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S01E01 The Staff of Moses 14/12/2014 The staff of Moses created some of the most astonishing miracles in the Bible. One man thinks he knows where it is. The story of how the staff got there could be another miracle itself.
S01E02 The Parting of the Red Sea 21/12/2014 Two investigators set out to find the location of the Parting of the Red Sea.
S01E03 The Fall of Jericho 28/12/2014 Archaeologist Dr. Bryant Wood believes he has found proof of the Battle of Jericho.
S01E04 The Turin Shroud 04/01/2015 Is the Turin Shroud real or a fake? An Italian Professor believes he has the answer.
S01E05 Tudor Parfitt and the Lost Tribes of Israel 11/01/2015 Professor Tudor Parfitt claims to have located an African tribe of black Jews called the Lemba whose roots can be traced back to the Jews of the Old Testament.
S01E06 The Real Exodus 18/01/2015 For thousands of years, people have wondered about the greatest story in the Old Testament--The Exodus. This is the story of Sir Colin Humphreys’ journey to find the real route of the Exodus and the true mountain of God.
S01E07 The Great Flood, Part 1 25/01/2015 The Great Flood is the most apocalyptic story in the Old Testament, but so far no concrete evidence of it has been found. Now two American oceanographers, Bill Ryan and Walter Pitman, set out to solve the mystery.
S01E08 The Great Flood, Part 2 08/02/2015
S01E09 The Stone of Jacob 15/02/2015 Author Adrian Gilbert traces the historical path of the Stone of Jacob and answers questions regarding the ancient artifact's authenticity.
S01E10 The Temple of Solomon Mystery 22/02/2015 Questions arise surrounding the authenticity of the Jehoash Tablet, a religious artifact containing an ancient inscription.
S01E11 The Tower of Babel 01/03/2015 David Rohl looks for the location of the Tower of Babel.
S01E12 The Holy Grail 08/03/2015 A man thinks that he has solved the mystery of the Holy Grail.
S01E13 The Ten Plagues of Egypt 15/03/2015 Two scientists investigate the mystery of The Ten Plagues of Egypt. Dr John S Marr examines the medical accuacy behind myth, while molecular biologist Siro Trevisanato looks for one single cause to explain all ten plagues.
S01E14 Sodom and Gomorrah 22/03/2015 One man discovers hard evidence for Sodom--the Bible's original City of Sin.