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S01E01 Austinmer 19/03/2008 Property in the coastal town of Austinmer is SO hot that buying another house before you sell is considered the norm. Judy and Graham Mahoney never dreamed they would have trouble selling their three bedroom weather board cottage, so they went ahead and purchased a new home, BEFORE they sold. After ten months on the market, a failed auction and 80 inspections they have a BIG problem and an even bigger bridging loan. Buyers are turned off by the bad presentation, poor level of maintenance and the lack of a communal bathroom. Despite the feedback, Judy and Graham refuse to budge from their $700,000 asking price. They need the money to renovate their new home, but as each month passes the couple slip further into debt. They have loans on both properties and need to find almost $6,000 each month just to stay afloat!
S01E02 Bilgola Plateau 26/03/2008 Australian Idol voice-coach Erana Clarke and her two kids love their home on Sydney’s northern beaches. None of them want to leave however a divorce has left Erana with little choice. The home presents well at the front, but the back is a nightmare that sends buyers running for the door. The garden is a sloping jungle of weeds, the bedrooms are dark and dingy and the laundry is a war zone. The house was originally listed at offers over $900,000, and when the Selling Houses Australia renovations are complete Erana wants even more! Will buyers fork out $925,000 plus, or has Erana priced herself out of the market?
S01E03 Mount Martha 02/04/2008 This is a luxury house on a new estate, but nobody is buying. If Lisa and her husband Jamie don’t sell the house, they will be bankrupt. The Evans family have had more than their fair share of bad luck. Lisa has beaten two bouts of breast cancer and a divorce has left her with a mountain of legal bills. The house may be luxurious, however it lacks soul. The stark white interior has precious little furniture and the backyard is a desolate wasteland. After two years on the market the family is desperate. Can we turn this house into a home and will the Evans family get their asking price come auction day?
S01E04 South Granville 09/04/2008 Seven years on the market and just one offer - this has to be a record! Daphne and her husband Abby can’t understand why their three bedroom home in Sydney’s western suburbs isn’t selling. The house is as neat as a pin, but after 16 years of living there you could say Daphne has “settled in”. Every conceivable surface is adorned with her collection of trinkets and Daphne loves each and every one. If she has any chance of selling she must get rid of her collectables and paint out the awful dark wood panelling. But this is one determined lady, and Daphne’s not giving in to change without a fight!
S01E05 Highland Park 16/04/2008 Craig and Gary are desperate to sell their Highland Park home on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Gary’s eyesight is failing, so they need to downsize to a cheaper property - and fast. They have found the perfect country house and snapped it up, but now settlement date is looming and their Gold Coast palace still hasn’t sold. There is one thing that could be turning buyers off – the colour! There are yellow walls, yellow floors, yellow ceilings; even the front façade is yellow! Buyers feel like they are wading through a giant vat of custard and if the house doesn’t get a makeover, Craig and Gary will face financial ruin.
S01E06 Collingwood Park 23/04/2008 Jason and Christine are budget sellers who hate agents. They can’t understand why you would part with thousands of dollars in commission when you could sell the home yourself. After all, it can’t be THAT hard! Seven months ago they listed their modest Brisbane house on a do-it-yourself sell internet site. To save even more money, they didn’t bother to order a sign or any marketing materials. The sole advertising push was down to one single website. It’s no great surprise that the house hasn’t sold and there’s been precious little interest. Can Andrew persuade our budget conscious couple that agents are worth the commission, or will they insist on sticking with the DIY approach?
S01E07 Botany 30/04/2008 Nine months on the market and not a single offer. Could the busy road and noisy trucks be putting buyers off, or maybe it’s the outdated 80’s décor? One thing’s for certain, Tom’s Botany cottage isn’t selling. He bought the two bedroom house with his first wife ten years ago. Sadly, she passed away and Tom found new love with Teresa. They want to make a fresh start in Tasmania, they’ve sold their printing business but until the house goes, they’re going nowhere. Can Andrew’s expert eye help buyers see past the busy road and rumbling trucks? It’s not going to be easy.
