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S04E01 Fetishes and Fantasies 01/04/2008 In this episode, the fetishes of women that lead double lives are explored, including a young woman who pretends to be a toddler, a fire dancer, a wrestler, and a food fetish model.
S04E02 Sideshow Gals 08/04/2008 Female sideshow performers are interviewed, including Jennifer Miller, the bearded lady, Katzen the Tiger Lady, who is completely covered in tattoos, and some of the female performers of the 999 Eyes Freakshow.
S04E03 Exposed: Sexual Predators 15/04/2008 Stephanie Good talks about how she started helping out the FBI in catching Internet predators by posing as a minor.
S04E04 Amazon Women 22/04/2008 Four bodybuilders are followed as they train and compete, including a doctor of chiropractic medicine who has an alter-ego called Dr. Sexy, a married mom who started working out with her husband to lose weight, a professional body builder and mother of three, and a woman who has turned her muscular body into a mini-empire.
S04E05 Polygamists Cult 29/04/2008 Two women talk about their experiences as members of and escaping from the infamous Polygamists cult known as the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints). After escaping, Flora started a program that helps women and children escape from polygamist cults. Carolyn escaped the FLDS with her eight children only a few years ago and went on to write a bestselling book, "Escape," about the situation. And Michelle runs a safe house for the "Lost Boys," young men who have been kicked out of the FLDS for displaying normal teenage behavior.
S04E06 Psychics 06/05/2008 Four women with a special gift of communicating with animals and the non-living are profiled. A forensic physic helps a family deal with the murder of their daughter. One woman who communicates with angels helps people talk to their loved ones that have passed. A forensic investigator investigates the murder of an innocent family. And a woman who communicates with animals helps their owners understand their pets.
S04E07 Mafia Women 13/05/2008 Three women, two wives and a girlfriend, with ties to the mafia are interviewed. Lynda was married to a capo in the Gambino family and saw her life unravel when her husband mysteriously disappeared. After twenty years, his body has still not been found. Ruthann was a Philadelphia gangster's girlfriend and targeted after her lover ratted out his associates to the state, causing the mafia to come after her. Andrea talks about her experience with the mob, including John Gotti, until she was also arrested and now has to spend the rest of her life under witness protection.
S04E08 Voyeurs and Exhibitionists 20/05/2008 Four women who practice voyeurism or exhibitionism are looked at, including Nicole, an expert and champion pole dancer known as Nakita, Jessica, an army wife and mother who is taking pin-up pictures for her husband who is being deployed to Iraq, Lou, the Naked Cowgirl who performs nearly topless in Times Square in New York City, and Franny, a woman in her seventies who attends, and is a huge fan of, the Thunder From Down Under male strip show.
S04E09 Stalkers 27/05/2008 Different women who have dealt with stalking in different ways are examined. Lisa is a college professor, wife, and mother, who stalked an ex-boyfriend when she was younger. Kathi is a wife and mother who divorced her husband and lost custody of her daughters to him, and defied a restraining order to see her children and stalk her ex-husband. Deseree is the woman accused of stalking actor Colin Farrell, though she has a different story than what he presented. Two of the most famous stalking cases are also looked at, "The Long Island Lolita," Amy Fisher, and astronaut Lisa Nowak. Women who have also stalked celebrities are also explored. And finally, a woman who living in fear because a woman she isn't even sure of is stalking her is interviewed.
S04E10 Girl Gangs 03/06/2008 Female gang members discuss their lives in a gang and futures, including two former gang members, a member of the Crypts, and a member of the Bloods.
S04E11 Porn Stars 10/06/2008 Four female adult-film stars are profiled. First there is Tera Patrick, who is the top star in the adult-film industry. And Tera has built an empire, Teravision, and is trying to help women in the industry and help those who want to get in the industry. Next is Gina Lynn, who looks like the girl next door and lives a quiet life with her husband in Amish Country in Pennsylvania. But outside her life here, Gina and her husband both star in and direct porn. Then there is Nicki, who got into the porn industry after she got married and had children. She was one of the most adventersome and prolific performers, but was then diagnosed with leukemia, and is now making her comeback. Finally, we have Buck, who lived the first 20 years of his life as Susan, a beautiful blonde model. But deep inside he felt like a man and made the switch with hormone therapy and plastic surgery. But there is one catch - Buck still has a vagina.
