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Documentaries broadcast on SBS, an Australian broadcaster.


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S01E01 Google - Behind The Screen 00/00/0000 This documentary provides an in-depth look into the world of Google and how it is achieving its goals. However, it also investigates whether Google is aware of the responsibility it has, being the guardian to the entire world’s information, including personal information about its users. The program also visits the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California and its London offices and Vint Cerf, named ‘the father’ of the Internet, explains the inner workings of Google as a company. Since 2004, Cerf has been working for Google, helping them to develop new applications for the Internet. This documentary reveals Cerf’s view on the development of the Internet and on the role Google plays in today’s world.
S01E02 The First Australians - They Have Come to Stay 00/00/0000
S01E03 The First Australians - Her Will to Survive 00/00/0000
S01E04 The First Australians - Freedom For Our Lifetime 00/00/0000
S01E05 The First Australians - There Is No Other Law 00/00/0000
S01E06 JFK's Women - The Scandals Revealed 00/00/0000
S01E07 Paris 1919 00/00/0000 Using archival footage and dramatic re-enactments, this documentary deals with the immediate aftermath of the 1918 armistice that brought World War I to an end. From January to July 1919, the Paris Peace Conference dealt not only with issues related to Germany but with the thorny issue of national boundaries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. From this conference emerged Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia; the annexation of parts of Germany by other countries; the creation of Iraq; and the transfer of German colonies in Africa and China to new colonial masters. It also led to the creation of the League of Nations, championed by President Woodrow Wilson but which the US never joined. When they finally dealt with the issue of war reparations, they imposed a payments schedule on Germany that many believe provided the underpinnings of World War II.
S01E08 Yamakasi 00/00/0000 For more than 10 years they have defied the laws of gravity; climbing walls, leaping between buildings and creating a new athletic code rooted in discipline, self sacrifice and physical endurance. They are the Yamakasi, seven young men from different ethnic backgrounds, who grew up in the poor housing projects of Paris and created "the Moving Style", a style of free-form athletics that transforms their oppressive, concrete environment into a place of fantasy, possibility and play. Taken from the Congolese dialect Lingala, Yamakasi means "strong spirit, strong body, and strong man". The men who have adopted it share the values of friendship, honesty, humility and courage as they discover their weaknesses and learn to overcome them. The Yamakasi are Charles Perriere, from Central Africa, Vietnam-born Chau Belle Dinh, Chau's brother, Williams Belle, Guylain N'Guba-Boyeke, from Zaire, Malik Diouf, from Senegal, Italian-Frenchman Laurent Piemontesi, and Yann Hnautra, whose mixed ancestry includes parents from Melanesia and Reunion. Yamakasi follows the lives and dreams of the men as they negotiate a new challenge, a period of profound change and conflict. The skill and daring of the Yamakasi have won them success and a lucrative place in the entertainment world, but they did not develop as a showbiz act. Their message and their sport are rooted in the hard realities of the projects and conflicts arising from their success have a deep emotional impact on the members
S01E09 The Black Death 00/00/0000
S255E01 The Vikings Uncovered 11/01/2017 Dan Snow uncovers the lost Vikings in America with space archaeologist Dr Sarah Parcak. Sarah uses satellites 383 miles above the earth to spot ruins as small as 30 centimetres buried beneath the surface.
S255E02 The Vikings Uncovered: The Discovery Of New Worlds 18/01/2017 Dan Snow researches how the Norwegian and British Vikings settled in Iceland and formed their communities. Dan examines how the Vikings expanded first as raiders, then settlers and traders throughout Britain and beyond to Iceland and Greenland, discovering that they were entrepreneurs and inventors. In North America, Dan and Sarah excavate what could be the most westerly Viking settlement ever discovered.
S255E03 Is Australia Racist? 26/02/2017 One in five Australians has experienced racism in the last 12 months according to one of the biggest ever surveys conducted on racism and prejudice in Australia, commissioned by SBS with the Western Sydney University. Ray Martin investigates the question: Is Australia Racist? This one hour documentary puts survey findings into action through a series of hidden camera social experiments, capturing the experience of racism through the eyes of those who have suffered it. The results are at times confronting, but 'Is Australia Racist?' also reveals inspiring Australians facing up to racism and standing up when witnessing discrimination.