S01E08 Runaway Bay 07/05/2008 Runaway Bay is a runaway renovation project. Buyers take one look at this house and put it in the too hard basket. The front deck is collapsing, the décor is dated, the carpets are threadbare, and the back bedrooms are missing a wall! The Engle family seem oblivious to the chaos and clutter they live in, but to buyers it’s all too obvious. No wonder they’ve been trying to sell for over a year! Can three days and a limited budget even touch the sides of this mammoth project? Or has the Selling Houses Australia team bitten off more than they can chew?
S01E09 Coogee 14/05/2008 Rhonda Martin is a colourful woman who has stamped her bright personality all over her waterfront Coogee home. Her long suffering husband Peter has painstakingly painted the ceiling roses to match the wallpaper, but was over the house and Rhonda’s decorating ideas years ago. Peter wants to sell up and hit the road in their camper van, however Rhonda is yet to cut the grandkids apron strings. Two and a half years ago she agreed to put the house on the market - for four and a half million dollars! She’s slowly coming round to Peter’s way of thinking, and a more realistic asking price of three million. But even with the knockout views - there aren’t many buyers who will pay top dollar to live in a kaleidoscope.
S01E10 Dingley Village 21/05/2008 Brett and Peter are best mates since way back - they love their cars, their footy and their beer. So when it came time to buy a property, the two friends pooled resources to secure an enormous house in their home town of Dingley Village. The lads are in their 30’s with responsible jobs, but the house screams student bachelor pad. They want to sell up and go their separate ways but until the house sells this odd couple are stuck together. The first problem could be the asking price - it’s way over market value and the presentation isn’t helping their case either. This home should appeal to family buyers, however the dated décor, weird layout and laddish styling is turning them all away.
S02E01 Gowrie 25/03/2009 Mia and Gary thought they had the perfect family home. With its swimming pool and jungle gym they couldn’t imagine raising their three children anywhere else. That was before baby Brodie fell ill. Doctors advised that Canberra’s climate was bad for the toddler’s health, so they put the house on the market and snapped up a block of land in Merimbula to be close to the sea. But five months later, they’re no closer to a sale and repaying the mortgage and the loan on the land is sending them broke. They blame their agent for the lack of buyers while he says their price tag is unrealistic in Canberra’s flat market. So who really is at fault… and can our team them get a sale?
S02E02 Walkerville 01/04/2009 Allan and Anita are trying to sell a secret; a half renovated house in Walkerville, Adelaide. The property has been “unofficially” on the market for two years with a local agent. Anita refuses to pay for advertising and has resorted to marketing by word of mouth! Allan and Anita are no rookie developers, they’ve already successfully renovated and sold two properties, but number three is a different story. With two young boys in the house, renovating is almost impossible. On top of that, Allan is away Monday to Friday working in Canberra, leaving little time for doing jobs at the weekend. The family are desperate to sell up and be together full time, but until the house is finished, there is little hope of a sale. Can Selling Houses Australia help!
S02E03 North Ryde 08/04/2009 When Jeremy and Kerry bought a house in the property hot spot of North Ryde, they thought they were sitting on a gold mine. Wait a few years, update the place and make a killing. But after eight months on the market and 120 viewings, there are still no buyers - their booming suburb is sending them bust. Local business expansion has resulted in more traffic and it all seems to be on the road at the back of their house. Add to that a half-baked renovation and bad feng shui and this family are going nowhere fast. If they don’t sell soon, they will miss out on their dream home in neighbouring Gladesville. Time is running out.
S02E04 Kurrajong Heights 15/04/2009 Joe and Iris live in green chance paradise on a two and a half acre block which is nestled into the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Living on acres is hard work and the upkeep is becoming too much for 71-year-old Joe. So two and a half years ago Joe and Iris put their beloved home on the market with a plan to downsize. But after four agents and a price drop of a whopping $146,000, there are still no takers and time is running out. Joe, who was adopted as a baby, has recently found siblings back in the UK and he’s desperate to spend time with them - however without the money from a sale he can’t afford to travel.
