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Behind their picket-fences they appear the picture of absolute perfection, but when the sugary façade begins to crack, down come the walls of their country club fairytales. From salacious affairs, to nasty divorces, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


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S01E01 Playdate with Death 08/04/2014 Bored suburban homemaker Candy Montgomery finds herself an exciting new hobby- a salacious affair with a church friend's husband! When her lover threatens to end the relationship, a confrontation takes these families from cookie cutters to ax murder.
S01E02 The Southern Belle from Hell 08/04/2014 Kelley Cannon is the Belle of Nashville, with a polished pedigree and a millionaire hubby. But Kelley devolves from debutante to drug addict after a back injury. As her family's perfect veneer shatters, the struggle to keep up appearances ends fatally.
S01E03 Stay-at-Home Murder 15/04/2014 Susan Wright is Houston's hottest homemaker-keeps a tidy home and tends to her family. When hunky husband, starts slipping into his party boy ways, things starts to sour.They might look like the perfect couple but dark secrets are buried in the backyard.
S01E04 Broken Heartland 15/04/2014 Indiana housewife Susan Grund is spoiled rotten, thanks to her husband Jim. Their marriage is the picture of perfection until Susan's sexual demands force Jim to withdraw. Susan begins an illicit affair that threatens both her lifestyle and her life.
S01E05 American Nightmare 22/04/2014 Rose Keller's life changes when she answers an ad in a German newspaper. She jets off to Palm Beach and marries millionaire Fred Keller, 35 years her senior. Their relationship eventually fizzles, and 11 days after the divorce things turn deadly.
S01E06 Murder for Hire 22/04/2014 Figure ice skater mom Sharon Voit resides in Golf, Illinois with her beautiful daughters and successful dentist husband. After years of happily ever after, Sharon starts to see cracks in her marriage. How far will she go to make things perfect again?
S01E07 Third Time's the Charm 29/04/2014 Yvonne Stern is a domestic goddess, perfectly capable of balancing the needs of her family and her role as queen of the Houston social scene. Yvonne's husband, a prominent lawyer, has developed a deadly conflict of interest.
S01E08 The Mad Scientist 06/05/2014 Michelle Nyce, a pretty girl from the Philippines, life is forever changed when she meets an American pen pal. Years later, Michelle grows restless and begins an affair with her gardner. Torn between two loves, will the truth turn Michelle's life deadly?
S01E09 The Truth Hurts 13/05/2014 Life is just peachy for Georgia's Jennifer Corbin but when her husband becomes controlling, she searches for an escape.Obsessed with gaming she begins a cyber affair.Jennifer wants out of her marriage, but her world begins to unravel and secrets revealed.
S01E10 Upper Eastside Shootout 20/05/2014 Wealthy housewife Barbara Kogan is the toast of New York society. With her business tycoon husband George, she enjoys an extravagant life. But when her husband leaves her for a younger woman, a bitter divorce ends with one of the Kogans' shot dead.
S01E11 All Bets Are Off 27/05/2014 Sweet Doris Angleton is adored by all, but her hubby Houston's biggest bookie. Unfulfilled and lonely, Doris has an affair and now wants a divorce. Then threatens Bob's empire to get what she wants. But someone makes a bad bet and pays a deadly price.
S01E12 Milkshake Murder 27/05/2014 Nancy Kissel projects quite an expensive image of perfection. But when a private investigator begins unraveling this housewife's dirty little secrets, someone winds up dead.

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