S255E04 The Mystery of the Disorderly Warriors 00/00/0000 In 1984 4000 buried terracotta warriors were discovered in Jiangsu Province, China. They were an army – infantry, archers, charioteers and horses. But they were disorderly warriors. They'd been interred carelessly, and in great haste. Archaeologists Wang Kai and Qiu Yongsheng suspected they were the guardians of the tomb of a long-ago king. But which king? Where was his tomb? And why were the warriors in such disarray?
S255E05 Do I Sound Gay? 27/02/2017 Why do some people 'sound gay' but not others? Why are gay voices a mainstay of pop culture but also a trigger for bullying and harassment? Following a break up with his boyfriend, journalist David Thorpe sets out on a quest to unravel a linguistic mystery…all his life, like many gay men, Thorpe has felt self-conscious about his stereotypically un-macho voice. But what are its origins? And why is there such a stigma attached to 'sounding gay'? As Thorpe consults with everyone from speech therapists to public figures to complete strangers, he unpacks complex cultural questions with wit, verve and intelligence.
S255E06 A Life of Its Own: The Truth About Medical Marijuana 09/04/2017 In Australia, the move to legalise medical cannabis has gained substantial momentum, thanks largely to the tenacity of a Tamworth couple whose dying son benefited from medicinal cannabis. Battling an out-dated legal framework, scepticism, and prejudice, Lucie and Tony Haslam believe that the benefit gained for their son needed to be shared with the broader community. In an initiative which has brought change to the political and medical landscape, they were the driving force in co-ordinating an international symposium on medicinal cannabis. While doctors have little knowledge of the plant, it has historical significance as a prescription treatment for various ailments during the last century and as early as 1500 BC. Medicinal cannabis is yet to be legalised in Australia, but governments are shifting their perspective, transforming the question from the possibility of legalisation to a matter of when the change will take place.
S255E07 Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! 31/07/2016 Charting the volatile political journey of newly elected Senator Pauline Hanson from 1996 to 2016, Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! shows the impact that the former fish and chip shop lady had on multicultural Australia – as it seems she’s now set to have a similar impact, all over again.
S255E08 Nadia Comaneci: The Gymnast and the Dictator 05/08/2016 Nadia Com?neci is a former Romanian gymnast, winner of three gold medals at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastics event. She also won two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. She is one of the best-known gymnasts in the world. Her life was one of sacrifice, hardship, dedication and triumph played against the backdrop of a brutal Communist regime in her home country. Based on her own memoir, this documentary tells the amazing story of her life from the young girl in Romania who was discovered when doing cartwheels in her school playground, to the poised young woman who made a break for freedom and eventually made a life for herself away from gymnastics.
S255E09 The Eye of Hokusai 00/00/0000 Katsushika Hokusai was probably the most famous and most outstanding Japanese painter and printmaker of his generation, and was the artist whose fame was the quickest to cross the seas. A multi-faceted and all-round artist, his work is labyrinthine, probably comprising some 30,000 prints, not counting his oil paintings and the books he illustrated. The painter’s life was rich, his work was prolific, and both were imbued with a multitude of signs most of which are unknown to us. This documentary embarks upon a journey and pays a “visit to Hokusai”, in the company of his enlightened admirers - Japanese connoisseurs, who are familiar with all these signs.
S255E10 The Kaiser's Pirates 00/00/0000 In a continuous 64,000-mile voyage lasting fifteen months, the commerce-raider SMS Wolf caused havoc across three oceans, launched Germany’s only direct attacks on Australia and New Zealand in the Great War.To all appearances an ordinary freighter, the Wolf carried an arsenal of seven guns and four torpedo tubes concealed behind drop-down deck walls, and 465 mines which were dropped overboard from a door hidden in her stern. Surviving on fuel and food from plundered ships, the Wolf became a world in miniature, crew and prisoners crowded together in an improbable survival story.
S255E11 Wild Hungary - A Water Wonderland 00/00/0000 A Country like no other in Europe, Hungary is influenced by the rhythms of its rivers. White-tailed eagles, otters and enormous catfish share the wetlands with many other species living close to the local people, often unnoticed. The Country’s inhabitants have learnt to cope with alternating floods and droughts. “Wild Hungary” is their story presenting some never-before-filmed animal behavior like dancing deer or wintering catfish. The program has been awarded numerous prizes worldwide.