S02E05 Portarlington 22/04/2009 In this episode of Selling Houses Australia meet Gill and Diane who are sea changers with a travel bug. They are desperate to sell their waterfront Portarlington home so they can hit the road and explore Australia. They’ve already bought the caravan, but worse still, they’ve purchased a smaller house, without selling their old one first. Financially, they’re pushed to the limits and heading for disaster. In eight months, they’ve only had two viewings. Could the dated interior be turning buyers off, or is it the record price tag, of 1.2 million dollars?
S02E06 Marrickville 29/04/2009 Single mum Tania is living on struggle street. She’s working two jobs, raising two kids on her own and like many Australians she can’t afford to pay the mortgage. Her situation is so dire, the bank has threatened to take the house, unless she can sell up and clear her mountain of debts. After five stressful months on the market, Tania is still without a buyer. She first listed for $850,000, dropping by $50,000 a few months later. Trouble is, the market is falling faster than Tania’s expectations. Her only option is to go to auction – and listen to any offers she gets. Will Tania see sense, or will she stick firm on price and risk losing everything?
S02E07 Glen Iris 06/05/2009 For some, a beautiful house in the suburbs is a dream come true but for others it’s a nightmare. When Craig Hynes bought his three bedroom Californian bungalow in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris, he thought it would be a great place to live and a good investment. But it didn’t take long for recently divorced Craig to crave the city life, so he rented a city pad, put tenants in the house and listed it on the market for offers over $900,000. Unfortunately, the tenants didn’t work out and two months later, Craig was back mowing the lawns. For the last six months, he’s been chasing the market down, not to mention forking out for rent and a mortgage. Craig is desperate to sell up and move on before his house loses even more value, but with no furniture and a very tough market he’s struggling to find a buyer.
S02E08 Pymble 13/05/2009 When partners Cynthia and Bill left their eastern suburbs home to care for their sick parents, they never dreamt they would spend seven long years apart. Bill moved to Sydney’s western suburbs and Cynthia moved back to her family home in Pymble to care for her mother. Two years later, her brother Russ joined her and when their mother passed away, they inherited the large and dated family home. Desperate to resume their normal lives, they tidied the place up and put it on the market. But after seven months and several price reductions, they are no closer to a sale. Maybe the busy road is turning buyers away, or perhaps it’s the ancient kitchen and daggy bathroom. Until the house sells, Cynthia cannot be reunited with Bill. Will it ever sell?
S02E09 San Remo 20/05/2009 Sally is hopping mad. Her house is full of all things frog - ceramic frogs, stuffed frogs, frog pictures; she even has a three-wheeler motorbike decorated with… frogs. She and partner Brian have been trying to sell Sally’s three bedroom San Remo home for over four years, but they haven’t had a single offer. The couple are desperate to pack up and take off on their bikes around Australia, however until they find a buyer they’re stuck where they are. Good health is not on their side either, so their time to travel could be running short. The house is too big for their needs and too expensive to maintain, but with little money to update the tired interior, their dreams are on hold.
S02E10 Greystanes 27/05/2009 Julie and Grant’s home is bursting at the seams. With four growing daughters, parents Julie and Grant badly need more space, so they decided to buy a house and land package. Trouble is they bought before selling their current house in Greystanes. After 12 months on the market, they still don’t have a buyer. The couple has tried everything; they’ve been to auction; slashed the price by $65,000, and still no joy. Repaying a mortgage, a loan on the land and a business loan is stretching the family to the limits. The builders are ready to start construction on their new house, but without a sale Julie and Grant are stuck. If they don’t find a buyer soon, they’ll be forced to sell the land and put their dreams of a bigger house on hold.
