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Don't touch that dial! Don't touch that one either! And stop touching yourself! SCTV is on the air! Sketch comedy show set around the fictitious TV station SCTV. The programs broadcast by SCTV were parodies of films and other television shows. They included "Farm Film Report", Woody Allen's "Play It Again, Bob!", "Monster Horror Chiller Theatre", and "Great White North." Other skits involved the staff of SCTV, like president Guy Caballero, clueless newscaster Earl Camembert, washed up actor Johnny LaRue, and leopard-skin print wearing station owner Edith Prickley.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de SCTV

S01E01 Backstage 21/09/1976 The inaugural show introduces several major characters, including Johnny LaRue, Earl Camembert, Floyd Robertson and Moe Green. It features a somewhat tenuous wraparound concept involving LaRue - according to Dave Thomas' book, the running time for this episode ran well past 30 minutes, much of the linking material for the wraparound being cut to achieve the final running time. The show also introduces four programs that would feature frequently throughout the show's run: Sunrise Semester, a vehicle for an assortment of characters to educate viewers, would end up appearing in every series except the last; Words To Live By, the inspirational station signoff, would also appear frequently in the first three series; SCTV News; and Masterpiece Theatre, hosted by Alistair Cook. Second City notes: Big News/Little News is from the 1975 Alterations While You Wait revue; the stage version was also played by Levy and Flaherty. Joni Newton Buffy is a character Martin developed on the stage, but only used it this one time on SCTV.
S01E02 Murder at SCTV 21/10/1976 Perini Scleroso and Gus Gustofferson's first appearance. Gus is featured in a wraparound concept dealing with the murder of puppeteer Lampeer. Second City notes: English for Beginners originated on the stage
S01E03 Ethnic Humour 18/11/1976 The SCTV format still isn't entirely worked out, as Ramis, Candy and Thomas appear as themselves in the opening announcement. Ethnic humour and Gypsies provide the running concept for the episode. Lin Ye Tang's first appearance. Second City notes: We're Gonna Be Alright, You Creep, Leaving Home and All, Eh? originated on the stage Pat Boutette NHL Totals: Games 756 Goals 171 Assists 282 Points 453 Penalty Minutes 1354
S01E04 Crosswords 16/12/1976 Its place in history is assured by the first appearance of the Sammy Maudlin Show. Also features special guests Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud. Additional Viewing: Sammy & Company, talk show hosted by Sammy Davis Jr with announcer William B Williams.
S01E05 Match Unto My Feet 13/01/1977 Features the first appearance of Sid Dithers (here called Morris), and Cheryl Kinsey. Also features a guest appearance, albeit uncredited, by then-fellow Second City cast member Brenda Donohue in several sketches. Additional viewing: Witness to Yesterday, the Canadian historical interview program, written and hosted by Patrick Watson. Second City notes: Faking Orgasms with Cheryl Kinsey originated on the stage. Witness to Yesterday is from the revue Wizard of Ossington, and features Brenda Donohue, who was in the stage cast with John Candy at the time.
S01E06 Memoirs of Anton Chekhov 10/02/1977 Star Trek comes to the steppes of Russia in a very funny parody of Chekhov. Second City notes: Cornabix Cereal is from the Wizard of Ossington revue, and originally featured Peter Ackroyd as Guy Lafleur opposite Candy's Sittler.
S01E07 Dialing For Dollars 24/02/1977 The first of an additional 7 shows ordered by Global. Global started airing the show twice a month, still Thursday at 9. This episode is notable for the first appearance of Dialing for Dollars with Moe Green hosting, and William Buckley taking apart a schoolchild.
S01E08 Shock Theatre 10/03/1977 Features another lapse in continuity, as Harold Ramis appears as the station manager of SCTV, while Moe Green, "actor, playwright, critic" is interviewed on Extreme Close-Up by host Dave Thomas. Additional Viewing: Eye On Science is a spoof of Science International, a Canadian science show hosted by Joseph Campanella Syndication Note: Al Pro Dog Food was dropped; replaced by Polardak ESP 1 from 2-24 (6)
S01E09 Philosophy Street 24/03/1977 The first appearance (albeit over the phone) of the owner and president of SCTV, Guy Caballero.
