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Welcome to the Schlitz Playhouse of Stars guide at TV Tome. Every Friday night for eight seasons this wonderful dramatic anthology series entertained and delighted fans of such well known cinematic actors like David Niven, Helen Hayes, Margaret Sullivan, Wendell Corey, Joan Caulfield, James Dean, Raymond Burr, Irene Dunne, Gene Kelly, Agnes Moorehead, Rosalind Russell, Anthony Quinn, and Vincent Price just to name a few. With plays and stories from Somerset Maugham, Ernest Hemingway, Noel Coward and Ellery Queen this show shone. Towards the end of the fifties the Dramatic Live Anthologies were obsolete but these shows are still unsung treasures to be viewed once again by the public.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Schlitz Playhouse of Stars

S01E01 Not a Chance 05/10/1951
S01E02 The Name is Bellingham 12/10/1951
S01E03 Never Wave at a W.A.C. 19/10/1951
S01E04 Still Life 26/10/1951
S01E05 The Lucky Touch 02/11/1951
S01E06 Decision and Daniel Webster 09/11/1951
S01E07 The Memories of Aimee Durant 16/11/1951
S01E08 One is a Lonesome Number 23/11/1951
S01E09 Two Living and One Dead 30/11/1951
S01E10 The Nymph and the Lamp 07/12/1951
S01E11 Exit 14/12/1961
S01E12 The Dark Fleece 21/12/1951
S01E13 Girl in a Million 28/12/1951
S01E14 Clean Sweep for Lavinia 04/01/1952
S01E15 Billy Budd 11/01/1952
S01E16 The Man that I Marry 18/01/1952
S01E17 P.G. 25/01/1952
S01E18 Lady With a Will 01/02/1952
S01E19 The Daughter 08/02/1952
S01E20 Fifty Grand 15/02/1952
S01E21 World So Wide 22/02/1952
S01E22 Apple of His Eyes 29/02/1952
S01E23 The Haunted Heart 07/03/1952
S01E24 Make Way for Teddy 14/03/1952
S01E25 The Human Touch 21/03/1952
S01E26 The Autobiography of Grandma Moses 28/03/1952
S01E27 Experiment 04/04/1952
S01E28 Four's a Family 11/04/1952
S01E29 Now's the Time 18/04/1952
S01E30 Fear 25/04/1952
S01E31 Doctors Should Never Marry 02/05/1952
S01E32 Appointment With the Past 09/05/1952 A gunslinger returns to his girlfriend and discovers that his best friend married her while he was in prison.
S01E33 Autumn in New York 16/05/1952
S01E34 Love Came Late 23/05/1952
S01E35 A Quarter for Your Troubles 30/05/1952
S01E36 Souvenir from Singapore 06/06/1952
S01E37 Dress in the Window 13/06/1952 The cops have a desperate gangster trapped in an apartment with his girlfriend.
S01E38 Say Hello to Pamela 20/06/1952
S01E39 The Von Linden File 27/06/1952
S01E40 The House of Death 04/07/1952
S01E41 A Southern Lady 11/07/1952
S01E42 Early Space Conqueror 18/07/1952
S01E43 A Man's World 25/07/1952
S01E44 Crossroads 11/08/1952
S01E45 So Help Me 08/08/1952
S01E46 Double Exposure 15/08/1952
S01E47 The Trubbles 22/08/1952
S01E48 Port of Call 29/08/1952
S01E50 -BAD- 12/09/1952 The manager of a Canadian trading post marries an Indian maiden and gets a gold-digging father-in-law.
S02E01 Homecoming 05/09/1952
S02E02 The Marriage of Lit-Lit 12/09/1952 The manager of a Canadian trading post marries an Indian maiden and gets a gold-digging father-in-law.
S02E03 I Want to be a Movie Star 19/09/1952
S02E04 The Trial 26/09/1952
S02E05 Come What May 23/10/1952
S02E06 Trouble on Pier 12 10/10/1952
S02E07 This Plane for Hire 17/10/1952
S02E08 A Drawing Room 24/10/1952
S02E09 Enchanted Evening 31/10/1952
S02E10 Tango 07/11/1952
S02E11 The House of Pride 14/11/1952
S02E12 Pussyfootin' Rocks 21/11/1952
S02E13 Barrow Street 28/11/1952
S02E14 Mr. Thayer 05/12/1952
S02E15 The White Cream Pitcher 12/12/1952
S02E16 The Playwright 19/12/1952
S02E17 A String of Beads 26/12/1952
S02E18 Jenny 22/01/1953
S02E19 The Unopened Letter 09/01/1953
S02E20 High on the Gallows 16/01/1953
S02E21 Guardians of the Clock 23/01/1953
S02E22 Point of Honor 30/01/1953
S02E23 Manhattan Robin Hood 06/02/1953
S02E24 Mr. Greentree and Friend 13/02/1953
S02E25 The Devil's Other Name 20/02/1953
S02E26 Girl of My Dreams 27/02/1953
S02E27 Big Jim's Boy 06/03/1953
S02E28 Nineteen Rue Marie 13/03/1953 An American in Paris cannot remember his past until he returns to a shop at 19 Rue Marie.