S03E01 Chatswood 03/04/2010 Greg and Marge have been trying to sell their four bedroom Chatswood house for 17 months to no avail. Hardly surprising when you see the state of the place - it’s a frightful, unhygienic mess. Their two grown up kids still live at home and aren’t really helping things on the sale front as they’re not overly keen to move on. The asking price is a hefty 1.2 million dollars. Marge and Greg are both worn down by the stress of shiftwork and pressing money worries and feel overwhelmed to the point of inertia. $18,000 is allocated for cleaning, painting, re-carpeting and tidying the garden and deck. Thanks to the Selling Houses Australia team, a beautiful swan emerges from the quagmire and it looks like Greg and Marge may just get the price they need to finally move forward.
S03E02 Newcastle 10/04/2010 Cash strapped Julie is heavily in debt and desperate to sell her three bedroom home just south of Newcastle. Originally asking for over $500,000 she’s been chasing the falling market down for two years thanks to the global financial crisis and is now seeking a more reasonable $450,000. However, the home has been badly renovated and the layout is confusing which is probably turning buyers off. Most of the $16,000 makeover is spent adding some much needed colour and life to the place and opening the house up to the garden. After two years languishing on the market – will the property sell at the price Julie needs to pay off her debts and move on with her life?
S03E03 Kallangur 14/04/2010 Steve and Louise have had their four bedroom, two bathroom Kallangur house, just north of Brisbane on the market for 11 months with three different agents and an asking price of $359,000. It’s currently tenanted by their twenty year old son and his friend who prefer partying and poker nights, to early starts and clean-ups for inspections. Sadly the house was trashed by the last tenants friends, who didn’t sign a lease and while Steve and Louise have attempted some repairs, it still needs a lot of work. This is almost certainly what’s turning off buyers, who’ll be seeing all the problems rather than its great potential. With a makeover budget of $12,000 the place is transformed, modernised and all the odd jobs finished off in fine style.
S03E04 Maroubra 21/04/2010 Ian and Jenny are selling the home they’ve lived in for 35 years to fund their retirement. It’s a five bedroom Californian Bungalow located 200 hundred metres from Maroubra Beach and has been on the market for nine months with an asking price of 1.5 million. Very ambitious, given its dated mismatched interior. Young urban professionals, the most likely buyers, are looking for something smarter than this. After Andrew’s straight talking visit, Ian and Jenny agree to part with $25,000 to modernise the place for sale. The money stretches a long way inside and out and the home blossoms into a lighter, brighter, more stylish property. With the asking price still a sticking point between the agents and the owners, the house is re-launched on the market at auction with a nervous Ian and Jenny anxious to see if they will get the price they need.
S03E05 West Footscray 28/04/2010 On a generous whim Tom bought this three bedroom weatherboard cottage in 2009 for his 21 year old son who was on an overseas holiday. He paid $476,000 for it and thought he’d bagged a bargain but unfortunately his son didn’t want it. This was a kid who had other plans for further travel and wasn’t ready or willing to take on a mortgage. So three months later it was back on the market with an asking price of offers over $500,000. An offer duly came in for $510,000 but Tom knocked it back assuming the market was on the rise. But since then he’s had no further interest, perhaps because the property looks sad, dated and dowdy. With a decent makeover budget of $25,000 the house is transformed and the agent confident it will sell at auction, finally freeing Tom of the burden.
S03E06 Bundeena 05/05/2010 Andy, Adie and their three year old son live south of Sydney in Bundeena – a unique coastal hamlet with road access only through the Royal National Park. In short, it’s off the beaten track and properties can sometimes shift slowly in this sort of niche market. With an asking price of offers over $690,000 for two bedrooms and a self-contained granny flat, they haven’t had a single nibble of interest. The many unfinished jobs around the house probably aren’t helping, so the Selling Houses Australia team concentrate the $20,000 makeover on all the finishes and making it lighter and more beach friendly. The place looks great for its next open house which attracts several potential buyers and the family are hopeful that it will now finally sell.