S04E12 Size Matters: Small, Tall, and Extra Large 17/06/2008 Four women of different body types discuss what their lives are like. Alexis is a model who stands at 6'5", without high heels. Alexis hated having to deal with all the attention she got until she was in her mid twenties and decided to embrace her height. April, on the other hand, stands at 3'1" and is one of the world's smallest adults. But what she lacks in her height is made up for in her personality and determination in life. Lisa Marie struggled with her weight and was an outcast for being the "fat girl." But when she discovered a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) website, her life changed, and she and fellow Big Beautiful Woman Cher are trying to help and give support to their fellow big girls everywhere.
S04E13 Dirty Little Suburban Secrets 24/06/2008 The secret lives of four suburban mothers are revealed, including a woman who is a dominatrix and a vampire, a woman who is addicted to pills, a woman who is in an open marriage, and a woman who discovered her husband was gay after years of marriage
S04E14 Eating Disorders 01/07/2008 Five women with eating disorders are interviewed. When Kelie was fifteen, she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. To make her feel normal, her mother read her stories of other girls that also had it. One story that stuck with Kelie was a tale of a girl who skipped her insulin injections so she could fit in her prom dress. After gaining 25 pounds, Kelie decided to do the same. After losing ten pounds in a week, she's developed an eating disorder known as diabulimia that will threaten her life if she doesn't get it under control. Lisa's problem started at age five, when her parents broke up. But instead on under eating, she overeats. At 5'6", her heaviest weight so far has been 294 lbs. Lisa is now under going a weight loss program and hopes this will change her views on food. Tracy's eating disorder started when her children left for college. At 5'2", her lowest weight was 76 lbs in 2000. She's been in and out of treatment for eight years. Tracy is now nearing her goal weight of 110 lbs. Heather and Adrienne developed anorexia while in their mid twenties and have been battling it for a collective total of 25 years. Adrienne has fought the disorder and is on her way to recovery, but Heather fears recovery will not happen with her.
S04E15 Child Brides 08/07/2008 Women who married in their teens are interviewed.
S04E16 Mistresses 15/07/2008 Three different women that have relationships with married men are interviewed. Tania has been involved with a married man for over five years. Everything was going fine until his wife found out, and then the trouble started. Kara is a serial Internet dater who made it a point not to date a married man, until one caught her eye. The "accidental mistress," Kara is enjoying every minute of her relationship. Finally, there is Christine, who is not the typical mistress. She is a professional Mistress, a dominatrix known as Mistress Cristian, whose sole purpose is to be worshipped. And many of Mistress Cristian's clients are married men who visit her because not many of their wives would offer the non-sexual services she provides.
S04E17 Open Relationships 22/07/2008 Four women in non-traditional relationships are interviewed. Christa has been married to her husband Ken for eight years, but they aren't completely faithful with each other. They have realtions with other women and couples, but only share an emotional relationship with one another. Keysha is committed to her long-term boyfriend Mike, but her job could make others raise an eyebrow. Keysha is a professional prosititute working at the Kit Kat Ranch. However, her clients are just part of her job, and her only love is Mike. Birgitte is a painter and make-up artist in New York City. Birgitte's inspiration for her art is her many lovers, and as a matter of fact, Birgitte is polyamorous, which means she has many lovers, both men and women. Dee Dee has been happily married for twenty years and runs the Black Rose Swingers Club from her home. It is a place where couples or singles can meet others for no-strings-attached sex, and the business is extremely successful.