S255E12 The First Silent Night - The carol that United the world 00/00/0000
S255E13 The Last Leader Of The Crocodile Islands 07/05/2016 Big Boss: The Last Leader Of The Crocodile Islands Murrungga Island is situated in the top end of Arnhem Land in a group of islands known as The Crocodile Islands. This is where we find 95-year-old Laurie Baymarrwangga or as she is affectionately known, 'Big Boss', who was named Senior Australian of the Year in 2012.The documentary describes Baymarrwangga's single greatest achievement: the Yan-nhangu Dictionary. The dictionary's main aim is to preserve Yan-nhangu language and local knowledge from the potentially damaging consequences of rapid global change. The documentary, which won in the ‘Promotion of Indigenous Recognition’ category.
S255E14 The Sugar Conspiracy 07/01/2016 This compelling investigative documentary exposes the US sugar industry’s systematic hijacking of scientific study to bury evidence that sugar is, in fact, toxic. For forty years, Big Sugar deflected threats to its multi-billion dollar empire through creative PR and tactics strikingly similar to the way the tobacco industry disguised the fact that its products are addictive and cause fatal illnesses. As obesity rates skyrocket and doctors treat the first generation of children suffering from fatty liver disease, the sugar industry has come under increasing scrutiny from emerging scientific and medical studies. While the industry steps up its advertising spin and lobbying efforts, this film warns that we are sitting on a dietary time bomb. (From Canada, in English)
S255E15 Snowden's Great Escape 00/00/0000
S255E16 Is Sugar The New Fat? 00/00/0000
S255E24 Kraftwerk: Pop Art 20/08/2014 Kraftwerk have always managed to shift effortlessly between the worlds of Popular Music and Art. Using state of the art electronics, video imagery and graphic art, and eschewing the cults of personality and stardom, they have remained enigmatic and extraordinarily influential on a generation of musicians and artists. This documentary represents the first film ever made and approved by the band and includes excerpts from their recent sell-out performances at the Tate Modern in London. With contributions from critics and fellow musicians, as well as previously unseen archives, it represents a portrait of a band whose refusal to follow the well-trodden paths of pop stardom made them a genuine force for cultural change, innovation and intrigue.
S255E25 The Journey of Mankind with Eddie Izzard - Part 1 31/08/2014 Mum's Line - Actor and comedian Eddie Izzard sets out on an incredible personal quest to follow the route of his ancestors in a 200,000-year migration from Africa to Europe. Becoming the first human ever to trace his genes’ journey, this spectacular global travelogue starts with a sample of Eddie’s DNA. Scientists then plot the exact path his distant cousins took. It’s an entertaining, unpredictable journey through Namibia, Cameroon and Djibouti in Africa, up into Arabia and onwards, finally arriving in the UK, where his family has been since the 1640s. Along the way he meets distant relatives, from the San bushmen of the Kalahari to the survivors of Pompeii on this awe-inspiring adventure.
S255E26 The Last Pecheniuk 28/08/2014 Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2001 Dendy Awards. Ness was born Vanessa Alexandra Pecheniuk in Melbourne, 1971. She is a third generation Russian and has spent most of her life denying her family's existence. When Ness receives a call from an aunt who disappeared 22 years ago, she is prompted to contact her family and put some of her ghosts to rest.
S255E27 Acid Ocean 15/09/2014 Marine scientists across the world are racing to tackle the most urgent environmental challenge facing our planet today – ocean acidification. From the icy polar seas to the world’s most pristine coral reefs we track the latest scientific research. Heading the investigation is Dr Katharina Fabricius from the Australian Institute of Marine Science. She’s made a game-changing discovery. Nestled amongst Papua New Guinea’s stunning coral gardens is a unique reef – a window to the future of our oceans.
S255E28 Iceman Autopsy 00/00/0000
S255E29 Al-Qaeda Confidential 28/09/2014 This documentary provides a powerful account of the events which led to 9/11. It reveals how Osama Bin Laden ran his terrorist group and sheds light on the consequences of his assassination earlier this year by American Special Forces. With exclusive access to Abu Jandal, Bin Laden's bodyguard and confidant; FBI special agent Ali Soufan who hunted Al Qaeda prior to 9/11; and Michael Scheuer, the former chief of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit, this program offers a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a much-feared organisation. (From the UK, in English and Arabic) (Documentary) M (V) CC
S255E30 Maritime Mysteries: Martyred Ships 02/10/2014 This program investigates two of the worst maritime disasters of World War Two. The first was the single worst shipping misfortune in British history – the sinking of the Lancastria in 1940 off the coast of Brittany with the loss of around 5,000 lives. The other tragedy struck the French steamer Meknes, which sailed from Southampton in July 1940 with 1300 French seamen aboard. It was hit by a German torpedo and sank in 10 minutes. Over 400 men perished in the catastrophe.