S03E07 Castle Hill 12/05/2010 In this episode of Selling Houses Australia, the team are brought in to help Monique and Thierry sell their multi level fi ve bedroom, three bathroom family home in Castle Hill. The property was first put up for sale more than two years ago with an asking price of $800,000, which they have since dropped to $765,000. Essentially the negative features of the property outweigh the positives. It’s dowdy, slightly dated with an inconvenient layout, but it is generously proportioned, has a pool and a decent backyard in a beautiful bush setting. Shaynna’s makeover sorts out a lot of the style issues and Charlie creates a second kitchen on the ground fl oor near the pool. The property is much more enticing thanks to the $17,000 worth of changes, but will it now sell?
S03E08 Pacific Pines 19/05/2010 Regan and Matthew with their 15 month old daughter are on a quest to move even closer to the water. They have had their four bedroom Gold Coast property on the market for about four months seeking offers over $430,000. Despite the bonus of a pool, the house has the dated, poorly furnished look of a half loved rental and could really use some money for an update and style injection. They also need to link the pool in the front garden with the entertaining area at the back. Regan and Matthew agree to spend $12,000 on modernising the property in the hope of securing a sale.
S03E09 Mitcham 26/05/2010 Jacqui and Brian were asking $630,000 for their two story, four bedroom weatherboard home in Mitcham, half an hour east of Melbourne. It was on the market for fi ve months without an agent, just listed on a ‘for sale by owner’ website, where they only received one buyer enquiry and no inspections, so they dropped the price to $580,000. They then did some work painting the outside and certain rooms inside and re-listed it with new photos online which produced two inspections… but still no offers. Despite their efforts, the house remains dated looking and there is still heaps of work to do. So with Andrew as motivator they agree to spend some more money on the property. With a makeover budget of around $15,000 it’s hoped a grand old home will re-emerge and sell quickly with or without an agent.
S03E10 Croydon Park 02/06/2010 Peter and Anastasia along with their 11 month-old son need to upsize for their expanding family. They’ve been trying to sell their three bedroom 1920’s bungalow for 12 months with an asking price of between $640,000 and $650,000. It’s the quintessential worst house in the best street – with the main issues centred around the rundown state of the front garden and all the clutter that’s descended since the baby came along. But the agent is confident that after the Selling Houses Australia $17,000 makeover, the property will sell for the right price at auction. With nine out of ten houses sold will the team, for the first time ever, sell all ten houses in the series?
S04E01 North Rocks 14/02/2011 This house’s towering, overpowering problem is so extreme that many prospective buyers turn around before even getting out of the car. Bang in the middle of the front yard stands an enormous electricity pylon. There’s no fixing or removing this “feature” but more people might be prepared to live with it if the rest of the house was exceptional. Unfortunately the only thing exceptional about this house is its outdated,1980s décor (complete with purple loo!), making this property completely un-saleable in its present state. George and Lynda Antonjevic have been living at their North Rocks home in Sydney for 13 years with son, Alex and daughter Monique. They’re selling up because the massive house and extensive grounds are simply too much for them to maintain. The plan is to downsize and the couple have already purchased a townhouse off the plan. At the time, 18 months ago, they never imagined their family home wouldn’t sell. Now the townhouse is almost complete and in 2-3 weeks the bridging loan will kick in putting enormous strain on their finances and making a sale a matter of urgency.
S04E02 Blue Mountains 23/02/2011 The Blue Mountains in NSW are a drawcard for artistic types, many of whom have eclectic tastes. But there’s eclectic and then there’s eccentric...and with this market also trying to appeal to families relocating from Sydney’s Western suburbs, anything too unconventional is going to have a hard time selling. And unconventional is certainly one way of describing woodwork enthusiast Bob Mitchell’s house overlooking the bush in the village of Yellow Rock. The Gingerbread House is the term that springs to Andrew’s he steps into this home straight from a Grimms fairytale! The team’s challenge is to broaden the home’s appeal while retaining the key elements that give it such unique character. As Bob says, “It would be bloody great to pick the old girl up, tart her up and dress her up nicely. She deserves it!”
