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As hard as the rock this City is built on, its mysteries are even harder to break. What lies behind New York City’s tough-as-nails veneer? It’s the hidden, undocumented and unknown enigmas we call "Secrets of New York."


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S01E01 New York: City of Secrets 02/02/2005
S01E02 Hidden 25/02/2005
S01E03 Lost 25/02/2005
S01E04 Secret Delights 12/04/2005
S01E05 Hard to Find 19/07/2005
S01E06 Seven Secrets of Grand Central 30/05/2005
S02E01 Deep New York: How Low Can You Go in the Big Apple? 30/11/2005 As New Yorkers go about their daily business, few realize that a whole other world lies just beneath their feet. Deep underneath New York City is a mysterious world of pipes and passageways. From abandoned train stations to water valves the size of a city bus, discover Gotham’s buried treasures.
S02E02 Ancient NY: 400 Years and Counting 13/12/2005 Few places in the world possess a history as rich, colorful or dramatic as that of New York City. Scattered throughout the city are unnoticed vestiges from a previous time that mark a path to the city’s illustrious past. Travel back in time to explore what hides inside New York’s oldest bridge, or what secrets lie buried in the city’s oldest cemetery, as we unfold the mysteries of old New York.
S02E03 Secrets in the Sky: The Towers of Gotham 07/03/2006 It's a city famous for its skyline, but what mysteries lie behind these lofty structures that symbolize New York City's high reaching ambition? We go above and beyond to bring you the most intriguing stories about the city's ubiquitous skyscrapers.
S02E04 Jails of New York: Secrets Unlocked 23/05/2006
S02E05 Secrets of the Subway: Above and Below 27/06/2006
S02E06 New York City: Sights Unseen 08/08/2006
S02E07 Pioneering Moments in New York City History 10/04/2007
S02E08 Facelift: The Changing Landscape of New York City 10/04/2007
S02E09 New York $ity: The Most Valuable 29/06/2007
S02E10 New York Connections: The Bridges of New York 06/07/2007
S03E01 Tribeca: Mysteries of New York's Backlot Revealed 28/04/2007
S03E02 The Sewers 24/08/2008 The New York City sewer system is an engineering marvel and a murky source of urban legend. It contains more than 6,000 miles of water mains and pipes, and handles more than a billion gallons of waste each day. Watch as host Kelly Choi solves the mystery of the sewer system.
S03E03 Made in New York: City of Industry 30/08/2008
S03E04 New York City: The Most Valuable 13/06/2010
S03E05 New York Underground 23/02/2009

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