S01E10 Therese et Joe 07/04/1977 Additional Viewing: Therese et Joe, directed by "Jean-Luc Resnais," takes on the French New Wave, with nods to Jean-Luc Goddard, Alain Resnais and Francois Truffaut (thanks JR).
S01E11 Broads Behind Bars 21/04/1977 Broads Behind Bars is a classic, with Candy's over the top prison guard Shultzy ("Lock 'em up, keep 'em down, and work 'em over") and Martin's lifer Kitty ("No Dice!"). Trivia: the crew put real liquor in Ramis' bottle for the Mort Finkel sketch. Additional Viewing: Broads Behind Bars is a parody of the 1950 film noir classic Caged.
S01E12 The Taxidermist 05/05/1977 Features the very first Farm Report, with host Big Jim McBob.
S01E13 Ben Hur 19/05/1977 A landmark show, featuring a show-length parody of the film, introduced by Moe Green on Dialing For Dollars. Additional Viewing: William Wyler's 1959 epic Ben-Hur.
S01E14 Hefty 19/09/1977 The first of an additional 13 shows ordered by Global for its 1977-78 season; virtually a second series, these 13 shows started airing weekly in the fall of 1977, Mondays at 9 (later moved to 9:30) and repeated Fridays at 9. George Bloomfield replaced Milad Besseda as director, and the production value rises noticeably. New sets were created, including a new SCTV News/Sports set, which was used through Series 2. This episode's wraparound concept is a lengthy spoof of Rocky, featuring SCTV Sports coverage of Hefty Neil's bid for the heavyweight championship. Additional Viewing: The 1976 underdog fight film Rocky.
S01E15 Leave It To Beaver 26/09/1977 Features the first appearance of Dr Tongue, in his own show. Appropriately enough, for this show only, the opening credits announce John Candy as the Beaver (instead of Dave Thomas). Additional Viewing: The 1950's TV series Leave It to Beaver.
S01E16 Goodbye America 03/10/1977 Goodbye America profiles super star Johnny LaRue in his penthouse.
S01E17 Galaxy 66 10/10/1977 The first appearance of Edith Prickley, SCTV's future Station Manager, fully formed, leopard skins and all. 50's sci-fi provides a running concept for the show. Additional Viewing: Galaxy 66 is a parody of 60s TV show Route 66.
S01E18 Madame Blitzman 17/10/1977 Features the first ever Monster Chiller Horror Theatre and its unconvincing host Count Floyd, aka Floyd Robertson. The Venerable Electric commercial features two members of the scientific academy in Madame Blitzman - getting some extra mileage from those costumes. Additional Viewing: Madame Blitzman is a parody of the film Madame Curie (1943).
S01E19 $129,000 Question 24/10/1977 Additional Viewing: Elvira Mad Again parodies Elvira Madigan
S01E20 Dr Tongue's House of Wax 31/10/1977 House of Wax was inspired by the 1953 3D movie of the same name. It features the first appearance of the horror duo of Dr Tongue and Bruno, in a 3D film, and on Monster Chiller Horror Theatre. The trio of Tongue, Bruno and Count Floyd would become one of the anchors of the show, and result in some of the most memorable sketches. Also features SCTV Boogie, eventually to become Mel's Rock Pile.
S01E21 Sammy Maudlin Show 07/11/1977 Featuring the second-ever Sammy Maudlin Show, as no less than two guests show outtakes from their respective specials - Bobby Bittman and Kenneth Clark. Additional Viewing: Kenneth Clark's 1969 BBC series Civilisation: A Personal View
S01E22 World At War 14/11/1977 Additional Viewing: Lowell Thompson Remembers is a spoof of the TV show Lowell Thomas Remembers, and was completely improvised.
S01E23 The Grapes Of Mud 21/11/1977 Muley's Roundhouse includes a nice tribute to the Three Stooges; Muley turns up again in The Grapes of Mud. Additional Viewing: John Ford's 1940 classic The Grapes of Wrath.
S01E24 Officer Friendly 28/11/1977 Quick-fire parodies of morning news programs and daytime kids shows, along with another Masterpiece Theatre. Earl takes on organized crime on SCTV News. Additional Viewing: BBC's All Creatures Great and Small.
