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Almost microscopic in size, there exists a world hidden within our own; the Meadowlands is a delicate world of flowers as large as redwoods and insects the size of dragons; where peaceful fairies take wing and comical trolls haunt the low land swamps and inhabit dark hidden caves. Without warning, a shroud of evil is creeping across the land... deep in the Dark Wood at the edge of the Meadowlands the Elves have built their citadel in a gnarled ancient tree. Their malevolent leader Lord Kann lusts after control of the entire fairy empire and has vowed to conquer every corner of this magical realm.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Shadow Of The Elves

S01E01 Betrayal 03/09/2006
S01E02 The Invasion 03/09/2006
S01E03 The Master Builder 10/09/2006
S01E04 The Cure 10/09/2006
S01E05 Rainmaker 17/09/2006
S01E06 The Green Golem 17/09/2006
S01E07 Reflection of Evil 24/09/2006
S01E08 Beetle Assault 24/09/2006
S01E09 The Lost Gateway 01/10/2006
S01E10 Trickster 01/10/2006
S01E11 Mischievous Dragon 08/10/2006
S01E12 A Magical Potion 08/10/2006
S01E13 The Challenge 15/10/2006
S01E14 Trapped 15/10/2006
S01E15 Marina del Troll 01/10/2007
S01E16 The Trojan Box 02/10/2007
S01E17 The Root of Magic 04/10/2007
S01E18 The Last Wish 05/10/2007
S01E19 The Smell of Disaster 08/10/2007
S01E20 The Boom Boys 09/10/2007
S01E21 A Test of Courage 10/10/2007
S01E22 Vision of Peace 11/10/2007
S01E23 The Stranger 12/10/2007
S01E24 Utter Silence 15/10/2007
S01E25 A Threat from the Past 16/10/2007
S01E26 Cloud of Darkness 17/10/2007

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