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John Barrie is Sergeant Cork, one of the early members of London's Metropolitan Police C.I.D. - plain clothes detectives tasked with maintaining law and order in the seething metropolis of Victorian London. Assisted by Bob Marriott (William Gaunt) from his attic at Old Scotland Yard, Cork has to contend with the heavy crimewave created by the massive population boom, industrial expansion and an ever-widening gap between the rich and poor.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sergeant Cork

S01E01 The Case of the Reluctant Widow 29/06/1963 If it was murder, who was responsible? The dead man's wife, Julie? The young cafe assistant, Clive? Sergeant Cork, one of the pioneers of the newly formed C.I.D., applies his unique methods of detection to the case.
S01E02 The Case of the Girl Upstairs 06/07/1963 Lucy Beasley is certain that a crime is being committed in the Beasley household and she implores Cork to investigate. Is she a bitter, frustrated woman out to cause trouble, or are her fears justified?
S01E03 The Case of the Two Drowned Men 13/07/1963 When Cork and Marriott begin their investigations to find two criminals wanted for murdering a bank messenger; a tip off takes them to the London waterfront, where they uncover a sordid riverside trade.....
S01E04 The Case of the Knotted Scarf 20/07/1963 Cork and Marriott are called in to investigate the murder of a retired general's young wife, found strangled in a derelict bungalow in the grounds of an old country house is Devonshire.
S01E05 The Case of the Stagedoor Johnnie 00/00/0000 Kate Seymour, a young star of the music hall, receives poison pen letters threatening her engagement to John Stratton, a stagedoor Johnnie.
S01E06 The Case of the Respectable Suicide 00/00/0000 Cork and Marriott are called in to investigate what appears to be a case of suicide when Mr Bertram, a respectable and deeply religious man, is found dead by his housekeeper, Mrs Holland.
S01E07 The Case of the Slithy Tove 00/00/0000 An urchin sees a mysterious gentleman visiting Trumble, an ex-criminal, in his slum house. When Trumble is later found dead, the urchin goes to Cork.
S01E08 The Case of the Persistent Assassin 00/00/0000 Prince Frederick of Silecia arrives in London on a trade mission for his country. Cork is made responsible for his safety, and faces the problem of discovering those who are plotting the Prince's assassination.
S01E09 The Case of the Sleeping Coachman 00/00/0000 In spite of opposition from the Melrose family, Cork is determined to discover the murderer of a laundry maid, whose body is found in their stable by a drunken coachman.
S01E10 The Case of the Soldier's Rifle 00/00/0000 A strike at a factory; the army is called in to keep order, and during a riot outside the gates a striker is shot. Accident or murder?
S01E11 The Case of the Public Paragon 00/00/0000 Cook is summoned when an up-and-coming politician is murdered. His wife and the maidservant found a burglar standing over his body, but they are unable to distinguish any of his features.
S01E12 The Case of Ella Barnes 00/00/0000 Ella Barnes - a sewing girl from the East End of London - is found drowned in a canal. At the inquest, however, it is revealed that she had been attacked before she drowned.
S01E13 The Case of the Gold Salesman 00/00/0000 Klein, a money lender, suspects fraud when a man called Carylon offers to sell him gold bars at a cut price. He calls in Cork and Marriott, who set a trap to discover whether Klein's suspicions are justified.
S03E01 The Case of the Two Poisons 04/04/1964 Sergeant Cork suspects Mary Briggs of murder when he discovers that one of the bottles buried by her in the garden after her husband's death contains strychnine.
S03E02 The Case of the Six Suspects 00/00/0000 Sergeant Cork has a problem to unravel when he realises that six people are under suspicion for the death of Stephen Lancing, the managing director of a booming African gold-mining company
S03E03 The Case of Big Ben Lewis 00/00/0000 Big Ben Lewis, a Member of Parliament who supports trade unions and radical causes, is accused of writing and signing a letter to six members of a union, inciting them to commit murder. Sergent Cork suspects the signature may be a forgery
S03E04 The Case of the Amateur Spy 00/00/0000 A clerk at the Arsenal is murdered, and some secret documents are left on his body. Sergeant Cork enlists Jean Dumas, a known spy, to assist in discovering the traitor
S03E05 The Case of the Elegant Mistress 00/00/0000 An Army officer is found badly wounded in Mary Snaders' room, and she is accused of shooting him. She offers no defence - until faced with the true facts by Sergeant Cork
S03E06 The Case of the Medicine Man 00/00/0000 Bob Marriott is faced with two unusual problems. Why was Brother Edward twice physically attacked and why does Edward imagine that he has the power to perform a miracle and cure Rose of her lameness?
S03E07 The Case of the Dumb Witness 00/00/0000 A button is found on the windowledge of a house recently burgled. Sergeant Cork thinks this is an important clue, and starts investigations which have an unexpected result.
S03E08 The Case of the Monk's Hood Murder 00/00/0000 When her husband dies, Marie Vincent accuses Dr. Snedden of poisoning him. Sergeant Cork finds no proof of this. Someone else dies under similar circumstances. Cork then modifies his opinion and commences further investigations.
S03E09 The Case of the Penny Plains 00/00/0000 Mrs. Lily Sinclair, a young widow, reports to Scotland Yard that two mysterious attempts have been made to kill her Bob Marriott, struck by her beauty, eagerly investigates, but in doing so becomes emotionally involved.
S03E10 The Case of the Hero's Return 00/00/0000
S03E11 The Case of the Great Pearl Robbery 00/00/0000
S03E12 The Case of the Killer's Mark 00/00/0000
S03E13 The Case of the Cynical Traitor 00/00/0000

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