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Sea City takes viewers into the beating heart of the community that works - and plays - around the shipping  lanes which keep the supply lines of Britain open for business   A team from BBC South has been given unique access to the port of Southampton - and the cargo and cruise ships that visit. One million passengers and 40 million tons of cargo are the lifeblood of one of the UK’s largest ports.   Everything from the food that supplies our supermarkets to children’s Christmas toys arrives here – and over half a million new cars are loaded on and off every year. Southampton takes hundreds  of people to keep it running, day in and day out.   Filmed during the summer of 2012, the BBC film team were granted permission by ABP Southampton to show how the port is battling hard – in tough economic times – to help keep Britain afloat.   The casual visitor to Southampton – and even many of its residents – have little idea about what goes on behind the dock gates.   But like any industry, the port thrives on the personality and drive of highly skilled and unique characters.   The programmes are narrated by John Altman, most closely associated with his role as Nick Cotton in Eastenders.

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