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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Scorch

S01E01 Pilot 28/02/1992 After being asleep for 100 years, dragon Scorch wakes up. Flying around, a flash of lightning hits him and he falls down just infront of the window of Brian Stevens' apartment. Brian is living there with his eight year old daughter Jessica and is just preparing for a job interview. Scorch immedately endears himself to Jess butnot to her father but, however, he persuades Brian to take him alongto the interview. There Scorch pops out of his bag. Quickly, Brian tells that he's a ventriloquist and the dragon is his dummy. Brian(with Scorch) gets the job as a wheather announcer on WWEN-TV's'News at Noon'
S01E02 Dragon Flu 06/03/1992 Scorch suffers from the Dragon's Flu. Symptoms reach from amnesiato unconsciousness, from coughing to swearing and even to barking.And this at the same time Mr. Ruther, the station's boss, comes to receive the award for 'Man of the Year', which should be handed overby Brian and Scorch
S01E03 You Gaslight Up My Life 13/03/1992 A photo of Scorch is on the cover of the new TV magazine. This leads to an effusive Scorch, who annoys not only Brian (the photo showed just his right ear) but also others. But the one who absolute can't stand Scorch's fame is Howard. To get rid of this little 'troublemaker'he 'dragonaps Scorch. Big mistake, really big mistake
S01E04 First Time 00/00/0000 Scorch helps Brian finding a new girlfriend. But his obtrusive way only embarrasses Brian. Eventually Lisa, who works at the station,agrees to date Brian. Unfortunatety, Lisa is Jack's sister
S01E05 Scorch Likes It Hot 00/00/0000 Guest on 'News at Noon' is the psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers and seeing what's going on there, she gives some advises: Howard should give the lead to Allison which would makes her the star of the show.And Brian's puppet, whose behavior could be a lot better, should be replaced by a female one.
S01E06 Money, Money, Money 00/00/0000 Scorch has found the Home Shopping Channel on TV - and he buys alot of stuff on Brian's credit card. But it was too much and Brian hardly can afford it. During the news show a guest gives Scorch the idea how to get some money back: gambling. So he invites all fromthe station for a poker round. But this wasn't a good idea, either