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In recent years the destructive power of natural disasters has been recorded, from Hurricane Katrina to the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. Serial Killer Earth brings together a top team of experts to examine the most compelling footage from news and home video, as well as eyewitness testimony, in order to explain, understand and inform viewers of what actually happened during these disasters and how they compare and contrast with the most historic natural disasters of the past.


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S01E01 When Lakes Attack 19/05/2012 In this episode, a massive tornado rips through a Midwestern town, destroying everything in its path. Mother Nature unleashes a giant wall of snow in Canada and sends a monster tsunami into Southeast Asia, killing two hundred and eighty three thousand people.
S01E02 Tornado vs. Airport 26/05/2012 A massive landslide chases a group of construction workers. A tornado tears through an airport; and an earthquake threatens a 700-year-old church. Mother Nature continues her killing spree.
S01E03 Avalanche Attack 02/06/2012 Mother Nature unleashes a swarm of tornados on a group of storm chasers. A delivery driver in Japan gets swallowed by the deadliest tsunami in Japan's history. And finally, a massive avalanche barrels into a small town in Norway.
S01E04 Tornado in Aisle 12 09/06/2012 Mother Nature attacks Gulf Coast residents with the worst hurricane in US history. A tornado rips through a hardware store, turning merchandise into lethal weapons. And in Haiti, a monstrous earthquake claims countless victims.
S01E05 Texas Twister Terror 16/06/2012 Mother Nature unleashes a tornado across a busy Texas interstate, battering drivers in its path. A violent earthquake rips through a city in Turkey and puts thousands of lives on the line. And a Chinese river sends a surge of water over its banks, sweeping onlookers to certain death.
S01E06 Lightning Strikes Thrice 23/06/2012 Mother Nature unleashes a barrage of attacks around the globe. In San Francisco, a powerful earthquake levels bridges, crushing commuters underneath. A rolling avalanche devours climbers in the Himalayas. And in Nebraska, lightning strikes an unlucky storm chaser.
S01E07 Hurricane Attacks Weatherman 30/06/2012 A wildfire threatens to swallow a group of Russian firefighters. A hurricane takes dead aim at a Florida weatherman. And in Korea, a massive landslide wipes out traffic on a busy road.
S01E08 Mudslide Massacre 07/07/2012 In Southern California, raging wildfires set the stage for a massive mudslide killing 14 people at a campsite. A tornado targets an Oklahoma truck driver. And an Indonesian volcano erupts, smothering nearby citizens with a blanket of ash.
S01E09 Death by Dust Storm 14/07/2012 Apocalyptic dust storms suffocate cities around the globe. A tornado chases a family, nearly crushing them with their truck. A volcano blows its stack almost annihilating the population of the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature continues to wreak havoc.
S01E10 Tornado on Fire 21/07/2012 In this episode, a flaming tornado terrorizes a team of firefighters. A Hawaiian volcano wipes an island paradise off the map. And an avalanche of rocks and debris obliterate a village in Honduras.

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