S01E25 King Of The Popes 05/12/1977 Anchored by one of the great movie parodies, The Man Who Would Be King of the Popes, featuring three giants of British stage and screen, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton - all three appear together again in How the Middle East Was Won in Series 2. Princess Carlotta is a curious one-off, as she's Edith Prickly in everything but name and leopard skins. Meanwhile, Earl Camembert's little-known children's show is cancelled. Additional Viewing: Becket (1964) meets The Lion In Winter (1968) in The Man Who Would Be King of the Popes.
S01E26 Lust For Paint 12/12/1977 Features a show-length parody of Moulin Rouge, the life of Toulouse-Lautrec with Joe Flaherty playing the lead Jose Ferrer role, shown on Dialing For Dollars. The title is possibly inspired by "Lust For Life", the biography of Vincent Van Gogh. At the end of the show, Moe loses his phone and is fired by Guy Caballero (who once again does not appear in person). (Show moved from 9:00 to 9:30 on Mondays) Additional Viewing: Moulin Rouge, the life of Toulouse-Lautrec, and Lust For Life, the life of Vincent Van Gogh.
S02E01 Premiere 16/09/1978 As the show starts, the scripts are not finished. The first on-screen appearance of Guy Caballero, in a wheelchair (which he uses for respect) with a phone. And, seemingly out of nowhere, Lola Heatherton appears, fully formed, in her first special. Additional Viewing: 70s TV series The Love Boat and The Incredible Hulk.
S02E02 Bob Hope Desert Classic 23/09/1978 Bob Hope hosts his own celebrity golf tournament, this time in the deserts of the Middle East, even doing a walk on during Masterpiece Theatre to promote it. Bob is joined by a raft of Mid-East personalities, Lou Jaffe does the play by play, and SCTV Sports Central provides some background. Meanwhile, Monster Chiller Horror Theatre returns with the second Dr. Tongue feature, 'House of Wax.' The show marks the introduction of Thomas' celebrated Hope impression, which he would eventually perform on an actual Bob Hope special; Thomas continued to do the impression long after SCTV left the air, most recently on Primetime Glick. The Desert Classic also introduces another long-running character - Flaherty's Charleton Heston. Additional Viewing: The Bob Hope Desert Classic (now the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic) is an annual PGA golf tournament.
S02E03 Kidnapping Of Moe Green 30/09/1978
S02E04 Solid Gold Telethon 07/10/1978
S02E05 Writer Strike 14/10/1978
S02E06 Municipal Election 21/10/1978 Earl Camembert faces a conflict of interest as Johnny LaRue's campaign manager as SCTV News covers the municipal elections and Johnny's run for council. Additional Viewing: The 1978 TV miniseries The Bastard, starring Tom Bosley; 70s sitcom Three's Company.
S02E07 Farm Film Report / Arabs 28/10/1978
S02E08 The Mirthmakers / Happy Endings 04/11/1978
S02E09 Undersea World 11/11/1978
S02E10 Edith Prickley, Station Manager 18/11/1978
S02E11 SCTV 30th Anniversary Show 25/11/1978 Features the show-length, star-studded salute to SCTV's 30th anniversary, with some great parodies of 50's television. Additional Viewing: Branded, the 1965 TV show starring Chuck Connors; and What's My Line?, the long-running 50s panel show. While Kirk Douglas made two appearances as a mystery guest on What's My Line? (in 1953 and 1960), he was never a guest panelist (his second wife, Anne Buydens, did appear as a guest panelist on a 1966 show, however). Coincidentally, Andrea Martin, like Arlene Francis, is of partial Armenian descent, while Catherine O'Hara, like Dorothy Kilgallen, is from an Irish-Catholic family. The opening sequence of What's My Shoesize? has more in common with the 1968-75 syndicated version of What's My Line? (Thanks William Brown)
S02E12 The Occult 02/12/1978 Several sketches featuring some occult element provide a very loose wraparound concept for the episode, anchored by an avant-garde episode of Monster Chiller Horror Theatre. Additional Viewing: Whispers of the Wolf is a parody of films by Ingmar Bergman, including The Silence (1963), Persona (1966), and Cries and Whispers (1972). For another Bergman parody, see Scenes from an Idiot's Marriage, starring Jerry Lewis.