S04E03 Oxley Park 03/03/2011 The difficulty of selling a cluttered home is one that every real estate agent can relate to. Over the years Andrew has encountered many a cluttered household but this one in the Western Sydney suburb of Oxley Park might just take the trophy. John and Karen Vuki moved in 20 years ago with their four year old daughter and a new baby. It suited a famiy of four well but not long afterwards twins came along making the little house rather cramped. John and Vuki are real battlers and worked hard to scratch enough money together to build an extension in 1986 but the work was never fully finished due to lack of funds. The last of the kids moved out in 1999….but their stuff, including their baby clothes, remains! Prospective buyers can’t even see the house for the boxes of ..things..(inclduing an old kitchen sink) that litter the household. The couple recently bought a unit on the south coast, desperate to start a relaxing retirment but until they sell their home, their dream lifestyle is indeed just a dream.
S04E04 Calliope 09/03/2011 When is a home not a home? When the council says it’s not. In the village of Calliope on the outskirts of Gladstone in Brisbane single mum Crissy’s home on 10 acres is classed only as a shed, making it impossible for prospective buyers to get finance.
S04E05 Port Douglas 16/03/2011 Jack and Diana bought this ex-community centre with plans to turn it into two holiday homes. But they never got round to doing it and now all they have is a half renovated home.
S04E06 Frankston 23/03/2011 Ben’s purchase was a big mistake. With rats on the loose, no kitchen, no guttering and an easement through the block, it’s going to be a major challenge to get this house fit for sale.
S04E07 Balmain 30/03/2011 It’s one of Sydney’s hottest suburbs but this home has a layout more like a rabbit warren. With two mortgages, Hazel and Aggi are desperate to sell and can’t work out why no one wants to buy.
S04E08 Beachmere 06/04/2011 Owner Bill is a local real estate agent who has no idea why his units won't sell. Could it be that his units are neglected and ridiculously overpriced? Andrew is determined to find out why.
S04E09 Berowra Waters 13/04/2011 Peter's riverside property has been on the market for over a year and there hasn't been a single offer. Without a sale, he can't start his new life with his partner and daughter.
S04E10 Kurnell 20/04/2011 This property is smack bang at the end of the runway of Australia's busiest airport and down the road from the sewerage and desalination plants. Could this possibly be the worst location yet?
S05E01 Flood House 01/02/2012 The devastating Brisbane floods of 2011 left a trail of destruction in their path, homes lost and possessions destroyed. But months after the murky waters subsided the victims are still trying to rebuild their lives. Paul and Gloria and their daughters Helena and Rachel lost everything when the floodwaters engulfed their Yeronga home.
S05E02 Railway Cottage 08/02/2012 Being close to transport has always been a big positive in real estate, but there is such a thing as being too close. Like the railway tracks being three metres away from your house! When Ross bought his heritage-listed cottage in Heathcote, the noise from the trains was never an issue.
S05E03 80’s Outback 15/02/2012 Lew and Shreen have lived an outback lifestyle, with Lew managing the Wycliffe Well roadhouse (famed for its UFO spotting) 400kms north of the Alice, while Shreen looked after the kids and family home.
S05E04 Divorce House 22/02/2012 Nicole and Peter are victims of the slow property market. The weekend they put their inner city Neutral Bay semi up for sale, the market took a nosedive taking all chances of a sale with it. Originally listed at 1.3 million, Nicole and Peter were happy to shave 200,000 off their asking price just to get a buyer, but even that didn’t work.
S05E05 Hoarder House 29/02/2012 Roy is a hoarder. He’s filled every inch of his home with possessions collected over the last 20 years. In fact, the house is so full you can barely get in the door. A few years ago Roy suffered a heart attack, and since then has found it difficult to find full-time work. Now Roy’s finances are so bad he must sell his home or risk the bank taking it from him. But who’s going to buy a house crammed from floor to ceiling with junk? The only way to sell this place is to embark on the biggest clean up the team have ever done, but who knows what they’ll find underneath.
S05E06 Developer Dreams 07/03/2012 John dreamed of living mortgage free. So when he spotted a super size block in the Newcastle suburb of Glendale, he thought he’d found his ticket to a debt free living. The idea was to subdivide, build a house at the back and sell the one at the front.
