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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Scotland Yard

S01E01 The Drayton Case 01/02/1953 A 1941 air raid uncovered a firewatcher’s strangled wife. During an argument over maintenance money after their divorce Drayton strangles her. Her body is discovered in a school cellar, and the search begins. Her dental records identify her as Mrs Drayton, and her ex-husband eventually confesses to the murder.
S01E02 The Missing Man 01/06/1953 Upon their arrival in London, a retired vicar and his wife are disturbed to find that their son, Gerald Neil, who they had planned to visit, has, without notice, sold all his belongings and gone to live in Paris. Eager for news and an explanation, the two send word to Paris and, when no reply is received for several weeks, Reverend Neil decides to travel to Paris and find his son. The search proves fruitless and, when Scotland Yard exhaust every avenue of enquiry, Mr. Gerald Neil is filed away under "Missing Person" seemingly having vanished into thin air. A few days later the Reverend's wife is woken in the middle of the night by a vision of her son's murder - can the grisly dream find the key to finding her son?
S01E03 The Candlelight Murder 01/10/1953 An Inspector unmasks a blacksmith as a killer of an old hermit.
S01E04 The Blazing Caravan 01/02/1954 A perfect murder requires the culprit to escape detection and capture, a complicated task when the full force of Scotland Yard is determined to bring you to justice. Arthur Cox has just won £30,000 on the football pools but his luck comes to a very sudden and sinister end when George Buxton decides to murder him and steal his identity and winnings. Buxton is no fool, planning the murder and his escape down to the very last detail but to accomplish the perfect murder requires nerves of steel and a little bit of luck.
S01E05 The Dark Stairway 01/03/1954 A blind man is pushed over on a darkened stairway during a murder. When questioned by the police the old man becomes frightened until his friend comes to the police station. The Inspector holds an identity parade and the murderer is picked out by the smell of his after shave.
S01E06 Late Night Final 01/07/1954 A missing crippled witness turns out to be drug smugglers in disguise.
S01E07 Fatal Journey 01/08/1954 A happily married husband living in an isolated location returns home to find his wife collapsed on the floor.
S01E08 The Strange Case of Blondie 01/10/1954 A murderous blonde cat burglar is a man in disguised as a women.
S01E09 The Silent Witness 01/10/1954 he Strange Case of a self-confessed killer who almost escaped the full weight of the Law
S01E10 Passenger to Tokyo 01/11/1954 A highly unusual operation helps track down the killer of a wealthy woman murdered and sent to Tokyo in a trunk.
S01E11 Night Plane to Amsterdam 01/01/1955 The case of a murder which baffled the police of two countries.
S01E12 The Stateless Man 01/05/1955 A late night crime in London’s Docklands baffles the Police.
S01E13 The Mysterious Bullet 01/07/1955 A ballistics expert traces the killer of a widow's fiancé
S01E14 Murder Anonymous 01/11/1955 An Inspector proves that a blind man murdered his wife's lover.
S01E15 The Wall of Death 01/03/1956 An Inspector proves that a woman caused the death of her fairground husband wall of death rider.
S01E16 The Case of the River Morgue 01/06/1956 The Police are summoned when a dead body is stolen from the morgue.
S01E17 Destination Death 01/09/1956 The discovery of a dead man at London Airport, a postcard photograph and a flask containing not only brandy, but poison, leads Scotland Yard to Lisbon and a giant currency smuggling ring.
S01E18 Person Unknown 01/11/1956 A Polish spy changes places with a would-be assassin.
S01E19 The Lonely House 01/01/1957 A trap is laid for a couple running a phony dating agency whose unsuspecting clients are tricked into proposals of marriage and ultimately murder.
S01E20 Bullet from the Past 01/01/1957 An Inspector solves a 27-year-old murder whilst investigating the shooting of an Insurance Agent.
S01E21 Inside Information 01/06/1957 A murder hunt is launched the morning after Bonfire Night, when it emerges that a real body was used as the ‘Guy’
S01E22 The Case of the Smiling Widow 01/08/1957 A combination of chance and hard work by the police lead them to question the circumstances of an apparent suicide.
S01E23 The Mail Van Murder 01/10/1957 Supt. Hammond tracks down the boss of a gang who stole a mail van.
S01E24 Night Crossing 01/10/1957 The quiet of an idyllic port town is shattered when a body is found on the beach.
S01E25 The Tyburn Case 01/10/1957 Supt. Reynolds intends to proves that a lawyer drowned a widow for the insurance money.
S01E26 The White Cliffs Mystery 01/10/1957 A dead rocket engineer is being blackmailed. But Why - and by whom?
S01E27 Print of Death 18/04/1958 Supt.. Reynolds proves that payroll robbers dismembered an ex-convict and grafted his fingertips on to rubber gloves.
S01E28 Crime of Honour 01/08/1958 A Thames Estuary dredger drags a man’s body from the bed of the river.
S01E29 Cross Road Gallows 01/08/1958 A farmer discovers caravaners have been trespassing on his land- when he attempts to disturb the occupants he finds dead bodies inside.
S01E30 The Unseeing Eye 01/02/1959 A night worker returning home through a sleeping London street sees smoke and flames coming from a building.
S01E31 The Ghost Train Murder 01/12/1959 A body of a Hungarian girl is found in a fairground ghost train. She has been killed by being stabbed by knitting needles. The murderer is the owner of a guest house who is behind a gang of lady Shoplifters.
S01E32 The Dover Road Mystery 01/02/1960 A Ford Consul has been stolen and is used in a bank robbery. Unknownto the police, the car has been tuned up to go faster. When it is spotted and chased by the police, it is too fast for the squad car.
S01E33 The Last Train 01/04/1960 Inspector Duggan investigates a murder in the London Underground
S01E34 Evidence in Concrete 01/12/1960 A young girl is found dead off a busy motorway. A car accident seems to be the cause - until the police make an unexpected discovery.
S01E35 The Grand Junction Case 01/02/1961 A body found in pieces is found by fishermen in a canal. The body is of a woman with an Edelweiss tattoo. The first suspect is a local man whose wife has gone missing after an argument, but he is cleared when she turns up. Inspector Duggan goes abroad and finds the tattooist who did the Edelweiss. On his return Duggan arrests the butcher who admits to the murder.
S01E36 The Silent Weapon 01/02/1961 A horse rider is Killed using a boomerang
S01E37 The Never Never Murder 01/06/1961 A woman's corpse found in a demolished building leads to the capture of a hire purchase swindler.
S01E38 The Square Mile Murder 01/06/1961 When a travel agency is burgled by a safebreaker, Superintendent Hicks is brought in to solve the case.
S01E39 Wings of Death 01/06/1961 A light aeroplane comes down over Kent and crashes killing the pilot. It is found that the pilot was murdered, and Scotland Yard become Involved. It appears that a man, who is infact the killer, went to an old lady's house, and was treated by a local nurse for his injuries. The pilot was the husband of an actress,the actress was having an Affair with her co-star. When the killer ejected from the plane he sustained injuries to his leg which is in plaster. This is a giveaway to Inspector Hammond who arrests them both for murder as they plan their getaway.