S02E13 Bad Acting In Hollywood 09/12/1978
S02E14 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 16/12/1978 Additional Viewing: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the 50s anthology series hosted by the man himself. Murder Is Bad For Your Health is (possibly) a parody of the 1948 film An Act Of Murder, starring Florence Eldridge and Fredric March (thanks Dusty Towne); Cecil and Cynthia appear again in Series 3's Gaslight.
S02E15 Fighting Air Dogs 23/12/1978
S02E16 Death Takes No Holiday 30/12/1978
S02E17 Rock Concert 06/01/1979
S02E18 Fantasy Island 13/01/1979
S02E19 On The Waterfront Again 20/01/1979 The second episode in a row to feature a show-length sketch, an episode of The Sammy Maudlin Show with Bobby Bittman promoting his remake of On the Waterfront. Maudlin music is "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited. Additional Viewing: On The Waterfront, the 1954 classic
S02E20 SCTV Disco 27/01/1979
S02E21 Pipeline 03/02/1979
S02E22 Consumer Action Line 10/02/1979
S02E23 Relaxing With Raoul 17/02/1979
S02E24 The Flaming Turkey 24/02/1979
S02E25 Best Of 1 03/03/1979
S02E26 Best Of 2 10/03/1979
S03E01 Lee A Iacocca's Rock Concert 19/09/1980
S03E02 Thursday Night Live 26/09/1980 Thursday Night Live nails both Saturday Night Live and Fridays, the SNL rip off. Features the first appearance by both Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley, in their very first two-hander. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf was also spoofed in Mind Games from series 2. Additional Viewing: Saturday Night Live and ABC's SNL competiton Fridays; K-Tel fast talking Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is based on the 1966 film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (also featured in Mind Games); Dat's Da Name of Dat Tune is a spoof of 70s cop show Baretta, starring Robert Blake; the tune in question is the theme from Baretta, while S.W.A.T was another cop show on at the time (thanks Markshark). Syndication Note: Fast Talking Playhouse was moved to 3-4 (56); Crazy Crafts (first show) from 3-3 (55) was added DVD Note: The end credits music has been changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme, obscuring Cronkite's rambling monologue.
S03E03 Death Of A Salesman 03/10/1980
S03E04 My Factory, My Self 10/10/1980 My Factory, My Self is an inspired sendup several big Oscar winning movies of the time, and the can-do attitude of their leading ladies. Also features the first Money Talks, hosted by the awkward Brian Johns, and Walter Cronkite takes over from Moe Green on Dialing For Dollars. End credits music for this episode is 'Drugs' by Talking Heads. Additional Viewing: My Factory, My Self, starring 'Sally Jane Clayburgh-Streep', is a parody of An Unmarried Woman (Jill Clayburgh), Coming Home (Jane Fonda), Norma Rae (Sally Field), Kramer vs Kramer (Meryl Streep), with the nuclear reactor from The China Syndrome thrown in for good measure. The Young and the Restless, a long-running soap. Syndication Note: The Young and the Wrestling was moved to 3-3 (55); Kanadian Korner 4 was dropped; Fast talking Playhouse from 3-2 (54) was added
S03E05 Death Motel 17/10/1980 Monster Chiller Horror Theatre features a rare solo venture for Woody Tobias Jr, and, unusually, an after-feature interview with Count Floyd. Additional Viewing: In his introduction to Death Motel, Count Floyd describes how, when the film was in theatres, a bell would sound before the really scary parts - like an early warning system; in 1973, Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin starred in Ivan Reitman's Cannibal Girls, which used that exact gimmick. More at Canucksploitation. Syndication Note: Edna's Back was moved to 3-6 (58); Elvis 'n' Costello from 3-3 (55) was added DVD Note: Edna Hymbecker no longer sings Killing Me Softly
S03E06 The Lone Ranger Show 24/10/1980
S03E07 Play It Again, Bob 31/10/1980 Play It Again, Bob brings Woody Allen and Bob Hope together, with a little help from Bing Crosby. Clever, amusing, dead-on impressions, great premise, and plenty of one-liners. Remarkable. Additional Viewing: Woody Allen's Play It Again, Sam Syndication Note: SCTV News Teaser was dropped DVD Note: The end credits music has been changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme; the original had a recording of "Thanks for the Memories."