S05E07 DIY Disaster 14/03/2012 Spencer and Claudia have been trying to sell their half renovated weatherboard cottage since 2008. Their home improvements came to an abrupt halt five years ago when they tragically lost a child during pregnancy. Unable to face finishing the project, and desperate to escape the unhappy memories, Spencer put out a hand painted ‘for sale’ sign and waited.
S05E08 Inherited Queenslander 21/03/2012 Brothers Trent and Scott inherited an old Queenslander from their late father over a year ago. Although it’s their family home, the brothers need to sell up to split the money and move on with their lives. But the house has been on the market for over a year with only one low offer.
S05E09 Inner City Terrace 28/03/2012 An inner city Sydney terrace in a sought after suburb should normally fly out the agent’s window, but not Nick’s place. He’s been trying to sell his three bedroom Redfern terrace for 10 months with no joy.
S05E10 Fixer Upper 04/04/2012 Alexis and Kylie are paying the price of an impulsive decision. A year ago they bought a house in Montmorency, Melbourne, thinking they would fix the place up and live there happily ever after. But work pressures meant Alexis couldn’t cope with the thought of renovating, and things got so bad she quit her job and the couple decided to move to Brisbane to start afresh.
S06E01 Frankston, VIC 06/02/2013 Dealing with the dead is all in a day’s work for Sean Dylan, so when this gravedigger spotted a weatherboard house opposite Frankston cemetery he loved the location.
S06E02 Wollongong, NSW 13/02/2013 When Rhonda Mitchell first saw her weatherboard cottage in central Wollongong, it was love at first sight. She adored its original features and the seclusion of the enormous back yard.
S06E03 Kings Langley, NSW 20/02/2013 Carl and Karen Harrison broke the number 1 rule in real estate…they bought before they sold. Believing they would get a quick sale on their family home in Kings Langley, they downsized to a smaller, newly built home nearby.
S06E04 Erskineville, NSW 27/02/2013 12 years ago, Natasha Bayliss was living and working overseas and wanted to get a foot on the ladder of the Sydney property market. She purchased a 2-bedroom terrace in the inner city suburb of Erskineville, sight unseen.
S06E05 Glendenning, NSW 06/03/2013 If there's one thing that helps a sale it's a great entrance, something Jason and Estella's house is sadly missing. Also lacking street appeal with only an end gable visible.
S06E06 Huonbrook, NSW 13/03/2013 Akmal and Catie purchased a 7 acre plot with 1 bedroom shack and planned to build their dream home. But, the reality was rain, rats and snakes.
S06E07 Romsey, VIC 20/03/2013 Andrew Heim inherited his grandmother's house and moved in with wife Beth. The couple were excited at the prospect of renovating but were met with a barrage of family disapproval.
S06E08 Darwin, NT 27/03/2013 Bob isn't your average property investor. Instead of calculated buys he buys property to help his friends.
S06E09 Gerringong, NSW 03/04/2013 Lesley urgently needs help to sell her dated, dark house with its dungeon-like brick interior.
S06E10 West Ryde, NSW 10/04/2013 Andrew and Erika need to sell their piece of bush in suburbia but with the near million dollar price tag, buyers aren't expecting this overgrown 1950s time warp, with dark wood panelling and cluttered rooms.
S07E01 Molendinar, Qld 05/02/2014 There’s nothing like watching the market plummet when you desperately need to sell. But that’s exactly what happened to Gold Coast resident Robyn Siekai. She’s been trying to sell for 3 long years, in the worst market the Gold Coast has seen in decades. Money’s so tight Robyn is literally living day to day, and with mounting debts she’s hanging on by a thread. Her only way out is to sell up, break even and start again. But the house is falling down around her and she desperately needs help.
S07E02 Kenthurst, NSW 12/02/2014 Sue O’Neill loves all things pink and purple… She has purple hair, wears purple clothes and drives a hot pink ute. But her love of colour doesn’t stop there. Sue has extended her personality into her home, and her decorating style is leaving buyers eyes black and blue. Little wonder no one will pay 2.6 million for her disco inspired country estate. And with a house the size of a large suburban block and 7 acres of land, this is a makeover on a grand scale.
