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The first of a series of releases from this exciting series exploring little-known aspects of the Second World War. Narrated by the solid presence of Robert Powell (star of "The 39 Steps"), these programmes make extensive use of original archive footage and eyewitness accounts to bring alive daring raids into enemy territory, exploits of counter-espionage and feats of technical genius that are only just now coming to light.


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S01E01 The Corpse that Fooled the Axis 01/01/1998 Little did the Germans know that the body they discovered on the coast of Spain in 1943 was part of one of the most elaborate hoaxes of World War II.
S01E02 Adolf Hitler's Last Days 08/01/1998 With access to Eva Braun’s personal photograph album, this programme reconstructs the final days in the Dictator's underground lair, and in particular it examines the possibility of escape for the selected few.
S01E03 Secret Mission to North Africa 15/01/1998 After numerous adventures, a small number of American officers managed to rendezvous with their submarine on the North Africa coast in 1942 and relay back to Eisenhower information which would save thousands of British and American lives.
S01E04 When Hitler Invaded America 25/01/1998 In June 1942 two German U-Boats landed secret agents on Long Island and at Jacksonville, Florida. Their aim was sabotage… but their methods left a lot to be desired!
S01E05 The Bruneval Raid 29/01/1998 A British airborne operation to capture the secrets of a sophisticated German radar system. In February 1942, paratroopers were dropped into Bruneval on the French coast, where they quickly neutralised a small German garrison. With opposing units converging on their position, they set about dismantling the system before being intercepted, intending to return to Britain with valuable components to study
S01E06 What Really Happened to Rommel? 05/02/1998 On October 14, 1944, Germany's greatest military leader said goodbye to his beloved wife and son, and was then escorted away by two officers sent by Adolf Hitler. Shortly thereafter Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was dead. Was it suicide? Retribution? Why would the Fuhrer order the death of his greatest general and one-time supporter? This episodes unravels this enduring mystery and reveals what really happened to Rommel.
S01E07 The Enigma Secret 12/02/1998 By early 1940, British codebreakers at Bletchley Park, working with information from the Poles, had begun to crack the German military codes produced on the Enigma cipher machine. Once this had been achieved, the challenge was how to prevent the Germans from finding out their codes had been broken.
S01E08 Human Torpedoes 19/02/1998 In 1941 four Italian frogmen used their two-man underwater ‘chariots’ to place explosive charges on two British battleships in Alexandria Harbour. They were the first of many brave men to use these unconventional weapons.
S01E09 The Secrets of the Battle of the Bulge 26/02/1998 In 1944 as Hitler faced defeat he tried one last gamble of an offensive on the Western Front. The result was the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. But what the Germans did not know was the Allies were decoding their radio messages.
S01E10 The Greatest Sea/Air Battle in History 05/03/1998 There have been larger land battles and more protracted air campaigns than Okinawa but this was a combined operation, unparalleled in size, scope and ferocity.
S01E11 Above Us -- The Enemy (Secrets of the Submarine War) 12/03/1998 The underwater war saw many innovations and a rapid increase in electronic technology, which eventually enabled the Allies to achieve ultimate victory.
S01E12 The Secrets Behind the Battle of Guadalcanal 19/03/1998 Hundreds of sailors, eight ships and two American Admirals were to be lost in actions where valour overcame many mistakes on both sides - leading to the defeat of the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto.
S01E13 The Real Heroes of Telemark 26/03/1998 In 1943 as the Germans were producing ‘heavy water’ to build their atomic bomb, the Norwegian resistance launched a daring raid against the Norsk Hydro plant.
S01E14 They Flew for China 02/04/1998 Between 1941 and 1943 some of America’s most talented fighter pilots flew for Nationalist China against the Japanese. They became known as the ‘Flying Tigers’ and with the name a legend was born.
S01E15 How Germany was Bombed to Defeat 09/04/1998 One thousand bomber raids flown by the US airforce by day and the same by Britain’s RAF by night. The result was a firestorm which destroyed German cities, industry and communications; raids which involved much personal bravery and the use of secret technology.
S01E16 The End of the Scharnhorst 16/04/1998 She was faster than any British battleship, but in what was to become known as ‘The Battle of the North Cape’, the Scharnhorst was about to meet her destiny at the hands of Admiral Fraser in one of the most exciting naval engagements ever.
S01E17 The RAF versus the V-Weapons 23/04/1998 Hitler’s ultimate goal was to produce a rocket capable of carrying an atomic weapon weighing five tons. Fortunately, the Royal Air Force discovered his plan and set about destroying his dream.
S01E18 Japan's Last Secret Weapon 30/04/1998 Had it not been winter, North America’s vast western forests, farms and cities might have been decimated by a secret weapon sent in thousands across the Pacific by the Japanese in 1944.
S01E19 The Minehunters 07/05/1998 One of the most feared weapons of World War II was the mine. Some were laid by ship and submarine, others by aircraft. Of all of these the most lethal was the magnetic mine, and the race to counter it was one of the most crucial of the war.
S01E20 The Nazi Plundering of Europe 14/05/1998 Throughout occupied Europe the Nazis systematically plundered the continent’s museums, galleries, and private collections. At the war’s end, a massive effort was mounted by the Allies to locate the missing art treasures and return them to their rightful owners. But even today many great objects are still unlocated.
S01E21 Confusion was their Business 21/05/1998 The exciting story of the emergence of special forces such as the British SAS and the US Rangers.
S01E22 Merrill's Marauders 28/05/1998 America’s answer to fighting behind Japanese lines in the jungle was to deploy a highly trained unit called Merrill’s Marauders.
S01E23 The Amazing Colonel Doolittle 04/06/1998 The citizens of Japan could not believe their eyes when the Americans dared to fly an audacious bombing mission against Tokyo only a few months after Pearl Harbor.
S01E24 Destroying Hitler's Oil 11/06/1998 Amazing new footage has become available which shows the raid by the US Air Force against the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania which supplied 60 percent of Hitler’s oil in 1943.
S01E25 Home Run from Colditz 18/06/1998 The Germans said it was impregnable but the confines of Colditz were to inspire some of the most legendary escapes of all time.
S01E26 The Cruise of the Secret Raiders 25/06/1998 The fascinating story of the secret heavily armed cargo ships deployed by the Germans which were in reality designed to sink allied merchant ships as well as refuelling German U-Boats and warships.
S01E27 The Port Chicago Mutiny 00/00/0000