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Science of the Movies takes you on a geektastic journey to the cinematic intersection of art and science. Appealing to the movie junkie in us all, the new series explores the remarkable - yet rarely celebrated - scientific world that exists behind the screen, spotlighting the visionary artists, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative technology and remarkable techniques responsible for creating unforgettable, edge-of-your-seat moments in blockbuster films.


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S01E01 Spider-Man Motion Control 26/05/2009 "Spider-Man" Motion Control Host Nar Williams explores the motion-control technology behind cloning and the famous "Spidey-sense" shot from "Spider-Man"; Nar rides a CG elephant created by the creature special-effects team behind "300"; Nar embarks on a chase scene using wireless camera mounts.
S01E02 The Big Picture: The IMAX Experience 02/06/2009 Nar meets the masterminds who created the killer star-nosed mole creature from "City of Ember"; Nar unravels the science behind the IMAX experience; Nar gets versed in the mechanics – and safety – of movie weaponry by a military technical adviser at ISS Props.
S01E03 Horror Movies: Effects That Scare 11/06/2009 Nar constructs a movie camera out of a block of magnesium at world-famous Panavision; Nar learns about the science behind crime-scene blood spatter on Showtime's top series "Dexter"; Nar meets Lola, the leading digital plastic surgeon in Hollywood; an indie filmmaker demonstrates some cheap DIY horror-film effects.
S01E04 Crafting an Action Figure 18/06/2009 Nar gets scanned and made into an action figure by the digital wizards at Gentle Giant Studios "Iron Man"; Zoic Studios demonstrates how it creates the vampire effects for HBO's "True Blood"; Nar and a karate sensei use science to scrutinize the veracity of Peter Parker's power punch in "Spider-Man".
S01E05 Killa Chase Scenes: 3D Magic 02/07/2009 Nar goes behind the scenes of Sony Pictures Animation's 3-D feature, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"; a professional snowboarder and a scientist attempt to re-create the avalanche scene from "xXx"; Nar explores camera crane technology as developed by Pursuit Systems.
S01E06 The Magic of Henson 09/07/2009 New Deal Studios shrinks the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum for the "Night at the Museum" sequel; Nar visits Henson Digital Puppetry Studio and interacts with Sid the Science Kid, a cutting edge example of real-time 3-D animation; Nar learns the mechanics behind camera dollies at Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment.
S02E01 The World Is Our Canvas 12/10/2009 Nar visits the masterminds at Obscura Digital, who believe “the world is our canvas” and have the technology to prove it — from huge immersive video domes, interactive building surfaces, and multi-touch holograms! Watch Nar play with their holographic video game! Next he gets the zombie treatment from Quantum Creation FX, and interviews a mortician while undead. And finally he interviews Garrett Brown, the legendary inventor of the Steadicam, and gets a Steadicam boot camp from the master himself.
S02E02 Speed: When Buses Fly! 19/11/2009 Nar rides a fake horse from Narnia'at Creature FX, survives a 100mph hurricane at John Frazier's FXPERTS, which creates weather fx for movies, meets Emily, the most convincing CG-created human and tests the physics behind the bus-jump scene in Speed.
S02E03 Puppet Meisters - The Magic Behind 'Team America: World Police' 03/12/2009 Nar gets a lesson in puppet sculpting from the Chiodo Brothers, marionette makers for "Team America: World Police". Nar visits Technicolor to get a crash course in movie coloring. Animal Wrangler Jules Sylvester unleashes a roomful of creepy crawlers.
S02E04 The Magical World of George Lucas 10/12/2009 ILM uses motion capture fx to create Davy Jones' beard in Pirates of the Caribbean sequels; science of lighting at Mole Richardson; Flash Filmworks creates explosive chopper crashes for The Day the Earth Stood Still; makes low-tech squibs with Indy Mogul.
S02E05 Transformers: Bumblebee Rises 17/12/2009 Nar helps FXPERTS reconstruct a 20-foot replica of Bumblebee from Transformers and morphs into a video game character at Image Metrics; the science of 3D moviemaking at Stereoscope; Nar gets his brain waves read by neuromarketing company fMRI.
S02E06 Windows Of Opportunity 14/03/2010
S02E07 The Explosive Science of '24' 23/03/2010 Sound-design lesson at Todd-AO; night vision and thermal cameras from Sofradir EC; virtual set for the television series "24''; a nuclear scientist has a problem with Indiana Jones.
S02E08 The Force Is With You: Skywalker Sound 18/08/2010 Nar Williams stops by Skywalker Sound and voices a Battle Droid, and a palaeontologist examines whether dinosaurs could be cloned.

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