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Seed est une comédie au format 30 minutes où Harry, un barman célibataire et attachant, réalise que son passé de donneur de sperme a engendré une descendance qu'il ignorait - jusqu'à maintenant. Ce célibataire déséquilibré se retrouve impliqué dans les vies de ses enfants nouvellement découverts et de leurs familles peu enthousiastes – un couple de lesbiennes et leur garçon excentrique de 9 ans, un mari et une épouse coincés de classe aisée et leur adolescente rebelle, et une femme célibataire et impulsive pressée par son horloge biologique …


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Seed

S01E01 Ill Conceived 04/02/2013 Harry becomes an overnight father figure to nine-year-old Billy and teenage Anastasia, who both seem to be the product of Harry's past foray into sperm donation. Meanwhile Harry meets Rose, a beautiful, if neurotic, single woman who's out to have a baby on her own, and who believes Harry may have what she needs to get pregnant.
S01E02 Zygote Problems 11/02/2013
S01E03 The Rhythmic Gymnastic Method 18/02/2013 Harry signs Billy up for Rhythmic Gymnastics, so that Harry can hook up with the hot new gymnastics teacher. Meanwhile Jonathan offers Harry $5000 to disappear from his daughter’s life. Rose strikes up a friendship with Irene, who Harry fears will tell Rose all of Harry’s dirty secrets.
S01E04 The Ultrasound and the Fury 25/02/2013 Double-booked, Harry must decide between scoring with a hot fashion model or attending his baby's first ultrasound.
S01E05 Birth of a Salesman 04/03/2013 Harry helps Billy become his school’s top charity salesman, while Rose tests her maternal instincts on an electronic baby.
S01E06 Corner Orifice 11/03/2013 Rose hides her pregnancy from her boss, while Harry discovers the truth about Jonathan and Janet's sex life.
S01E07 Fetal Attraction 18/03/2013 Harry figures out the secret behind Rose’s new boyfriend, while Zoey and Michelle deal with consequences of Billy having lice.
S01E08 Bromozomes 25/03/2013
S01E09 Rebel Without Lamaze 01/04/2013 Harry helps Rose to make friends in her new birthing class, while Janet and Jonathan fight for the chance to be involved in Anastasia's prom.
S01E10 Womb Mates 08/04/2013 Harry coaxes out Rose's bachelor side when they are forced to share an apartment. Zoey's grandmother plays a visit, and Rachel goes behind Jonathan's back in an attempt to get a good deal on a car.
S01E11 The Sperm Whale 15/04/2013 Harry lies about having a relationship with Rose to score with a home-wrecker; Jonathan and Janet attempt to connect with Anastasia online.
S01E12 Always Use a Condo 22/04/2013 Rose lies to make a preschool waitlist; while Zoey and Michelle attempt to give Billy 'The Talk'
S01E13 At Your Cervix 29/04/2013 Roses's pregnancy nears full term, prompting Zoey and Michelle to contemplate whether they will ever want another child of their own.
S02E01 The Second Coming 06/03/2014 Harry, Michelle and Zoey dole out conflicting love advice to Billy, while Harry tries to deal with his newly discovered crush on Rose. Meanwhile, Rose can't wait to start dating a cute father at her baby's play group, but she’s not happy when she finds Harry spying on her date. Jonathan is thrilled to come to Harry's rescue, since Janet and Anastasia aren't interested in his advice.
S02E02 Consenting Adults 13/03/2014 Harry's feelings for Rose mean he's not interested in dating other women, but Zoey, Michelle and Janet convince him to date the director of Billy's school play. Meanwhile, Jonathan tells Rose about Harry's feelings for her, but Rose doesn't believe it when she catches Harry in a compromising situation.
S02E03 To Breed or Not to Breed 20/03/2014 With the sperm bank out of Harry’s 'stuff,' Zoey and Michelle go straight to the source. But Harry refuses to put out, forcing Zoey and Michelle to confront the reality of another baby. Meanwhile, Rose wants her boyfriend Bruce to get along with Harry, and Janet and Jonathan try to rekindle their 'happy marriage' – with disastrous results.
S02E04 Safe Sects 27/03/2014 Rose tricks Harry into babysitting so she can have her first sex date with new boyfriend Bruce, but is furious when Harry leaves baby Charlie with Janet, whose 'baby whispering' skills are put to the test. Meanwhile, Zoey worries that Billy is slow for not figuring out her homemade holiday, 'Gaia Day,' isn't real.
S02E05 Getting Tail 03/04/2014 Harry becomes jealous of Billy and Jonathon's new bond, while Rose tries to spice things up with Bruce.
S02E06 Mall My Children 10/04/2014 Rose tries to put Harry's 'single dad powers' to good use, while Michelle, Zoey, Janet and Jonathon confront their bedroom fantasies.
S02E07 Mother Sucker 24/04/2014 Harry and Rose tell Rose´s judgemental mom a lie in order to keep her happy; and Michelle and Zoey turn to Jonathan for help preparing their wills.
S02E08 The Bjorn Identity 01/05/2014 Harry conquers a dating obstacle that brings Rose´s insecurities to the fore; at the same time, Michelle and Billy find themselves drawn into Zoey's war on sugar.
S02E09 Et Tattoo, Bruté? 08/05/2014 Harry hopes to raise the families’ opinion of him by introducing them to his delinquent big brother Frank, but Harry realizes he may be the family black sheep after Frank charms everyone.
S02E12 Premature Driver's Education 29/05/2014

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