherman's methods of swiftly moving his troops.
S01E40 Revolution in Boston 00/00/0000 Host Steve Thomas travels to Boston to examine efforts to preserve two historic buildings significant to the American Revolution and the abolitionist movement. Included: the African Meeting House, built in the early 1800s and the oldest black church edifice in the U.S.; and the Old State House, built in 1713.

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