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The BBC's effort to increase awareness about global warming takes a look at how the changing climate is affecting different animal species all over the world. Several celebrities from Britain take flight to areas around the world to take up the cause of a particular endangered species.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Saving Planet Earth

S01E01 Sharing Planet Earth 24/06/2007 David Attenborough asks: 'What does our over-consumption mean for the rest of life that shares Planet Earth? Can a growing human population still leave space for wildlife?'
S01E02 Will Young: Saving Gorrillas 25/06/2007 Will Young makes an emotional journey into the heart of Africa, where he sees two very different sides of gorilla conservation.
S01E03 Fiona Bruce: Saving Tigers 26/06/2007 Tiger populations are collapsing. Fiona discovers that it's time for a new idea that can secure tiger populations in India forever.
S01E04 Edith Bowman: Saving Crocodiles 27/06/2007 Hunted for its skin, a rare Siamese crocodile thought to have been extinct has been discovered living in Cambodia. Edith Bowman travels there to see if this majestic animal can be saved.
S01E05 Carol Thatcher: Saving Albatross 28/06/2007 On the Falkland Islands, over 100,0000 black-browed albatross' are caught and drown on fish hooks every year. Carol Thatcher travels there to see whether this animal can be saved from extinction.
S01E06 Phil Tufnell: Saving Rhinos 29/06/2007 Phil Tufnell travels to the Indian province of Assam, home to 75% of the world's Indian rhinoceros population.
S01E07 Graham Norton: Saving Wolves 02/07/2007 Graham Norton travles to Ethiopia to look for the endangered Ethiopian Wolf, at risk for extinction due to canine diseases.
S01E08 Jack Osbourne: Saving Elephants 03/07/2007 As the population of Africa rises, competition and tension between the wildlife and humans increases. Jack Osbourne goes to the African nation of Namibia in search of the elephant, brought back from extinction only to be threatened once again.
S01E09 Saira Khan: Saving Turtles 05/07/2007 The turtle population of the world is declining by 150,000 every year due to egg poaching and fishing. Saira Khan goes to Sri Lanka to see what if anything can be done to solve this problem.
S01E10 Nick Knowles: Saving Orangutans 06/07/2007 As the rainforests of Borneo are being cut down to make room for palm oil plantations, the orangutans that call this place home are threatened. Nick Knowles goes to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation to see how homeless and orphaned orangutans are being taken care of and learns what can be done to save this animal.
S00E01 Saving Planet Earth UK 04/07/2007 Fourteen specially tailored local programmes focusing on the plight of the UK's endangered wildlife and how to get involved in local conservation projects.
S00E02 Saving Planet Earth - Live (Part 1) 06/07/2007 Alan Titchmarsh and Graham Norton host a fund-raising event at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew featuring music and film reports.
S00E03 Saving Planet Earth – Live (Part 2) 06/07/2007 The Saving Planet Earth star-studded fundraising spectacular. Hosted by Alan Titchmarsh, with Graham Norton, the event comes live from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, in London.
S00E04 Running Wild 09/07/2007 On Saturday 23 June, Jon Culshaw, Les Dennis, Michaela Strachan, Kelli Young and Jeremy Edwards ran the Safaricom marathon. So what persuaded them to brave the blistering sun and rough terrain of the foothills of Mount Kenya? Kelli Young was hoping that her time in the Kenyan Bush would inspire new songs although she wasn't sure she'd enjoy the camping. A keen animal lover, Jeremy Edwards was relishing the prospect of running through the game reserve alongside rhino and elephant. Race helicopters and 100 game wardens were there to make sure the animals didn't get too close. Les Dennis was delighted to be supporting the cause, whilst Michaela Strachan compares marathon running to saving endangered species when she says, "it's a race against time". Jon Culshaw was persuaded to join the team when he met them in the pub after a training session. They are all doing their bit for endangered wildlife, you can do yours with a donation to the BBC Wildlife Fund.

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Par MonsieurPedro Le 12/06/2016

Bien moins féérique que les précédents Miyazaki (notamment par ses références historiques), Le Vent se lève est une véritable ode poétique et sentimentale sur la vie d'un jeune ingénieur pris entre son devoir patriotique, ses rêves et la réalité brutale qui le rattrape à chaque instants... Les studios Ghibli ont encore frappés et méritent amplement 5 étoiles.