S04E18 Unexpected Love 29/07/2008 Women in "taboo" relationships are looked at. Cristianne is with her high school sweetheart Jeremy, and they are proof that love comes in all sizes because Cristianne stands at 2'7", while Jeremy is 6'4". Cyndi has been with her partner Michael for a while, and while they look like your typical couple, Michael has a secret - he used to be a girl. Kari isn't worried about her parents liking her boyfriend Kyle because they already know him and have known him for years. Kyle is Kari's first cousin. They grew up together and were always close, but found love with each other when they were teenagers. Dorothy's fiance Randy doesn't live a typical life. Online, he is known as Peter Pan, and his belief is a life of happiness and eternal youth rubbed off on Dorothy. Now they dress as fairies and want to spread joy everywhere they go.
S04E19 Extreme Body Modifications 05/08/2008 This episode profiles four women who practice body alteration, which some would refer to as mutilation. Anne runs a piercing shop in Los Angeles, but she isn't doing your typical body piercings. She is a play piercer that will pierce legs, backs, and arms, and also hosts suspension parties, where participants pierce thick hooks through their backs and hang from the ceiling. Heather is in charge of multi-million properties by day, but when her job is done, she becomes Cookie. Cookie has many tattoos and sub-dermal implants that each have a special meaning behind them. Michelle was a rebel who got her first tattoo as a teenager. In college, she majored in painting, but her love of tattoos led to her to be the only woman who owns two tattoo shops in New York City. Natalie loves her freedom and is expressing it in a special way called scarification, which is cutting a design into the skin to create a raised and permanent scar. Though it is very painful, Natalie is willing to go through it in order to artistically express herself.
S04E20 Extreme Weight Loss 12/08/2008 Four women who are mothers and wives who have dropped over 100 pounds discuss their lives before and after the surgery, including a woman who lost 180 pounds through old-fashioned diet and exercise, a woman who lost 108 pounds and became a burlesque dancer, a woman who lost over 100 pounds but can't lose excess skin, and a woman who is getting ready to have a tummy tuck and gastric bypass.
S04E21 Extreme Beliefs 19/08/2008 Women with different beliefs, lifestyle and religious, are profiled, including a former gang member who became a pastor, a vegan who is an active member of PETA and spreads the word of the harsh realities of animal abuse, a member of the Hare Krishna who finds the religion extremely fulfilling, and a former Scientologist who is trying to get in contact with her family after the church banned her from doing so.
S04E22 Extreme Plastic Surgery 26/08/2008 Four women who have had multiple plastic surgery procedures done discuss their lives, including a woman who has plastic surgery to make sure she stays youthful in appearance, a woman who has had so much plastic surgery she's spent hundreds of thousands, and is considering selling her home for more work, and a woman who is actually a man undergoing gender reassignment surgery to become a complete woman.
S04E23 Specialty Models 02/09/2008 Unique models who fill various niches are interviewed, including Dawn B., a commercial model who, after becoming pregnant, used that to her advantage and started a successful pregnancy modeling career, Pasha D., a plus-sized model, Daniella V., a lingerie model, and Roxy C., a Goth and alternative model.
S04E24 Phobias 09/09/2008 Three women with different phobias are interviewed, including Chalfonte, who suffers from a fear of water, Loretta, who is afraid of flying in an airplane, and Melissa, who suffers from agoraphobia, which is a fear of leaving her house and going outside.
S04E25 The Occult 16/09/2008 Four women with uncommon spiritual beliefs are profiled, including a vampire, a Wiccan, and a Satanist.
S04E26 Sex Addicts 23/09/2008 In this season's finale, four women who have dealt with an addiction to sex are examined, including two women who have gotten over their addiction, a woman who is addicted to sexual attention, and a woman who uses her sex addiction in her career.
S05E01 Mothers of Murderers 18/08/2009 In the season five premiere, four women who have a child that has killed someone are profiled, including, a gang-related killing, a case of child abuse that led to murder, an ex-Marine's rampage that left several dead, and one mother's fight to prove that her child is innocent.
S05E02 Extreme Diets 25/08/2009 Four women that are on drastic diets to lose weight are profiled, including prayer, starvation, eating raw foods, and "fregan" dumpster diving.
S05E03 Cults 01/09/2009 This episode profiled women that are involved in cults and mind-control groups.