S255E31 Fuzoku: Sex Entertainment In Japan 09/10/2014 In Tokyo, three women take us through the realm of fuzoku; the world of erotic entertainment in Japan. Yuna is an aspiring actress in hard-core films, Nao engages clients in hard-chats and Miho is a well-known striptease artist. We learn about their dreams, we follow them at work and during their free time, in host clubs where they drink and find escorts, and in nightclubs where shibari, the art of sadomasochistic binding, is practiced.
S255E32 Inside Kung Fu Inc 11/07/2014 Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of kung fu and Zen Buddhism. For 1500 years Shaolin has managed to adapt and survive but the wars and upheavals of the 20th century nearly finished the temple off. Then in the early 1980s the temple was reborn thanks to two men: Deng Xiaoping, who encouraged Chinese enterprise, and the other was Jet Li, who starred in the 1984 box office hit Shaolin Temple. Today the temple has multi-million dollar investments in property, media, healthcare and tourism.
S255E33 Berlin Wall: The Night the Iron Curtain Closed 09/11/2014 Chilling documentary that reveals how the famous Berlin Wall came to be, tracing the sequence of events that led up to the 28-mile ring of steel's overnight erection in 1961.
S255E35 Shaun Micallef's Stairway to Heaven: Gods, Gurus and the Ganges 14/12/2014 This powerful documentary reveals a side to Shaun never seen before as he heads to India, a country where spirituality and the search for meaning is very much a national past time, and he immerses himself in the Hindu world of Gods, Gurus and the Ganges. In a bid to get to the heart of the faith, Shaun pushes well beyond his comfort zone on a physical, mental and spiritual adventure. He journeys to the source of the Ganges high in the Himalayas - all the while offering his own unique observations on his quest to find the meaning of life.
S255E36 After the Wave 14/12/2014 After the Wave tells the untold story of Australia's extraordinary role in what became the world's greatest forensic detective operation. The first to appear on the ground weer a crack team of forensic experts from the Australian Federal Police who had the tough task of establishing a process to accurately identify the dead. Also explored in this documentary are the harrowing first person accounts from tsunami survivors documenting their experiences.
S255E37 Lady Wankers 18/12/2014 This is a whimsical, slightly risqué but also serious exploration of the taboo subject of female masturbation. See interviews from women of all ages about their own personal stories and practices. It also looks at the history of female sexuality, along with the marketing of the vibrator to women in the 20th century, as well as the tragic issue of genital mutilation and its disastrous consequences.
S255E38 The New Great Game 23/10/2014 Filmed on location in 19 countries, this program looks at the geopolitical struggle for control of the waterways of the Middle East. After centuries of naval domination of the region’s waters, the West faces the rising tide of indigenous control all around the Indian Ocean rim. And in the wake of popular uprisings in the Middle East, few certainties remain. But one thing is clear: the West no longer dictates outcomes like before – and it is far from sure what actions, war or otherwise, can restore its slipping influence.
S255E40 Atanasoff: Father of the Computer 00/00/0000 Atanasoff: Father of the Computer tells the story of the lone inventor who fought all his life to be recognized as the originator of one of mankind’s most significant inventions. Atanasoff, a physics professor at the Iowa State College needed a better calculator that can quickly solve advanced equations and when he tries to find such a machine, realizes none exists. So Atanasoff decided he must build his own calculator.His special-purpose machine has come to be called the Atanasoff–Berry Computer which uses many of the main components of a modern computer, its digital, fully electronic, uses parallel processing and separates the cpu and memory using dram
S255E41 The Secrets of a Strange Cloud 00/00/0000 The remote Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia is home to one of the world's most extraordinary and spectacular meteorological phenomena, the Morning Glory Wave Cloud. Up to two kilometers high and a thousand kilometers long, the Glory is a shock wave in the atmosphere of immense proportions.Join Professor Thomas Peacock from MIT in Boston and Dr. Jorg Hacker from Airborne Research Australia as they journey to Burketown in the remote north of Australia to study this elusive phenomenon and meet the glider pilots who ride the largest wave in the world.

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