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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Secrets of War: Weapons of War

S01E01 Super Guns 00/00/0000 From Germany's Big Bertha in World War One to Iraq's top secret Project Babylon, they are the ultimate projection of force. Secret cannons designed to strike their target from miles away, hand held rifles that pack the power of the atom and super guns capable of launching satellites into space. Aired as episode 24 in original "Secrets of War" TV series.
S01E02 Psychological Warfare 00/00/0000 The soldiers who employ Psy Ops use every means available to destroy the will of the enemy to resist. We look at the secret tools and techniques of wartime persuasion. Aired as episode 51 in original "Secrets of War" TV series.
S01E03 Tools of Deception 00/00/0000 They are the means by which to confuse an enemy, forcing him into making a fatal mistake. From decoy tanks and phoney radio broadcasts, to the spy whose lies led Hitler to ruin, tools of deception can be the most deadly weapons of all. These are the methods of camouflage, fakery and propaganda used by both sides to influence the enemy and control the battlefield during WWII. Aired as episode 9 in original "Secrets of War" TV series.
S01E04 Spy Planes 00/00/0000 This is an examination of the secret deployment of modern aircraft designed to spy from the sky. From remotely piloted vehicles on today's battlefield to the venerable U-2 and the SR-71, spy planes have long been the most vital top covert aircraft in the sky. This is episode 42 in the original "Secrets of War" series.
S01E05 Bio and Chemical Weapons 00/00/0000 This is a close look at the deadliest of secret weapons, chemical and biological agents. From mustard gas artillery shells used along the trenches in WWI to the US gas stockpiles in the Pacific during WWII and the recent Iraqi gassing of the Kurds, chemical warfare has long been shrouded in a veil of secrecy. This is episode 30 in the original "Secrets of War" series.
S01E06 The Wizard War 00/00/0000 These are secrets from the electronic battlefield. From the Battle of the Beams in WWII to the evolution of weapons guidance and the blinding effects of electronic jamming we look at the quest to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. Aired as episode 40 in the original "Secrets of War" TV series.
S01E08 Churchill's Gambles 00/00/0000 An inside look at the man who, more than any of his contemporaries, embraced secret intelligence operations, deception and code-breaking as viable instruments of modern war. Aired as episode 44 in original "Secrets of War" TV series.
S01E10 Korea - Stalin's Secret Air War 00/00/0000 Classified missions over the Yalu set the tenor at the onset of the Cold War. UN pilots battled anti-aircraft fire and a mysterious enemy in the skies over Korea. Previously classified telegrams reveal Stalin's personal role in the conflict. Aired as episode 20 in original "Secrets of War" TV series.

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