S05E04 Nasty Divorces 08/09/2009 In this episode, women who have gone through tough divorces are interviewed, including the highly publicized breakup of Dina Matos and former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, the divorce of Judy Steinberg from her husband, comedian David Steinberg, and a woman who is forced to share her house with her ex-husband, who has divided the house in half by a wall. This installment also features a woman who has a breakup-inspired online boutique, and a woman who has a bootcamp to help women get over the divorce.
S05E05 Women of Erotica 15/09/2009 Four women who work in the pornography industry are interviewed, including director Sky Blue, talent agent/actress Shy Love, and actresses Kenzi Marie and Gianna Lynn.
S05E06 Mini Women 22/09/2009 Women who are diagnosed with "dwarfism" discuss their stories, including a woman trying to break into the acting business, a woman studying clinical sexology, and a mom with a full-time job and a gig as a mascot.
S05E07 Groupies 29/09/2009 Women who follow bands and sleep with the band members are profiled, including former 1960s groupie and author Pamela Des Barres, a former heavy metal groupie, Phoenix twins trying to revive rock music's golden age, and a woman who writes and distributes a groupie-themed newsletter.
S05E08 Extreme Weight Loss 06/10/2009 Three women who have lost an incredible amount of weight are interviewed, including a woman who lost 100 pounds, a woman who shared her weight loss struggle on YouYube, and a woman who constantly exercises.
S05E09 Hostages 13/10/2009 Three women who have been held as hostages are interviewed, including a teacher who was aboard a hijacked plane, a missionary kidnapped in the Phillippines, and a corrections officer kidnapped by two inmates in an Arizona prison standoff.
S05E10 Mail Order Brides 20/10/2009 This episode follows the stories of two families, Anna and Mark Davis and Tanya and John Adams, who came together because of these women's desires to look for love outside of their country. The women also tell how they did it. And in a unique twist, the show will take you to Odessa, Ukraine to observe a social event where nearly 200 women attend to meet men from around the world in hopes of finding their happily ever after romance
S05E11 Loved and Controlled 27/10/2009 Two women who have been in controlling relationships are profiled, including a woman who survived getting shot in the head and a woman whose abusive husband killed her three children. The show also takes a look in the Drew Peterson case.
S05E12 Shopping Addicts 03/11/2009 Three women who have an incredible spending habit are interviewed, including a Los Angeles model who is a shopping addict even though she can afford it, a college student who buys everything with her unemployed parents' credit cards, and a woman who is $55,000 in debt. A former shopping addict also tells how she became a shopping addict and how finding her husband helped her recover. And the show takes a look at how people can become addicted to shopping.
S05E13 Born to Breed 10/11/2009 Three women who have religious beliefs that forbid them to use any type of birth control and have many kids are profiled, including two mothers who follow the Quiverfull movement and a woman who left the movement after feeling overwhelmed.
S05E14 Dirty Work 17/11/2009 Four women who have dirty jobs talk about their lives, including a dairy cow midwife, a crime-scene cleaner, a woman who works at a slaughterhouse, and a woman who works at a chimpanzee sanctuary.
S05E15 War on Polygamy 24/11/2009 This episode features a look into the lives of those fighting the practice of polygamy in the Mormon FLDS church. Women who have left polygamous marriages are interviewed, as well as law enforcement agents and government officials who are fighting polygamist cults.
S05E16 Husband Beaters 24/11/2009 In this episode, two couples with once abusive wives are profiled, as well as a man whose wife showed up at his wife and tried to murder him with a knife.
S05E17 Cat Ladies 08/12/2009 Portrait of women whose lives and self-worth have become intractably linked to cats.
S05E18 American Brothel 08/12/2009 In the season finale, women working at the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal ranch in Nevada, discuss their lives, experiences, and the competition, stigma, and dangers of working in a brothel.
S05E19 Webcam Girls 00/00/0000
S05E20 Cross Dressers 19/01/2010 Carrieranne's fiancé lives secretly as a cross-dresser; grandparents from Texas tell why they are open about their cross-dressing experiences.

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