S02E29 Parent's Weekend 20/03/1953
S02E30 Happy Ending 27/03/1953
S02E31 The Governess 03/04/1953 A Senator's wife tries to convince her old Governess to return and help raise her children.
S02E32 The Mirror 10/04/1953
S02E33 Papa Goes to the Ball 17/04/1963
S02E34 Allen of Harper 24/04/1953
S02E35 Medicine Woman 01/05/1953 A construction boss tries to date a lady doctor but she will have no part of him.
S02E36 The Copper Ring 08/05/1953
S02E37 Vacation for Ginny 15/05/1953
S02E38 Pursuit 22/05/1953
S02E39 The Girl that I Married 29/05/1953
S02E40 Twenty-Two Sycamore Road 05/06/1953
S02E41 The Widow Makes Three 12/06/1953
S02E42 Operation Riviera 19/06/1953
S02E43 The Ledge 26/06/1953 An artist who believes that he is going blind who is ready to jump to his death is talked down by a very unique woman.
S02E44 Richard and the Lion 03/07/1953
S02E45 Storm Warnings 10/07/1953 A pilot thinks his partner is trying to kill him because his wife sent him a love letter.
S02E46 The Journey 17/07/1953
S02E47 Knave of Hearts 24/07/1953 A cowboy returns home to marry his sweetheart after making his fortune and discovers that she is about to marry another man.
S02E48 The Doctor Goes Home 31/07/1953
S02E49 Simplon Express 07/08/1953
S02E50 Miracle in the Night 14/08/1953
S02E51 Sheila 21/08/1953
S02E52 Two Lives Have I 28/08/1953 A World War II reporter in Lisbon, Spain tries to win the heart of a war widowed reporter from Spain.
S03E01 The Perfect Secretary 04/09/1953
S03E02 Lost and Found 11/09/1953
S03E03 Boomerang 18/09/1953
S03E04 Desert Tragedy 25/09/1953
S03E05 The Prize 02/10/1953
S03E06 The Long Shot 09/10/1953
S03E07 In the Pincers 16/10/1953
S03E08 Second Sight 23/10/1953
S03E09 The Sail 30/10/1953
S03E10 Lineman's Luck 06/11/1953
S03E11 Lucky Thirteen 13/11/1953
S03E12 Fresh Start 20/11/1953 A girl trying to commit suicide meets a first time thief chased by the cops and they both get a fresh start.
S03E13 The Closed Door 27/11/1953 A titan of industry discovers that he can only help himself when he helps someone else.
S03E14 Storm Swept 04/12/1953
S03E15 No Compromise 11/12/1953 A Texas Ranger tries to bring a Texas killer back from Alabama, where the killer has family and friends that include the courts and the law.
S03E16 Part of the Game 18/12/1953
S03E17 The Baker of Barnbury 25/12/1953 The baker of Barnbury proposes to the widow Monk and then discovers that her long lost husband may have returned.
S03E18 Go Away a Winner 01/01/1954 A man fresh out of prison seeks out his wife for revenge because she married again instead of waiting for him.
S03E19 Rim of Violence 08/01/1954
S03E20 Pearl Handled Guns 15/01/1954
S03E21 At the Natchez Inn 22/01/1954
S03E22 Give the Guy a Break 29/01/1954
S03E23 Four Things to Do 05/02/1954
S03E24 Man from Outside 12/02/1954
S03E25 The Jungle Trap 19/02/1954
S03E26 Night Ride to Butte 26/02/1954
S03E27 The Great Lady 05/03/1954
S03E28 Groundloop 12/03/1954
S03E29 Her Kind of Honor 19/03/1954
S03E30 The Edge of Battle 26/03/1954
S03E31 Tapu 02/04/1954
S03E32 The Plugged Nickel 06/04/1954
S03E33 Something Wonderful 16/04/1954
S03E34 Dawn at Damascus 23/04/1954
S03E35 Decision at Sea 30/04/1954
S03E36 Prisoner in the Town 07/05/1954
S03E37 The Pearl Street Incident 14/05/1954
S03E38 Blizzard Bound 21/05/1954
S03E39 Little War at San Dede 28/05/1954
S03E40 The Whale on the Beach 04/06/1954
S03E41 The Treasure of Santo Domingo 06/04/1954
S03E42 The Black Mate 18/06/1954
S03E43 The Man Who Escaped from Devil's Island 25/06/1954
S03E44 How the Brigadier Won His Medal 02/07/1954
S03E45 Rabbit's Foot 09/07/1954
S03E46 Showdown at Sunset 16/07/1954
S03E47 The General's Boots 23/07/1954
S03E48 By-Line 30/07/1954
S03E49 The Roman and the Renegade 06/08/1954
S03E50 Gift of the Devil 13/08/1954
S03E51 Captain in Command 20/08/1954
S03E52 Hemmed In 27/08/1954
S03E53 Delay at Fort Bliss 03/09/1954

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