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Welcome to the Shades of L.A. guide at TV Tome. Det. Michael Burton of the Los Angeles Police Department is a shallow, casual kind of guy until a near-death experience changes his life. Grazed in the head by a bullet during a stake-out, Burton dies and finds himself in limbo, surrounded by "shades"--spirits of the dead who are trapped there, unable to proceed to Heaven or Hell until they can complete whatever unfinished business binds them to Earth. Paramedics restart his heart, and Burton wakes up in the hospital--only to discover he can still see shades. Each episode sees him helping a shade to solve his/her problem so s/he can move on to the afterlife. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shades of L.A.

S01E01 Rest in Peace 10/10/1990 After being nearly killed by gunfire, Michael is contacted by the spirit of a dead astronaut.
S01E02 The Wrong Man 17/10/1990 Dead thief Lewis Delgado feels guilty over having framed an innocent man now on death row for murder.
S01E03 Cooper's Coroner 24/10/1990 A baseball announcer wants to make peace with the grown-up son of a former rival he framed for gambling.
S01E04 Concrete Evidence 31/10/1990 The ghost of a mob-involved musicians-union leader asks Burton to locate his missing corpse.
S01E05 Big Brother Is Watching 07/11/1990 The murdered ventioloquist Sibling of one of Michael's friends returns to point out his killer.
S01E06 Pointers From Paz 14/11/1990 Prodded by a dead detective framed for corruption, Michael goes after the true crooked cop.
S01E07 Where There's No Will There's a Weigh In 21/11/1990 The greedy nephew of a recently deceased retired woman plans to keep the portion of her estate she willed to her financially strapped seniors' centre.
S01E08 The Teacher from Hell 28/11/1990 The shade of Michael's old high school science teacher helps him solve the case of a reporter's apparent suicide.
S01E09 Some Like It Cold 05/12/1990 A touch and attractive lawyer on whom Michael had a crush falls in love with him—but only after she's murdered.
S01E10 Dreams 12/12/1990
S01E11 Dead Dogs Tell No Tales 08/01/1991 Michael helps Trudy, a dog accidentally killed while being used in a bank robberty, save her four pups from similar fates.
S01E12 Send Up the Clowns 15/01/1991 Michael goes undercover at a circus to investigate the murder of two miming clowns, possibly by their ringmaster.
S01E13 Last Laugh 22/01/1991
S01E14 Burial Ground 29/01/1991 While returning a suspect to L.A., Michael helps a Nevada cop killed trying to stop an Indian Payroll Service robbery.
S01E15 Cross the Center Line 05/02/1991 While Lt. Wesley is investigated for shooting a fleeing suspect, Michael encounters two '50s biker ghosts.
S01E16 Til Death Do Us Part 09/02/1991
S01E17 Ten Little Thespians 16/02/1991 At a house party/murder mystery weekend, Michael encounters the shade of a novelist really killed at the house.
S01E18 The Really Big Sleep 23/02/1991 Tough, old-time private eye Sam Doyle, killed 50 years ago, wants Michael's help in nailing the louse who bumped him off.
S01E19 Line of Fire (1) 30/03/1991 TV evangelist Jimmy Scarborough, seeking an incriminating videotape of his murder of a call girl, stalks the TV-news-producer widow of Michael's former partner.
S01E20 Line of Fire (2) 06/04/1991 Part two of two: B.J.'s ghost, jealous of Linda and Michael's fledgling relationship, nevertheless helps Michael save her from Scarborough.