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Popular urban legends come to life as Playboy TV's hauntingly arousing hit series, Sexy Urban Legends, returns for more tales of mistaken identity, lust and deception - with an erotic twist. Perhaps you've heard them and think they're too wild to be true, but seeing is believing!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Sexy Urban Legends

S01E01 Blind Lust 20/05/2001 Lust Blindfolded men perform for lusty women. Episodes: 1.Red Room;2.Disconnected
S01E02 Masked Marauders 27/05/2001 A sexy game of hide-and-seek with wanton lovelies. Episodes: 1.Halloween Party; 2.Cybersex
S01E03 Caught With Their Pants Down 03/06/2001 Sexy sweethearts bent on seduction learn an important lesson. Episodes: 1.Pehearsal Dinner;2.Birthday Sex
S01E04 Caught on Tape 10/06/2001 Beautiful women follow ancient customs.
S01E05 Mistaken Identity 17/06/2001 Sexy surprises are in store for an intrepid band of adventurers Episodes: 1.Spring Break Mistake;2.Double Trouble .
S01E06 Revenge Is Sweet 24/06/2001 Ravishing women stop at nothing to get even with those who have wronged them. Episodes: 1.Dear John;2.Don'T Come A 'Knockin'
S01E07 Man's Best Friend 01/07/2001 Canines reveal a husband's infidelities and take the blame for a weekend sex fling. Episodes: 1.Walking The Dog;2.The Stain
S01E08 Good Guys & Bad Guys 08/07/2001 A neighbor intervenes in a couple's role-playing.
S01E09 Spectator Sports 15/07/2001 Voyeurism brings ultimate fulfillment. Episodes: 1.The Nude Housewife;2.No Smoking
S01E10 Love and Marriage 22/07/2001 Two tales of love end unhappily. Episodes: 1.The Honeymoon Suite;2.Valentine'S Day
S01E11 Sexcapades 29/07/2001 A cheating boyfriend and a couple in an affair get their comeuppance. Episodes: 1.The Case Of Missing Clock;2.Stuck On Me
S01E12 Give & Take 05/08/2001 A tale of missing body parts comes to life with a sexual spin. Episodes: 1.Goodwill;2.Organ Donor
S01E13 Best Of ... 12/08/2001 Sexy highlights. Episodes: 1.Spring Break Mistake;2.Organ Donor;3.The Case Of The Missing Clock;4.Valentine'S Day
S01E14 Meet the Relatives 12/05/2002 In "Blind Date", a pharmacist takes a young man as a fool, selling him large amounts of prophylactics, only to discover later that the young man's date happens to be his daughter. In "Sexy Car", a soon to be divorced woman gets revenge on her husband by selling his prized car to a young buck that pleases her.
S01E15 Things That Go Bump in the Night 19/05/2002 Urban legends are told in a series of tales. Episodes: 1.Vanishing Hitchhiker;2.Dirty Deeds
S01E16 Ticket to Paradise 26/05/2002 Oft-told tales of fantasy with an erotic edge. Episodes: 1.Number Game;2.Dying Wish
S01E17 Skeletons in the Closet 02/06/2002 Urban fantasies. Episodes: 1.Switch;2.Cold Love
S01E18 Surprise! 09/06/2002 Exciting tales with all sorts of endings Episodes: 1.New Harley;2.Birthday Suit
S01E19 Auto Erotica 16/06/2002 A trip into the world of the sexually outrageous. Episodes: 1.Blind Spot;2.Be Careful What You Wish
S01E20 Play of the Day 23/06/2002 Hot women tell tales. Episodes: 1.Cupid'S Retreat;2.Garden Of Goog And Evil
S01E21 Killer Sex 30/06/2002 Twisted tales that get the blood pumping. Episodes: 1.House Sitter;2.The Spanish Fly
S01E22 Twist and Turns 07/07/2002 Anything goes when unsuspecting individuals are lured away from their daily routines. Episodes: 1.Snatch;2.The Stuck Couple
S01E23 Whatever Turns You On 14/07/2002 Different techniques result in different sensations. Episodes: 1.Souvenir;2.Love In A Video Box
S01E24 Games People Play 21/07/2002 Relationships get twisted when the participants engage in mind games.
S01E25 Doing It Your Way 28/07/2002 Controlling lovers insist that their demands be met. Episodes: 1.Final Frame;2.The Postman Comes Twice
S01E26 Love Hurts 04/08/2002 True bliss is short-lived in this collection of erotic tales that each end on a sorrowful note. Episodes: 1.The Butcher'S Prank;2.The Swinging Man
S01E27 Best Of: II 11/08/2002 Highlights.
S01E28 Can't Get Enough 02/03/2003 Men get lured into a world of pleasure.
S01E29 Mystery Meet 09/03/2003 Sexy game of hide and seek.
S01E30 Caught in the Act 16/03/2003 Sexy sweethearts do almost anything to get their way.
S01E31 Boob Tube 23/03/2003 Gorgeous gals get caught in a sticky situation.
S01E32 Assume the Position 30/03/2003 Group of adventurers get themselves into a mess.
S01E33 Best Served Cold 06/04/2003 A group of women will stop at nothing to get back at those who have done them wrong.
S01E34 Puppy Love 13/04/2003 A dog inadvertently outs a cheating husband, while a new puppy is the perfect scapegoat for a woman who has had a sex fling.
S01E35 The Good, the Bad, & the Naked 27/04/2003 Episodes: 1.Super Hero Hijinx;2.The Hook
S01E36 Untitled 16/02/2004 Anonymity in a strange town can backfire.
S01E37 Audience Appreciation 20/06/2004 Voyeuristic sex-capades
S01E38 Marital Sweet 27/06/2004 Honeymoon suite turns into a couple's worst nightmare; a wife brings a dramatic ending to her husband's cheating ways.
S01E39 Careful Where You Stick It 07/07/2004
S01E40 Sleeping With Strangers 14/07/2004
S01E41 Best of Sexy Urban Legends II 03/01/2008 Entering the erotic world of hot ladies, twists and turns; the best of the season.
S01E42 Hitchhiker Tails 05/04/2013 A hitchhiker vanishes into thin air.
S01E43 Untitled 16/05/2013 Foxy female reporters bent on hot action follow an ancient myth.