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Sealab, an underwater research base based on the Challenger Seamount (an underwater mountain), in the year 2020 (48 years in the future at the time of broadcast). Commanded by Captain Murphy, Sealab was home to 250 people, and was dedicated to the exploration of the seas and the protection of marine life.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sealab 2020

S01E01 Deep Threat 09/09/1972 An earthquake spells danger for Sealab when the recurring mass of shock waves ruptures exposed canisters of radioactive waste.
S01E02 Lost 16/09/1972 An approaching red tide has more than the fish in a panic - the murky oceanic flux, which initiates a process of oxygen depleting, could cut off the life support system of Sealab.
S01E03 Green Fever 23/09/1972 A red alert is signaled after a supply ship's concrete mooring, cast off during a hurricane, unwittingly strikes Sealab's control dome and splits a major section of the shell.
S01E04 The Singing Whale 30/09/1972 A new world opens up for Roger Cummings, a crippled boy whose father is doing research at Sealab, when Booby befriends him and teaches him how to dive.
S01E05 The Shark Lover 07/10/1972 The entire Sealab complex is threatened by an increasing buildup of aggressive sharks in the area.
S01E06 The Basking Shark 14/10/1972 When a space probe loses its parachute during reentry and plummets out of sight into the ocean's depths, the staff of Sealab is called on to locate it.
S01E07 Where Dangers Are Many 21/10/1972 Ed, Gail, and Hal become "muckrakers" when ocean waters around Sealab become blanketed with layers of loosened silt.
S01E08 Backfire 28/10/1972 Ed considers resigning from Sealab after Dr. Williams grants permission to a submarine geologist to use explosives on Seamount for the purpose of oil exploration.
S01E09 The Deepest Dive 04/11/1972 Hal, Ed, and Gail plunge to the lowest depths of the ocean in a special crystal bell to plant a second seismographic signaling device after the first one mysteriously disappears.
S01E10 The Challenge 00/00/0000 The Sealab team meet Alex, an archaeologist who has dedicated the last 7 years to finding the sunken ship 'Viking', which sunk over 100 years ago. It's rumored that the ship was carrying some aztec treasures. Alex's brother Chuck is very excited by the discovery, and his excitement is getting in the way. Sealab follows rules and guidelines that guarantee safety, but prevent Chuck from finding the treasure faster. Alex is willing to cut his losses if lives could be lost, but Chuck will not let the last 7 years of his brother's life be for nothing...
S01E11 Collision of the Aquarius 18/11/1972 Human complications make dealing with the mechanical ones more difficult when cargo sub "Aquarius" crashes into Seamount and endangers the Sealab complex.
S01E12 The Capture 25/11/1972 Although the Sealab crew doesn't like helping Mr. Harlan trap two animals from every species on the Seamount for a new aquarium, they carry out the task because of orders
S01E13 The Arctic Story 02/12/1972 The crew of Sealab 2020 ventures into the frozen Arctic to rescue two scientists who have been trapped by a blizzard while on a scientific expedition.