S03E08 Gaslight 07/11/1980 Additional Viewing: Cecil and Cynthia previously appeared in the Series 2-14 Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'Murder is Bad for Your Health'. This time they are in a parody of the 1944 film Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer. The Dick Cavett Show, a long-running talk show in the 70s. Chick Monk is based on Chip Monck, lighting and sound man for many of the great bands of the 60's and 70's and MC at Woodstock. Syndication Note: Kanadian Korner 8 was dropped; American Express from 3-22 (74) and Gordon Lightfoot from 3-18 (70) were added
S03E09 Man's Ability To Imitate 14/11/1980
S03E10 Mel's Rock Pile 21/11/1980
S03E11 The Sammy Maudlin Show 28/11/1980 Bob Hope spoils Bobby Bittman's routine when he walks on to The Sammy Maudlin Show to promote his latest special. Additional Viewing: Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese's 1976 classic; Bob Hope on the Road to China, Hope's 1979 TV special. Syndication Note: Taxi Driver was moved to 3-17 (69); TotaControl was moved to 3-10 (62); Participaction from 3-10 (62) was added
S03E12 Hugh Betcha's Night Gallery 05/12/1980
S03E13 Star Wars 12/12/1980
S03E14 Hollywood Salutes Its Extras 19/12/1980 Featuring Sneak Previews and the Kirk Douglas hosted Hollywood Salute to Extras. Additional Viewing: Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese's 1976 classic; Popeye, Robert Altman's 1980 semi-classic; Star Wars, again; and Sneak Previews, the movie review show featuring Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Thomas and Flaherty later reprised their Siskel-Ebert impressions on Martin Short's special I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood. Syndication Note: Howards Bristol Cream was moved to 3-3 (55); Jackie Stewart's Wide World of High Voices from 3-23 (75) was added DVD Note: The John Williams music used in the Star Wars clip in Sneak Previews has been replaced with the Polka music that was used to replace Williams' music in The Happy Wanderers Salute to John Williams (Series 5) on DVD Volume 4; Hawaii 5-O theme music in Hawaii 5-Ho has been replaced; closing credits music changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme.
S03E15 The Irwin Allen Show 26/12/1980 Former station manager Moe Green is being held by radical Lutonians and Guy won't pay the ransom. Irwin Allen's classic '70s disaster movies sink lower with Shelley Winters (Robin Duke), Charlton Heston (Joe Flaherty) and Red Buttons (Dave Thomas).
S03E16 Big Brother 02/01/1981 It's new years' eve 1980 and Guy Caballero imagines the future in 1984, resulting in the multi-sketch Telescreen broadcast. Additional Viewing: Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese's 1976 classic; The PTL Club, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's television ministry. Syndication Note: Taxi Driver (Bob Hope) was moved to syndicated show 117; Tomorrow, Today, Tonight from 3-19 (71) was added
S03E17 Two Way TV / Pit Bulls 09/01/1981 Mr. Kessler (Rick Moranis) demonstrates a way to use your TV for banking and medical services – even to choose the programs you watch! Earl Camembert covers a dog fight.
S03E18 Alpha Channel 16/01/1981
S03E19 Midnight Express Special 23/01/1981 Via the SCTV satellite, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host the Midnight Special live from the prisons of Turkey, while Bill Needle has his show cut to three seconds. Additional Viewing: Alan Parker's 1978 Oscar-winning film Midnight Express and The Midnight Special, the late night rock show that SCTV would eventually replace. Syndication Note: Tomorrow, Tonight, Today was moved to 3-16 (68) DVD Note: Randy Newman's "Pants" has been replaced by generic music, and Randy's segment has been cut down to where he is basically muffled from the top.
S03E20 Cookery Crock / Cartoon Coroner 30/01/1981
S03E21 The Mating Game 06/02/1981
S03E22 Gene Shalit's America 13/02/1981
S03E23 Mel's Rock Pile: Richard Harris 20/02/1981
S03E24 Dick Cavett 27/02/1981 "Monster Chiller Horror Theater" presents Dick Cavett! Dick (Moranis) interviews Bobby Bittman (Levy). Bob and Doug, on the lam, discuss cops.
S03E25 The Cisco Kid 06/03/1981
S03E26 Best Of 13/03/1981