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Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby is an unrepentant politically incorrect, roller-coaster romp about an extraordinarily eccentric secondary school teacher, who the Education Review Office in their last assessment described as follows: “Mr Gormsby is an out-dated, reactionary, racist, sexist teacher completely out of touch with educational theory in the second millennium. He defies the curriculum in every subject and is a disgrace to the profession. He should have no place in any state or private school. We will close Tepapawai Boys High and appoint a commissioner if Mr Gormsby is not replaced forthwith.”


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Seven Periods With Mr. Gormsby

S01E01 Period One: The Appalling Mr Gormsby 06/05/2005 A new relief teacher is required and the only person is Mr Gormsby. He trys to discipline a student physically and gets in trouble. When the student acts out again he threatens another to get a confession.
S01E02 Period Two: Comrade Gormsby 13/05/2005 The other staff don't like Gormsby and try to get him fired. When Dasent refuses the staff strike and he gives in. But Gormsby learns some tricks from Hohepa's Uncle Dion to get himself reemployed.
S01E03 Period Three: Human Relationships 20/05/2005 One of the boys is having sex with a teacher and an investigation begins after a used condom is found. Agnes aborts Steve's baby.
S01E04 Period Four: Open Day 27/05/2005 It's Open Day at Tepapawai and everyones got something to do except 5F. Steve is mucking round with his new video cameras, Fenn is doing an interpretive dance. 5F are put on car park duty. Everything goes wrong with switched videos, new computers lighting the school on fire and Agnes trying to commit suicide.
S01E05 Period Five: The Retarded Boy 03/06/2005 Dasent finds out how much money he can make from having physically and mentally handicapped boys at Tepapawai. A reatarded boy joins the school and causes hassle for all the teachers. Eventually Gormsby straightens him out and Steve ruins Dasent's plans with some loud insults.
S01E06 Period Six: Coon Tunes 10/06/2005 Dasent needs to impress Marion Patterson from the ERO so organises a special talent show. He wants the boys from 5F to do a hip-hop act but Gormsby prefers something a bit different - Coon Tunes.
S01E07 Period Seven: The ERO Parade 17/06/2005 The ERO Report is finally delivered revealing that two teachers must go. News that one of the teachers has a terminal illness sends the fragile Dasent's spirits soaring.
S02E01 Period One: Heads Will Roll 27/03/2006 Dasent is released from the mental hospital and returns to his roll as principal. Steve leaves, Gormsby is rehired as the new Guidance Counsellor. Steve returns and Gormsby goes back to teaching 5F
S02E02 Period Two: Crime And Punishment 03/04/2006 The Police are investigating Steve's car being lit on fire. Steve is arrested and Hohepa confesses. Hohepa returns to 5F as punishment.
S02E03 Period Three: The Slave Trade 10/04/2006 Hohepa is offered a contract to play rugby at a private school, which leads Dasent to see lucrative possibilities for Tepapawai by selling his Polynesian pupils to the highest bidder.
S02E04 Period Four: Dancing With The Staff 17/04/2006 Gormsby uses the school dance as an opportunity to teach his boy some etiquette, Hakanui's gambling gets worse, and Hohepa needs a car to impress his girlfriend.
S02E05 Period Five: Camp Tepapawai 24/04/2006 The school camp funds vanish in suspicious circumstances, but Gormsby isn't about to let the boys miss out.
S02E06 Period Six: An Inspector Calls 01/05/2006 The school is in danger of being closed following a report from Marion Patterson. The staff all band together to actually try to appear to be doing a decent job of teaching. Can they save Tepapawai?
S02E07 Period Seven: For Whom The Bell Tolls 08/05/2006 Marion breaks off her engagement with Roger and Tepapawai's future is not looking good. Steve is up to his old tricks and only thinking of himself. But the boys soon sort things.