S07E03 Kedron, QLD 19/02/2014 The Ellis's old Queenslander was once full of love and laughter, but now it's just a sad reminder of the past. Can the team transform this museum piece into a comfortable family home?
S07E04 Hurlstone Park, NSW 26/02/2014 Kim Kovan and Fiona Austen have been firm friends and business partners for 15 years, running an Internet business from the ground floor of Kym’s commercial/ residential premises. Life was good, until last year when Kym had a shock diagnosis - Motor Neuron Disease. The condition is terminal, so to make the most of the time she has left, she and Fiona purchased a country retreat in Taree.
S07E05 Gladstone Park, VIC 05/03/2014 Greg Brooks lives for bowling. He was a champion of the sport and had dreams of training youngsters to follow in his footsteps. So when the old Bendigo bowling alley came up for sale, Greg jumped at the chance. He invested a massive $1 million, most of it borrowed, into making the business work. But sadly bowling isn't the lucrative business it once was. Greg and wife Hamnah now work all the hours that God sends just trying to keep their heads above water. Greg even drives a taxi as a second job, but its simply not enough. The bank is calling in the debts, so the only forwards is to sell their Gladstone Park home. They need as much money as they can get, but the place is run down and badly presented no buyer is prepared to take it on.
S07E06 Mudgee, NSW 12/03/2014 People sell houses for many reasons. Shawnah and Frank, they're selling up to have a baby! The only way this couple can add to their family is through IVF, but without the money from a sale of their Mudgee investment property, their plans are on hold.
S07E07 Hamersley, WA 19/03/2014 Taking that first step on the property ladder can be tough.. So tough that many young couples can't do it without a leg up from Mum and Dad. Amanda Baxter was lucky enough to have step Dad Wayne when she and her partner wanted to buy a home for themselves and the kids.
S07E08 Drummoyne, NSW 26/03/2014 Grace and Michael Steven have more in common than just their wedding rings, they are both butchers by trade. Life was good for this couple, their business was growing and they bought their federation house in 2005 with plans to renovate. Shortly after moving in, their lives took a drastic turn. Grace became pregnant with their first child, soon to be followed by their second, third and fourth! Their once successful business has gone belly up, leaving them with a debt of epic proportions. Grace and Michael want top dollar and their home has been languishing on the market for eighteen long months. But their problems don't end there, the house backs on to a six-lane highway! To top it all off, Grace is insisting her real estate agent parents sell the place. Sounds like a great plan, until you learn they're 70 kilometers away! Can the Selling Houses team transform this home from road kill to riches?
S07E09 Selby, VIC 02/04/2014 Jenny and David bought a renovators dream 7 years ago but Jenny's health soon left her barely able to negotiate the stairs. Renovations fell by the wayside and now they desperately need to move to a single level home.
S07E10 Grays Point, NSW 09/04/2014 Building your own home is quite a challenge, finishing it is another. Gerry and Ruth started building 27 years ago and it's still incomplete.With no bathroom or stairs, Andrew and the team have a huge task on their hands.
S07E11 Monterey, NSW 16/04/2014 Anna Nikolis is up to her eyeballs in debt, and her only way out is to sell her beloved home. She originally bought the place with her mother, and they had big plans to renovate and turn it into the perfect house for Anna, her husband, their children and of course Mum. But things didn't turn out as planned.
S07E12 Greenwich, NSW 23/04/2014 Saying goodbye to your home of 50 years is always going to be tough. But when it has 180 degree views of Sydney harbour and the water is at the bottom of the garden, its downright gut wrenching. But Sally Cahill-McQuinn has little choice. She can’t afford the upkeep on the old weatherboard and needs the cash to fund her retirement. She’s asking a cool 4.5 million. But views or no views, this house has a sinister secret behind that cupboard door that sends buyers running.
S07E13 Alexandra Pub, VIC 30/04/2014