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Harris Pembleton, a fifteen-year-old with a passion for organization and control, has just been made the magnet for everything weird in the universe ( that's what happens when you don't believe in Gods ). When Harris arrives from Britain at Draper High in upstate New York, he stands out. Nobody else wears a jacket and tie, not even the principal. However Harris creates his own form of cool and doesn't worry that other students see him as being a little odd. But when Harris is transported to The Weird Dimention through completing an ancient puzzle, he angers Steve ( ruler of The Weird ) and is cursed for life to be targeted by all that is Weird. Along with his good friends Fenella and Hugo, Harris must deal with his curse and try to find the best possIble solutions to all of his new problems. But just because he's cursed with The Weird, doesn't mean it won't come in useful...

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