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'Say Yes to the Dress Canada' is the Canadian version of the popular US format. Bridal stylist, Joseph is on hand helping brides find the perfect dress for their big day. Each episode follows Joseph and Amanda-Lina's Sposa Boutique owner Rochelle as they try and make the bride's dream gown come true.


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S01E01 Men On Deck 08/01/2015 When men join the entourage for dress shopping, things can get very interesting!
S01E02 Preconceived Notions 08/01/2015 Some brides have envisioned what they will walk down the aisle in their whole lives and when it comes time to shop, they know exactly what they want - or do they?
S01E03 Fashion Forward 15/01/2015 Fashion forward entourage members hit the sofa to help the brides in their lives find the perfect dress.
S01E04 Kids At Play 15/01/2015 Bringing kids to a bridal appointment makes wedding dress shopping a family affair.
S01E05 Family Feud 22/01/2015 Opinionated family members can make finding the perfect dress a real challenge.
S01E06 Time Crunch 22/01/2015 Ordering a wedding dress can take 6 to 8 months, but these brides only have 6 to 8 weeks!
S01E07 Mommy Dearest 29/01/2015 Every bride has dreamed about her wedding day and every mother of the bride has been planning that wedding since the day her daughter was born.
S01E08 Dads and Daughters 29/01/2015 For a daddy’s girl, wedding dress shopping isn’t complete until dad loves the dress as much as she does.
S01E09 Body Issues 05/02/2015 Brides and dresses come in many shapes and sizes and every bride wants that perfect dress that makes her look and feel amazing.
S01E10 With a Little Help From My Friends 05/02/2015 For some brides, when it comes time to choose the perfect wedding dress, it’s their friends’ opinions on the dress that matter most!
S01E11 Perfectionist Bride 12/02/2015 When a perfectionist bride hits the salon, finding the dress that checks off every detail on her list can be a challenge.
S01E12 Dress in the City 12/02/2015 The bustling streets and city skyline are the backdrops for brides planning downtown weddings.
S01E13 A Little Bit Country 19/02/2015 A barn, burlap and mason jars – the essentials for a bride planning a country themed wedding!
S01E14 Two is You 19/02/2015 When a bride hunts for the dress of her dreams, sometimes two can be a magic number!
S01E15 Belle of the Ball Gown 26/02/2015 For these brides, the perfect dress is also their perfect silhouette: a ball gown.
S01E16 Let There Be Lace 26/02/2015 Sometimes when it comes to finding the perfect dress, it’s all about the fabric!
S01E17 Far and Away 05/03/2015 For some brides the destination of their wedding plays a big part in finding the perfect dress.
S01E18 Let's Hear It From the Boys 05/03/2015 These brides need to impress the men in their entourage before they impress the man of their dreams.
S01E19 Blushing Bride 12/03/2015
S01E20 To Bling or Not to Bling 12/03/2015 A bride searches for a bling-free mermaid wedding dress with texture and a "messy" bottom. Also: A woman argues with her sisters over how flashy a gown she should wear on her big day.
S01E21 Online Shopping 14/05/2015 With technology today, a bride’s entourage can be anywhere in the world and still help pick the dress. Vlogger “TrulyJess” wants a ball gown but her thirty-five thousand followers have a lot to say, while Bethany’s sister videoconferences in from New Brunswick.
S01E22 Baby Got Back 14/05/2015 For some brides, the perfect wedding dress requires one important thing: a sexy back! Kristen arrives from Alberta wanting a dress with a low back to show off her tattoos, while kayaker Tanya wants a dress to show off the athletic back she has achieved through sport.
S01E23 Indecisive Bride 21/05/2015 For an indecisive bride, committing to the perfect dress is harder than committing to the perfect man. Cecilia arrives at the salon after trying on more than fifty dresses while Carling hopes she can find a dress that meets all her particular requests.
S01E24 Princess Bride 21/05/2015 A bride who dreams of being a princess on her wedding day needs the perfect dress to complete the fairy-tale. Princess impersonator Brittany needs a ball gown to top all ball gowns, while fifty-two-year-old Trula wants to be a princess for her second trip down the aisle.
S01E25 Theme Dream 28/05/2015 The perfect gown for themed weddings are sought by a cake designer who's planning a Victorian affair and a woman whose big day is inspired by the 1920s style of "The Great Gatsby."
S01E26 Dearly Departed 28/05/2015 Brides who lost their parents get emotional while shopping for their gowns.
S01E27 Budget Woes 04/06/2015 Two brides-to-be fall in love with dresses that bust their budgets.
S01E28 Pleasing Mom 04/06/2015 A hard-to-please mom makes finding the perfect wedding dress even more difficult for her daughter; and a former bridal designer is very opinionated when it comes to what silhouette works best for her child's gown.
S01E29 Daytime Nighttime 18/06/2015 The staff search for a wedding dress that's both sexy and appropriate for church; and help a bride who wants an "outrageous" gown to wear while she parties the night away.
S01E30 Second Time Around 18/06/2015 A woman has a specific dress in mind for her 25th anniversary vow renewal. Also: Hoping the second time's the charm, a bride is determined to find her dream gown for her wedding day.
S01E31 Style by Trial 25/06/2015 A bride in search of the perfect silhouette debates whether a ball gown or mermaid style suits her best.
S01E32 Knows Best 25/06/2015 A bride is joined by her family when searching for a vintage dress with edge; and a woman asks her fashionable sister for help finding the perfect gown within a reasonable budget.
S01E33 Assets 02/07/2015 Brides who want to accentuate their assets. Included: an Olympic bobsledder searches for a dress that shows off her athletic figure, but that's all "racy" for her fiancé; and a woman is on a hunt for a gown that flatters her backside.
S01E34 Granny's Girl 02/07/2015 A bride shops with her grandmother for a dress that's a throwback to the 1950s; and a self-described granny's girl wants to find a gown that pleases her favorite relative.
S01E35 Venue Vision 09/07/2015 Brides search for gowns that will suit their wedding venues, which include a wine bar and a forest.
S01E36 Torn Between 2 Silhouettes 09/07/2015 Brides face a silhouette dilemma as they debate whether to choose a fitted dress or a ball gown for their big day. Included: a garden party wedding.
S01E37 Serial Shopper 16/07/2015 Two serial shoppers are featured, including a bride who has tried on more than 40 dresses and a woman who has found a strong contender for her wedding day, but won't commit until she exhausts all her options.
S01E38 Opposites Attract 16/07/2015 Brides find themselves attracted to dresses that aren't their typical style.
S01E39 Champagne Taste 23/07/2015 An Eve of Milady trunk show tempts a bride with champagne taste to go way over her budget. Also: A retail buyer searches for a gown that gives her bang for her buck.
S01E40 Life's a Stage 23/07/2015 A former pageant queen wants something different than the sparkly gowns she's used to wearing; and a bodybuilder searches for a dress that shows off her toned physique.

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